Reading Digest: Nobody Likes Zombie Simpsons Edition

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“Nobody likes Milhouse!” – Mr. Largo

Most weeks I’m content if I find one link where someone mentions how much worse Zombie Simpsons is than The Simpsons.  This week I found four!  It was a good week for it too, because I had to ignore about thirty links to posts of the “Simpsons mentioned South Park . . . durrrr” variety.  There’s also a very old commercial for the show, more graffiti than the “Graffiti Edition”, real life Duff Beer, and a guy who looks like Dr. Nick. 


Rare Television Commercials – There are a number of neat, old timey commercials at the link, including this:

It’s remarkable what you can do with the rights to so much of 20th Century Fox’s back catalog.

B-Real Of Cypress Hill Talks Metalhead Roots, The Simpsons And Non-Medical Marijuana – There’s YouTube, and at the six minute mark the interviewer mentions their turn on the show and asks what the craziest thing they ever ordered was.  B-Real thinks it was crocodile meat in Brazil rather than the London Symphony Orchestra. 

Things I Love – I had trouble with the images here, but there is this:

2. Old Simpsons episodes

The quote’s off, but I don’t care.

Homer Simpson Postage Stamp Groom’s Cake – Click for a picture of a spectacular cake made to look like the Homer postage stamp. 

Nice try, Bart, but you miss the point…. – At least one other person thought Zombie Simpsons missed the point with their chalkboard thing.  It’s not quite the same take I had, but it’s in the same ballpark. 

more adventures in corporate Hollywood totally misunderstanding the Internet – I didn’t think the fake movie opening from last week’s episode was anything other than an excuse to use some terrible puns.  And it doesn’t surprise me that Zombie Simpsons failed to register the URL for their fake movie.  Doing that would indicate that they care in the least about the quality of what they do.   

Harrisburg’s Waste To Energy To Insolvency – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania would’ve been better off with a monorail.  (Bonus points for mentioning the escalator to nowhere.) 

The Simpsons Street Art – Graffiti Comes To Life – I know the graffiti edition was last week, but here’s a bunch of cool images anyway.  I particularly like the chalkboard one that says “I must not copy what I see on the Simpsons”.

Yellow? – A list of ten awesome things that are yellow.  Simpsons is on here, right next to “The Magic School Bus”, man, I loved that book.  There’s also a list of ten bad yellow things.

Top 10 Musical Episodes: ‘Buffy,’ ‘Scrubs,’ ‘The Simpsons’ and More! – I haven’t seen most of the episodes on this list, but if you’re picking musical episodes, why ring in with the awesome but relatively brief musical number from the otherwise non-musical “A Fish Called Selma” when “Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious” was all awesome musical numbers?

Conchords land Simpson’s gig! – The guys from “Flight of the Conchords” will be guest starring on Zombie Simpsons.  Enh.

Found footage: Are you ready to get DUFFED? – More Duff beer spotted in the wild.  This time it’s in Germany. 

You suffer, because Hans Moleman suffers. – Short and funny YouTube, accompanied by this excellent sentiment:

I am a huge Simpsons fan (well, all but that shite they call the Simpsons nowadays)

That’s two!  Everyone hates Zombie Simpsons! 

Psych Guy (Raj Sen) From Grey’s Anatomy Totally Looks Like Dr. Nick Riviera – He does. 

Some bits and bobs – This is a YouTube of all the Simpsons couch gags (seemingly in order):

At about the 2:00 minute mark you can see them getting much longer and more elaborate, and it goes downhill from there. 

Top TV Couples – Many TV couples with lots of YouTube.  Homer and Marge are at the bottom.

Phil Hartmann considered for Canadian Walk of Fame – I mentioned this on Twitter, but it deserves as wide an audience as it can get.  Here’s the Facebook page, and here’s the nomination form.  Deadline is today. 

It’s Like the C. Montgomery Burns Chair in Business Administration – The University of Missouri has an economics position named after Ken Lay, and other embarrassing tidbits. 

Brand NEW Bart Simpson Mug ‘The I Didn’t Do It’ Boy – An Irish eBay listed for Mugs calling Bart the “I Didn’t Do It” Boy.  Worth clicking for the image. 

Where did The Simpsons go wrong. – Now to finish off with two more people who agree with us.  First:

So I guess what I really hate is the inconsequential nature of later seasons.  But wait, I also hate the shallow character development (Think: sober Barney, married father Apu).  So I’m left just a confused as I was before.

Preach it brother!  There are more of us than you know.

The Declining Quality of Animation on FOX – And second:

What can I say that hasn’t already been said ever since Principal Skinner was outed by Martin Sheen as an impostor. The quality of the show has clearly fallen since the heady days of the 90s and some people have been actively campaigning for the show’s cancellation in recent times (shoutout to the Dead Homers Society).

While it is clear that the show will be around for a wee while yet, it is unclear just how much farther it can fall. For example, last Sunday night’s episode was about a beached whale and not much else. If it wasn’t for the combination of a thunderstorm and some ice-cream, I may well have nodded off.

The Simpsons continues to hobble along being a mere ghost of it’s former self.

Co-sign and shoutout back to Animation Anomaly. 

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