Sunday E-mail Part 2

A blog called “No Pun Intended” has been, amongst other things, watching and reviewing Simpsons episodes from the before time, the long long ago.  I’ve linked to a couple of them in Reading Digest but they deserves a little bit more attention than that (and they sent us an e-mail).  Here they are discussing “Mr. Plow”, “Life on the Fast Lane”, and “Lisa the Iconoclast”.  Tim, the guy who writes these, has a very keen bead on things.  There’s too much for me to quote, but this response to a reader comment ably demonstrates that he is on the side of the righteous:

Yeah, I consider The Simpsons canon as nothing really past the 12th season, so I don’t really “count” those later episodes.

Yes, yes, a thousand times Yes

There are certainly a few things I don’t agree with.  For example he argues for Jacques as the best Albert Brooks guest voice whereas I have no favorite.  Picking a “best” out of Cowboy Bob, Jacques, Brad Goodman and Hank Scorpio is like asking whether you prefer joy, bliss or happiness.  But I digress.  The point is, they’re an enjoyably thoughtful read. 

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