Reading Digest: Summer Ephemera Edition

Dancin' Homer6

“I’m sorry, young man, you’re just not ready.  Pick up your check at the front office and for god’s sake put some clothes on!” – Dave Rosenfield

The internet pickings were slim this week.  I don’t know if it was a hangover from the Fourth or just general summer doldrums, but we do have some summer links, including an RC car, a Spanish clip from “Summer of 4Ft 2”, and a nice baseball story.  There are also a couple of lists, an upcoming screening of Harry Shearer’s New Orleans movie, some excellent usage, and even the thinnest of tie-ins to the Murdoch-phone hacking scandal. 


Rosenfield evolving with the Tides – See that picture of the manager firing jockstrap Homer?  He was named by Ken Levine, who worked as a broadcaster before he wrote “Dancin’ Homer”.  The real Rosenfield was recently honored by the Norfolk Tides for fifty years of service to the minor league team. 

How To: Frankenstein-Mod your Bart Simpson Chia Pet – Instructions with lots of pictures (including the finished product) for turning an officially license Bart Simpson Chia Pet into a Frankenstein’s Monster.  Sweet. 

Homer Simpson Custom Car/Airplane – A custom build remote controlled car with Homer on top of it. 

Harry Shearer Talks About Tearing Down the Army Corps of Engineers in The Big Uneasy – If you’re in the Bay Area you can see Shearer on Sunday night at the Roxie Theater.  There’s a 7pm and a 9pm show, and he’ll be there after the 7 and before the 9. 

Bart Simpson – Drama – Great fan made drawing of Bart crooning at full Goulet/Bennett levels.

Michael Chertoff Totally Looks Like Mr. Burns – Enh. 

The perils of cleverness – Just because you can do something slightly clever, doesn’t me you should:

And in comedy, it results in a mode of humor in which pop cultural references and winks to the audience have replaced real comedic situations. For this last manifestation, which is probably the saddest of all, I can do no better than quote George Meyer, the legendary writer and producer for the best years of The Simpsons: “Clever,” Meyer notes, “is the eunuch version of funny.”

Simpsons Video of the Week – Our friend Lenny found a Spanish version of the very end of “Summer of 4 Ft 2”.  Awesome. 

Jessie J tweets she’s on ‘bed rest’ after emergency foot surgery – English singer Jesse J broke her foot and then tweeted this:

I feel like Bart Simpson in the episode when he had broken his leg and couldnt play out… #staresoutthewindow

Some quick math says she was six years old when that episode was broadcast.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the kids are alright. 

Michael Jackson Never Sang On The Simpsons – Following up from last week, we can add RTT News (Global Financial Newswires) to the list of people too lazy to Google the Michael Jackson singing thing before writing it up.  Rather breathlessly writing it up in this case:

The voice has long been credited to John Jay Smith, but Simpsons scholars and pop-culture aficionados have since attested that it was a pseudonym for the King of Pop. Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, is now clearing up the confusion once and for all.

Speaking to TMZ.com, Smith says: "[Michael] was not allowed to sing on the show, so he literally hand-picked a guy to sing like him."

Twenty years later, Kipp Lennon is being outted as the man who lent his voice for the famous episode.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I prefer my financial and economic news from people who don’t grab headlines unchecked from TMZ. 

July 4th History and Best Locations for Fireworks on Independence Day – This is the opening to a Fourth of July guide for San Diego:

"Celebrate your country’s independence by blowing up a small part of it." – Apu (The Simpsons)

DUVALL: GOP is failing the history test – And so is this:

We will all celebrate our nation’s birthday in different ways. As Apu, the Kwik-E-Mart owner on “The Simpsons” said when selling Homer a cache of illegal fireworks, “celebrate the birth of your country by blowing up a small part of it.”

Both of them attribute it to Apu, who didn’t say it, and get the quote wrong. 

Weekend Diversion: The Physics of Fireworks! – Where the local news sites fail, the physicist blogger gets it right:

"Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it." –The Simpsons

Bingo.  (Incidentally, that post is awesome.)  

Loud Laughs From Loud Laughers – Here’s a quick YouTube of what James L. Brooks sounds like when he laughs. 

