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Mr Lisa Goes to Washington2 “Hey Einstein, put down your reading, it’s lunch time!” – Lenny

Much like Sideshow Bob didn’t like that “bowel” thing, I’ve grown tired of this “dump” thing.  In line with our general policy to name everything after something from The Simpsons the Friday Link Dump will be henceforth be known as Reading Digest, where we take all the Simpsons content on the internet, filter out the crap, and leave you with something that fits right in your front pocket.  Today we’ve got math, some decent usage, a t-shirt I would totally buy if it existed, a non-stupid tidbit on Marge in Playboy, and a couple of people besides us and Harvey Fierstein who dislike Zombie Simpsons. 


Top 50 Cartoon Characters – What’s that, a pointless list designed to generate page views?  I’m shocked.  Homer checks in at #2, Bart is #4.  That is all.  (via Decent Community)

Chicago Bears as Simpsons Characters – Players and staff from the Bears matched up with Simpsons characters and created by a frustrated Bears fan.  Mildly amusing. 

P vs. NP – This is close to the upper bound of what I can understand in terms of math, but it’s interesting, clearly written and cites a Halloween Simpsons. 

Dead Simpsons Characters – A list of seven Simpsons characters who’ve died.  I had no idea they brought back Homer’s mom a couple of times; I was happier not knowing.  (via Norwegianity)

Krusty the Clown is God – I don’t think I can explain the background to this one, you’ll have to click the link.  Supposedly this is a letter Groening sent to a guy who had found some blasphemous knockoff Simpsons merchandise in 1990.  It doesn’t look fake, but even if it is it’s still amusing. 

Springfield Still Life – Speaking of bootleg Simpsons merchandise, this is one of the cleverest Simpsons t-shirt designs I’ve seen in years, too bad it doesn’t seem to exist (yet).  (via Twitter)

A week’s worth of beaches – This is a series of pictures at a beach in Scotland, scroll all the way down for a beach hut with Bart Simpson on it. 

Darine Stern: First Black Woman to Grace Playboy Cover in 1971 – This is exactly what I’m talking about when I complain about the explosion of “Marge in Playboy” crap.  It turns out Marge’s cover image was based off Darine Stern’s, the first black woman to be the cover girl, in October of 1971.  I’m glad I caught this because it’s mildly interesting, but it almost got lost amidst the deluge of “Hurr, Marge Playboy, chuckle chuckle [crappy Simpsons reference]”.  (via Prison Photography).

The Patriot Act: Looking back to 2001 – This is a point/counterpoint type debate about the execrable Patriot Act.  DHS gives the win to Julian Sanchez of the Cato Institute for using Lisa’s tiger repellant rock as an illustration.

Susan J. Demas: Bishop-Granholm mutual assured destruction for schools – Decent usage. 

Seven Jokes That Came TrueThe Simpsons and The Critic with video?  Oh yeah, this gets linked. 

Family Guy Meets The Simpsons – This is a fan drawing of Marge leading Lois Griffin around in BDSM gear.  You read all that correctly. 

Sheldon Williams has been hitting the nerve tonic – Does Boston Celtics big man Shelden Williams look like Ken Griffey Jr. after his overdose of Brain & Nerve Tonic?  At least two people on the internet think so. 

Cartoon cronies: ‘Simpsons’ creator and pal coming to Chicago – Groening will be at the Chicago Humanities Festival on November 5th.

Things I Hate: The Simpsons – This would more accurately be titled “Things I Hate: Zombie Simpsons”. 

Fighting H1N1 with Spider-Pig – This is a sign that uses the Simpsons to tell people to chill out about swine flu already, and it was apparently made by The American University in Cairo Office of Student Development.  Neat.

Where Has The Simpsons Gone Wrong? – And finally I get to end the way I like, with another person who thinks Zombie Simpsons is shit.  There’s a lot of Zombie Simpsons hatred at that link, but this is my favorite part:

2: Try to pander to viewers – With the likes of Family Guy, American Dad & Southpark providing animated humour for adults, the Simpsons has had to change to try and keep up, except that without an adult twist, its unrepentant wackiness (Tomacco anyone?) has made it look like a middle age man trying to prove how cool he is (or once was).

Maybe we should call it Grandpa Simpsons instead of Zombie Simpsons?

2 Responses to “Reading Digest – Title Change Edition”

  1. 1 Cassidy
    30 October 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Oh for the love of Christ! From the “7 Dead Simpsons Characters” link:

    “Dr. Nick died in “The Simpsons Movie” when he was impaled and said, “Bye everybody!”

    But after a short hiatus he was miraculously reborn and has appeared briefly in two episodes.”

    Now why doesn’t that surprise me? Hmmm….

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