Zombie Simpsons Commercial to Air During Super Bowl (Updated)

Coke Zombie Simpsons Super Bowl Ad

“The bubbles are burning my tongue!” – Abe “Grandpa” Simpson

It’s late January and that means that it’s time for the annual torrent of news about Super Bowl commercials.  How much do they cost?  How clever are they?  Will the NFL franchise that drafts Tim Tebow wish he had been aborted?  Well, Coke is going to have an ad that sounds like the plot of a Zombie Simpsons episode:

In one commercial starring characters from The Simpsons, Mr. Burns has lost his millions and only looks at the bright side of life after convenience store clerk Apu gives him a Coke.

That sounds about right.  Oh and Coke’s got some stupid tie in with Facebook where you can see a “20-second preview” of the ad if you help them with their marketing.  To entice people they’re even promising to make a piffling donation to charity.  Get bent, Coke. 

Update: A wise man once remarked that “pimpin’ ain’t easy”.  Apparently neither is on-line marketing.  Less than ninety minutes after I published a post that contains an abortion joke and concludes with “Get bent, Coke” a marketing firm working for Coca-Cola contacted us.  Their motivation was pretty clear, “Someone on the internet mentioned our ad campaign!  Quickly, send them further information in a formulaic e-mail, maybe they’ll help publicize this.”  So eager were they to enlist us and our everyman credibility that they did not take the time to consider the actual content of the post.  An “Oh, shit” moment ensued.  Herewith is the hilarious sequence of events:

3:35pm EST: Our e-mail address receives a press release with links to promotional images from someone whose e-mail signature reads “on behalf of Coca-Cola”.  Amongst other unintentional comedy the press release refers to the commercials as “animated billboards”, truly a masterpiece of Marketspeak. 

3:48pm EST: Our e-mail address receives a second message.  The e-mail signature is now just the sender’s first name.  I’ve no desire to get this person in trouble, everybody’s gotta make bread somehow, so I’m not going to reprint the entirety of the text.  Just know that it was two sentences long, apologized twice, and contained an obvious (and probably panic induced) contradiction about why the first e-mail had been sent. 

4:00pm EST: “Recall” requests come in for both e-mails.  This is my favorite part.  I’m no expert but my understanding of the “recall” feature is that in order for it to work 1) both the sender and receiver have to be using Microsoft Outlook, 2) both have to be using an Exchange server, AND 3) both copies of Outlook must have the feature activated.  Our e-mail address is @gmail.com.  Savvy internet marketing does not, apparently, require knowledge about how the e-mail system works. 

I love the internet. 

7 Responses to “Zombie Simpsons Commercial to Air During Super Bowl (Updated)”

  1. 28 January 2010 at 5:16 pm

    “In one commercial starring characters from The Simpsons, Mr. Burns has lost his millions and only looks at the bright side of life after convenience store clerk Apu gives him a Coke.”

    I’m sure the real Monty Burns would much prefer an ether-soaked rag (or at least a Lime Rickey) to a Coke.

  2. 2 Celia
    28 January 2010 at 5:27 pm

    I suppose the characters have been selling products for a while. Coca-Cola gets everywhere, too. Damn them.

  3. 28 January 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Tell you what: we come back and everyone’s slaughtered, I owe you a Coke.

  4. 28 January 2010 at 10:36 pm

    The commercial should have Smithers feeding it to Burns with a spoon.

  5. 29 January 2010 at 1:11 am

    Or Burns throwing the Coke back at Apu and snapping, “I don’t like ethnic drinks!”

  6. 6 sVybDy
    29 January 2010 at 2:01 am

    The commercial may turn out to be terrible (I expect this, actually) but Jamie nailed it. Burns does, in fact, think highly of Coke.

    This will not influence my purchasing decisions in any way, mind you. I’m a Pepsi guy. Does anyone out there over the age of say, 10, actually get influenced by marketing for legacy products? Certainly ads can be useful in informing me about something brand new, but once I’m aware of you it doesn’t matter how much money you spend or who shills for your product.

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