Reading Digest: Pre-Halloween Creepiness Edition

Lisa's Substitute4

“Actually, Mr. Simpson, they do know a great deal about the process of mummification.  First they pulled the brain out through the nose with an iron hook, and stuffed the insides with sawdust and onions.” – Mr. Bergstrom
“Eww, gross.” – Lisa Simpson
“Ooh, pretty creepy.  Still, I’d rather have him chasing me than the wolfman.” – Homer Simpson

We’ve got two pre-Halloween links to rather disturbing images this week.  One is directly from the show, the other is what even I assume is an un-licensed advertisement for products which are themselves creepy.  There’s also a couple of fan made things, including a non-Lego Bart, some medical edification, a piece of non-news news from FOX, and a Canadian college student who knows what the score is.


[Brief programming note: We’ll be finishing up Season 10 next week, including the final three Crazy Noises, two of which include our old friend and special guest star bobservo.]

Nanoblock Bart Simpson Build Process on Vimeo – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week is exactly what it says it is.  Very cool. 

Flanders Is an Apple Fanboy – Heh.

“Oh, rats” – An awesome, four-minute YouTube of Hans Moleman clips.  No Zombie Simpsons.

25 Incredible Sand Sculptures – Includes one of Homer on the couch with Santa’s Little Helper literally at his feet.  There’s also a real fire in the fireplace.  Many of the rest of these are even more incredible.

posses – Creepy black and white animated .gif of devil Lisa from “There’s No Disgrace Like Home”. 

High Low of the Week – Extra creepy British primping advertisements featuring a ludicrously muscled Bart and a come hither Marge.  I’m assuming they’re British because Marge is advertising “Sun Beds”, not tanning beds.

Stupid Tuesday questions, DSM-IV edition – This was written by a real doctor, so get ready to learn something:

A clang association, you see, is a kind of speech pattern that often accompanies thought disorders, typified by the speaker stringing words together because they sound alike.  When, in a classic episode, a stimulant-addled Lisa Simpson mutters “pep pills, pep pills, Beverly Sills” under her breath, that is an example of a clang association.

She actually says, “Who’s gonna stop me, you pep pill boy?  Pep boys, pills, Beverly Sills”.  But I’m still calling that excellent usage under the medical+educational exemption. 

Could Homer Simpson get his own channel? – This got linked in a lot of places this week, but it hardly qualifies as news.  A FOX executive said:

the company is starting to have internal discussions about how to create additional revenue streams for the animated hit that goes beyond reruns on TV stations and DVD sales.

One of the ideas floated was a “Simpsons channel”, whatever that means.  It wasn’t an announcement or even close to one.  It was just a bunch of FOX people trying to figure out how to wring more money out of the franchise.  In other news, the sky is blue and he was probably breathing when he said that.  Carry on.

Six TV-Inspired Video Games That Were Nothing Like The Shows That Inspired Them – A very crappy old Bart game is on here.

Simpsons – Try to be nice to people – Subtitled screen grabs of Moe wondering why he struggles to resist the urge to punch people in the face.  I wish they’d gone on a couple frames more.

That’s the American way… – A couple of weeks ago I linked to a post where a guy had put up Simpsons cartoons he did when he was ten.  This is another one, in which Homer explodes the plant with popcorn chicken.  I’m kinda surprised Zombie Simpsons hasn’t used this plot line.

“Tooning In” With Mark Kirkland – Longtime Simpsons director Mark Kirkland is being honored at the Burbank International Film Festival this year.

Joey Jo Jo – YouTube of exactly what you think it is.

Iconic Threads – A cute drawing of nine famous sweaters, including Flanders’.

WHAT ABOUT TOODY AND MULDOON?? – A list of fictional cops, including Chief Wiggum.

Simpsons Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences Posters – Simpsons clip art used to improve otherwise boring cognitive posters.  Nicely done.

Kids Meal Toys of the Day – Apparently Burger King is bringing out some more small plastic collector crack for this year’s Halloween episode.

CNN’s Tea Party Republican Debate…In 10 Words – Miniature American flags for all!

Why You Little Derp! – Someone put “DERP” on a screen grab of Homer choking on a donut.  I’m proud to say that even though it’s cropped very tight on him I recognized the episode instantly. 

Bad To The Bone – This is a blog run by a local CW affiliate listing “The Best Of The Worst Bad Guys On CW50”.  Even in reruns Mr. Burns tops the list.  Stewie from Family Guy checks in at #4.

“The Simpsons” website given new design – Don’t care.

Buying the flowers yourself – the importance of opening lines – A list of some of literature’s most famous opening lines, including YouTube of the thousand monkeys that are even now toiling at Burns Manor. 

’90s-era Simpsons was so smrt — er, smart – And finally, we get further evidence that the kids are all right as this column from the University of Saskatchewan’s student paper agrees with us:

Before The Simpsons became a cheap Family Guy clone, it was perhaps the most significant show on television. During the 1990s, The Simpsons was not the gag-reel that it is today. Instead, the show was a scathing review of American society.

Got that right, my friend to the north. 

2 Responses to “Reading Digest: Pre-Halloween Creepiness Edition”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    16 September 2011 at 12:34 pm

    Thanks for correcting the quote, and for your leniency for me error

  2. 2 hughes
    16 September 2011 at 1:45 pm

    I thought the High Low of the week said “British PIMPING advertisements” at first. Which would probably be less disturbing than what was actually featured

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