Reading Digest: And a Spring For Its Curly Tail Edition

Lisa the Simpson3

“This is terrible at best.  I’m surprised at you, Lisa.” – Miss Hoover
“Me too.” – Lisa Simpson

This week’s reading digest is very short for obvious, holiday related reasons.  That in no way lessens the quality of the links below however.  There’s some cool fan art, plenty of YouTube, and the funniest car crash in Texas.


Babies On Board – How’s this for a holiday bargain?  You don’t even have to click through to Smooth Charlie’s Click of the Week.  You can just push play:














The 12 most awesome aliens in TV history – Kang and Kodos check in at #3 (via Springfield Springfield’s Twitter).

The Simpsons Cupcakes – Assuming the tops are edible, those may be the best damn cupcakes I’ve ever seen (also via Springfield Springfield’s Twitter).

Baikin v. Sparkle Powder v. Zombie Pandas of Doom! – Fan made painting of Mr. Sparkle and . . . well, just click it.

Cartoonist of ‘Simpsons’ Fame Comes Home – Nice little story about an animator from Russia who worked at Klasky Csupo back in the day.  Money quote:

Even with his limited knowledge of English at the time, Kovalyov said he didn’t find there to be such significant differences in the worlds of Russian and U.S. animation. “Artists had the same spark in their eyes, like back home, and maybe their pencils were better quality,” he said. “But nobody drank at work,” he added, smiling. “That was a big difference.”

Suddenly, Nelson! – Car crash schadenfreude is so much more fun with vanity plates and pictures.

The Simpsons: Mom it’s Broken! – Fantastic Thanksgiving Simpsons YouTube. 

my REAL wall – 21st November 2010 – Life imitates Facebook with Homer yearning for Dim Sum.

Wait, Do I Like Cooking? – And finally, a cook contemplates the fleeting happiness that is cooking.  And, as if to underscore my point from last week, invokes “Separate Vocations” with YouTube:













Bonus points for this as the closing:

So, in conclusion, the earlier seasons of The Simpsons really stand the test of time, and I clearly didn’t waste years of my life memorizing the episodes. They come in handy on a daily basis.


3 Responses to “Reading Digest: And a Spring For Its Curly Tail Edition”

  1. 1 CJ
    26 November 2010 at 4:22 pm

    I’m flattered to be linked on your blog! What incisive and thorough arguments for the cancellation of this once formidable show! I very much enjoyed reading your comparison of “Separate Vocations” and “Lisa, This Isn’t Your Life.” I quit watching at about Season 12 and had no idea just how much further the show had fallen since then.

  2. 2 P. Piggly Hogswine
    27 November 2010 at 3:05 am

    When first opening the cooking link, I was thinking of Mr Burns having saved room for a slice of Smithers’ “pumpkin piiiiiiieeee”, but the ‘Separate Vocations’ clip was just as good :D

  3. 30 November 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Thanks for the shout for my REAL wall!

    It’s not often I get Simpsons related post, but I do love that show!

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