Reading Digest: Just Don’t Look Edition

Thanks Api!

“Just don’t look.  Just don’t look.” – Paul Anka & Lisa Simpson

[Note: The Halloween themed animated .gif above comes courtesy of reader Api who sent it in with the subject line, “The perfect GIF to symbolise what needs to be done with The Simpsons.”  Damn right.] 

This week, the Vatican’s shitty newspaper, with which I’ve had dealings in the past, wrote something dumb about Homer being Catholic.  And so, for about the third week in a row, the Simpsons part of the internet was flooded with one boring topic.  The number of “Homer? Catholic?” type articles I read and/or skipped over was amazing.  In accordance with official Dead Homer Society policy dealing with things this stupid and media whorish, there are no links about it below.  What we do have is two reviews of Ortved’s book, some excellent usage, awesome Halloween themed Simpsons nail art, a sweet drawing of Lisa, and a chance for people in Minnesota to meet Mike Reiss.  Oh, and there’s a Simpsons art exhibition coming up in the UK.  Have I mentioned that we welcome submissions? 


[Edited to add: don’t forget to vote for your choice of season for tomorrow’s Simpsons marathon.]

Loser – It’s not a very Lisa thing to do, but this drawing is great (via). 

Save Some Room for Laughst This Thanksgiving Night With World Broadcast Premiere of ‘The Simpsons Movie’ – The craptacular movie is about to join Zombie Simpsons on regular FOX.  Feh.  

Attention, Supervillains and Climate Engineers: The U.N. May Soon Forbid You To Block Out the Sun – Even the most improbably far fetched global warming solutions can be used to reference The Simpsons

Simpsons avatar – The vegetarian shirt Apu sells really makes this. 

Bart: truly, the King of spring fields – I know almost nothing about horseracing in America, and even less about it in Australia.  But apparently there’s a guy named Bart who races horses. 

Anomaly Appraisal: The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History – Animation Anomaly reviewed the Ortved book, and linked to us!  Hooray. 

‘Simpsons’ history suffers from excessive speculation – Another review of the Ortved book, this one from an actual newspaper.

The Simpsons Art Exhibition – There’s going to be a month long Simpsons art exhibit in Manchester.  This is the Facebook page.  Should any of our UK readers find themselves at it, consider snapping some pictures and sending them in. 

Top 10 Schwingtastic Childhood TV Flashback Tracks – Lots of 90s YouTube here, including Bart’s duet with Leon Kompowski. 

hour #6: the simpsons, south park, and sex – An interesting essay on the tangled web of concepts that result when people get prosecuted, as a guy in Idaho recently did, for having Simpsons porn.  The only thing I’d seriously disagree with is this:

In fact, the reason I’m using South Park as an example and not The Simpsons is because South Park actually has a very large porn-fandom.

I’ve never looked into the South Park porn-fandom community but, as someone who looks at the search results that get people to this blog, let me assure you that there is a great deal of on-line interest in Simpsons porn.  Also, Kick-Ass was fantastic. 

My Cigar Guy photoshop power rankings – There’s a quite well done drawing of him with the family Simpson here. 

Night of the Dolphin! “Best Horror Flick Ever!” – I have respect for “Treehouse of Horror XI” far above everything else in Season 12 for the simple reason that they got the term “glory hole” on network television. 

Moe Moe Kyun~ – Moe photoshopped into a couple of Anime pictures. 

Oh the Simpsons, you explain it all. – Perfectly quoted.  Cool. 

A Fine Mahoke To You All – I have a general policy never to link to or read The New Republic, it only encourages them, but this is pretty excellent usage.  Helpfully, the entire thing is right in the title, so you don’t even need to click (via). 

The Simpsons as Addams Family Nail Art Tutorial – I do not have the necessary fine motor control to do this:

Those look amazing.

LISA SIMPSON diy tank top m/l KUTEGURL sale – Looks more like Maggie to me, but that’s still great use of a boring old Simpsons t-shirt. 

Travel: Oktoberfest Munich, Germany 2010 – There is much awesomeness at Oktoberfest, including this:

Slowly the group started to leave and we were left with one guy from Holland and also we began to make friends with a guy from South Africa. I asked them their names, the South African said his name was Johan, when I asked the guy from Holland what his name was he says "Bart, like Bart Simpson!" I just started laughing, he asked my name I told him it was Lisa. He responds, "Lisa, like Lisa Simpson, Bart and Lisa Simpson!" He was so excited about this I couldn’t help but crack up. Also the fact that we had had quite a few beers made the situation more funny.

Making d’oh: Simpsons’ writer to appear at Club Book – If you live in or around Minneapolis/St. Paul you can see Mike Reiss tonight or tomorrow

Friday Roundup!!! – And finally, I get to end the way I like to:

Sign #1114 that I’m becoming old as hell (but still handsome…as hell)…when I complain that the new hi-def intro to The Simpsons looks friggin’ lame and trumped up.  There was a predictability in the old one.  The ORIGINAL one.  Every child of the eighties grew up with that show.  Every child new how it went, there was a mental, subconsciousrhythm that one could depend on.  A mental clock of the emotional soul.  For that brief moment, you something good and pure and entertaining, something that could instill happiness on a primal level that the outside world couldn’t get to, that is what the intro signified.  That, and the general quality of the show is gone.  And that is why I feel old.  The show hasn’t been entertaining since the 8th-ish season.


3 Responses to “Reading Digest: Just Don’t Look Edition”

  1. 22 October 2010 at 7:32 pm

    Many thanks for the quote guy. Didn’t think my old man ramblings (I’m a super-mature 28 years old) were really worth all that much. You flatter me by thinking they’re worth quoting here in a surprisingly expansive list of Simpsons-related links. Kudos to you and your site here.

    – Gabe

  2. 2 studentee
    22 October 2010 at 7:44 pm

    ya, tnr generally sucks. but chait’s usually worth reading

  3. 21 November 2010 at 4:00 pm

    lol thanks for the mention :) that apu shirt would so awesome to really have :-)

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