10 Great Things You Might Know Troy McClure From – For something that obviously has no Zombie Simpsons in it, this list is strangely underwhelming.  It’s just rehashes of some of McClure’s appearances on the show (e.g. “Troy’s cheeful narration and a surprisingly jolly musical soundtrack provide an odd counterpoint to video footage of terrible car accidents.”) along with a few quotes. 

Lady Gaga Channels Marge Simpson at Revealing Singapore Press Conference – Meh. 

Turn Over A New Leaf – There’s a new place in Saskatoon that is trying to win friends with salad:

Homer Simpson once famously sang “You don’t make friends with salad,” but Saskatoon’s latest eatery, Greenleaf Fresh Fruit and Salad, has the power to make a ton of new pals — if they can generate the word of mouth I think they thoroughly deserve.

It’s actually “win” not “make”, but that’s too perfectly relevant not to be excellent usage. 

Lisa simpson without feet Minecraft Skin – Exactly what it says. 

New Book Tells "Heaven Is For Real" Readers To Go To Hell – Simpsons alum Gary Apple has written a parody book about a six year old who goes to Hell. 

Rewatching Childhood Favorites – Notable on this list of old cartoons to go back and watch again:

The first 10 seasons of The Simpsons

The Eleven Best Fake Names from The Simpsons – I’ve always been partial to Homer calling up the babysitting service as “Mr. Sampson” wherein he learns what a bunch of savages he and his family are.  Still, this is a pretty good list.

Zings Of The Day July 7, 2011 – Speaking about the Murdoch phone hacking:

News of the World, which is being shut down, supposedly hacked into the mobile-phone voice mails of people ranging from celebrities and politicians to murder victims. I wish they would’ve hacked into "The Simpsons" and made it end years ago. Another News Corp. property well past its prime.

I fail to see how the mechanics of that would work, but it’s a nice sentiment. 

6 Responses to “Reading Digest: Summer Ephemera Edition”

  1. 1 D.N.
    8 July 2011 at 11:24 pm

    “Jessie J tweets she’s on ‘bed rest’ after emergency foot surgery – English singer Jesse J broke her foot and then tweeted this:

    I feel like Bart Simpson in the episode when he had broken his leg and couldnt play out… #staresoutthewindow

    Some quick math says she was six years old when that episode was broadcast. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the kids are alright.”

    I was in Ireland last month and I gotta say this: old Simpsons episodes are re-run relentlessly on cable up there (in England, Jessie J could’ve seen “Bart of Darkness” any number of times). An 11-year-old cousin of mine seems to have a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the show’s classic episodes – episodes which first aired years before she was even born (unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to have a problem with Zombie Simpsons episodes, but maybe when she’s older she’ll be able to tell the difference…).

    • 2 Thrillho
      9 July 2011 at 10:29 am

      Man I should move to Ireland. Around here, the re-runs they show are only from Seasons 20 and 21. At least around the turn of the millenium, they were showing more episodes from the early to mid ’90s.

      • 3 D.N.
        9 July 2011 at 8:55 pm

        I’m not even sure what pattern the re-runs follow there – one Sunday afternoon, it was “Marge vs the Monorail” and “Selma’s Choice,” then a couple of hours later it was “The Cartridge Family” and “The Trouble with Trillions” (now that I think about it, episodes are screened on both cable and free-to-air BBC – maybe the re-runs were on different channels).

  2. 4 Mike Russo
    9 July 2011 at 12:48 pm

    BTW, the quote is incorrect. It’s “…you’re just not right.”

    • 5 Charlie Sweatpants
      10 July 2011 at 8:11 pm

      I wasn’t sure enough to stand by it without checking, but the subtitles on the DVD say “ready”, not “right”. “Ready” also works better in the context of someone being called up from the minors. As always, I appreciate the check. I’d rather get corrected than get it wrong.

  3. 6 Thrillho
    12 July 2011 at 1:02 am

    Here’s an interesting list from CollegeHumor. Plenty of good choices from other shows, but I’m mostly happy for the one who got the top spot (though I think Barney Gumble deserved a spot somewhere):


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