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Via MTV’s Movies Blog comes the mother of all Simpsons merchandise.  If it looks familiar that’s because this is one of the promo pieces that were shipped to theaters for the movie.  I don’t recall the one at my local multiplex having an extra seat next to Homer (there was a rope around it to keep people from breaking it), but what do I know?  It is neither cheap nor small, the eBay description lists it as 12 feet long and weighing in at approximately 400 lbs and the “BuyItNow” price, before shipping, is $5,000.

Somewhat bizarrely, that’s not a television remote Homer is holding.  It’s a disappointingly generic “Candy” box.  It’s neither a product tie-in brand or a fake Simpsons brand, it just says “Candy”.  I could see super-paranoid movie people not wanting to use his more customary Duff can there; putting a beer can (even a fake plastic one) where children might see it could piss of teetotaling morons, after all.  But why not a remote control?  Did a product tie in fall through at the last minute?


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