Still More Simpsons Stained Glass

“Sorry Homer, I was born a snake handler, and I’ll die a snake handler.” – Moe

The inimitable Joseph Cavalieri is back with three more haunting, bizarre, and downright fucking amazing stained glass panels featuring Simpsons characters.  The three form a coherent set, with Rainier Wolfcastle on one side, Lunchlady Doris on the other, and a oversize Jesus-Moe crucified in the middle. 

1.Military Cavalieri Simpsons (small) 1.Moe Cavalieri Simpsons (small) 1.Cafeteria Cavalieri Simpsons (small)
All images used under Creative Commons license courtesy of Joseph Cavalieri, CAVAglass.com.

Click on each picture to go to Cavalieri’s site and see a larger image, as well as descriptive text about each of the three.  I enjoy how Moe is surly enough to get crucified with his arms crossed. 

If you happen to be in Chicago in early November, you can see these things in person at the Sculpture Objects & Functional Art (SOFA – seriously, that’s their acronym) Fair from November 5th to November 7th.  Moe, Lunchlady Doris and Rainier Wolfcastle will be at the UrbanGlass booth. 

Thanks go to Cavalieri himself, for making these in the first place and being kind enough to notify us about them. 


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