Idiocy Confirmed

“I can’t stand this any longer, somebody please pay attention to me!” – Bart Simpson

Glyn Stott, he of the idiotic plan to watch all of The Simpsons and Zombie Simpsons in a row, was interviewed by a radio show in Britain.  After listening to it any reservations I had about criticizing this guy evaporated.  There are two important parts.

The first is the hilarity at the 3:00 minute mark when Generic UK DJ Guy asks him about “Cape Feare” and neither of them can remember the title of the Robert de Niro movie (which was itself a remake).  I find this amusing because the title of the episode is, with the exception of the silent “e”, identical to the title of the film.  Stott gets it eventually, but the fact that he can’t remember the title of one of the most famous episodes does not speak well for his legitimacy as a superfan.

After that Generic UK DJ Guy asks him some triflingly easy questions (“What musical instrument does Lisa play?”) and then discusses his stupid plan.  The second important part starts at about the 5:45 mark when we learn some interesting things.  He’s been planning this for more than a year and he’s been trying to schedule it with some Guinness affiliated television show.  But it doesn’t reach the pinnacle of dumbassery until about the 6:45 mark when he says this:

“And since then it’s been one poor man in America trying to convert the old video tapes, twenty years worth of video tapes, over to DVD for me.  So my heart goes out to him at the moment but I know they’ve been working very very hard and trying to get this challenge done completely.  And it’d be a good milestone as well for the 20th anniversary.”

Face palmingly obvious problems here:

  • 65% of the 20 completed seasons (1-12, 20) are already available on DVD.
  • All other episodes are available to anyone with an internet connection via BitTorrent.
  • Morgan Spurlock, very recently and very publicly, watched every episode.  He didn’t do it in one sitting, but neither was he under the impression that for him to do so there had to be some tragic soul sitting in a dismal editing bay copying shit from VHS.

Glyn Stott is either a) really dumb, b) a desperate publicity whore, or c) both.  Commence all appropriate internet mockery.


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