Reading Digest: YouTube Mashup Edition

Modern Editing Techniques

“Thanks to modern editing techniques we can using existing footage to complete the film without Milhouse.  Watch.” – Hack Editor
“Looks like we’re in trouble, Fallout Boy.” – Radioactive Man
“Jiminy Jillikers, Radioactive Man!” – Fallout Boy
“We’ll have to fight our way out.  Are you ready?” – Radioactive Man
“Yes.” – Fallout Boy
“Seamless, huh?” – Hack Editor
“You’re fired.” – Movie Producer
“And with good cause!” – Hack Editor

We’ve got quite a bit of video this week, including two Simpsons mashups, one with Kanye West and the other with Breaking Bad.  God bless modern editing techniques.  There’s also video of an office with some nice optical illusions and the best rolling trampoline you’ll see all day.  In addition to that we’ve got an excellent selection of fan art, a podcast that dislikes Family Guy, the usual assortment of usage, and some more postcards like the Barney one from last week.


Lord of the Simpsons – These fan made drawings of Simpsons characters as Lord of the Rings characters is easily Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week.  They look fantastic, and Moe as Gollum is inspired.  Check out her DeviantART page for some additional crossovers, including Lisa in Assassin’s Creed and Skinner as Severus Snape.  Bravo all around.

Mash-up Monday: Bart Simpson vs. Kanye West feat. Daft Punk- “Do the Bartman (Stronger Remix)” – If I couldn’t embed this it would be Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week.  But I can embed it so you don’t actually need to click through:

At first I thought it was just the song and the video, but then they kept the vocals from “Do the Bartman” on top.  Sweet.  And for our second mashup . . .

Simpsons/Breaking Bad Mashup Wins The Internet This Week – . . . you need to know at least a little bit about Breaking Bad to get this, but it’s pretty good:

Sadly it involves that stupid, out-of-nowhere meth plot on Zombie Simpsons from a couple of weeks ago, but the vast majority of the clips are from the before time, the long long ago. 

New map: In honour of 22 years of "The Simpsons", Springfields of the world – Maps of both the US and the world with various Springfields plotted on them.  There are quite a few in Australia. 

Maggie Simpson – Remember that Barney postcard from last week?  Here’s Maggie’s from the same series.  There’s a high-res copy if you click through and want to read Maggie described baseball card style.  (Oh, and thanks for the link.) 

Spreading some Love – And here’s one of Bleeding Gums Murphy that looks like it was done a long time ago.  It quotes about half his dialogue from “Moaning Lisa” and lists him as “Lonely Bluesman”.  Aww.

The Lucy Show…In 10 Words – So many harebrained schemes.

The Nine Best Sitcom Couches – A truly cromulent list:

1. The Simpsons
Tell the truth. When you saw the headline, did you think that any other couch could possibly finish in the top spot? There’s absolutely nothing remarkable about the couch on The Simpsons, other than Homer’s ass groove. And yet, it’s been the source of a different couch gag for hundreds upon hundreds of episodes. More fun has come from the couch on The Simpsons than all of the other couches on this list combined. It’s the king of the list, the unquestioned number one.


Amazing Character Illusions!**MUST SEE** – I don’t know what company’s office this is, but it sure looks fun:

Damn fine job.

UH Alum Ready to Rock Again – There is a Houston band called “Mr. Plow”:

Creative Pride: Let’s go back to 1999. How did you guys decide on the name of the band?

Jeremy Stone: We started thinking of names, and Mr. Plow got thrown out there. For better or worse, it stuck. It was the least offensive choice. And, we all love “The Simpsons.”

But did they cover the Mr. Plow song? 

Lisa Simpson by ~DaniellBlack – Evocative fan made drawing of Lisa playing her sax with everything she’s got.  Excellent. 

Snarky holiday sentiments – Moderate usage:

4. Aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Santa? — Bart Simpson

Bart actually says “this day” instead of “Christmas”, but if you’re making a list of funny holiday quotes I suppose you might need to put the actual word in there like that. 

Pop and Rock Listings for Dec. 9-15 – The New York Times gets in some decent usage:

The Devil Wears Prada (Tuesday) Despite the bewildering, self-imposed indignity of sharing their name with an Anne Hathaway rom-com, these screamo rockers from Ohio balance aggressively thrash guitars with blood-curdling histrionics. This slipshod Christian group may be the first religious rockers to take Bart Simpson’s sage advice: “All the best bands are affiliated with Satan.”

Perfectly quoted, though I don’t think it’s meant to be complimentary.  On the other hand, being scoffed at by the Times might be high praise in Christian rock circles. 

Trambopoline!!! – Excellent YouTube usage:


13 Simpsons Scenarios Since Season 10 James Lavender Won’t Like – This James Lavender sounds like a fine fellow:

James Lavender and myself often argue about the relative merits (or lack of) of The Simpsons since its (approximate) Season 1 -10 heyday. He thinks it stinks since 1998; I don’t. So I thought I’d show him what’s what.

Then I decided I might as well just prop up his point by going for the stupidest Simpsons episode ideas since Season 10.

There’s a gallery of ghastly stupid Zombie Simpsons episodes there.  Just on these examples, it’s a tight race between Season 15, Season 17 and Season 19 for supremacy in “holy shit, that’s dumb”. 

Random Assault Podcast Episode 012: 25% Less – A long podcast that features a ten minute Simpsons-Family Guy discussion, with lots of love for The Simpsons, starting at the 100 minute mark.  You can download the mp3 by clicking on the image. 

Slow News Day, Check Out ‘The Simpsons’ Next 30 Years – Want to see all those Christmas cards from the beginning of last Sunday’s Zombie Simpsons?  Here you go. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ned Flanders – This is not the best picture, but those are pretty damn good costumes. 

The instant expert: The Simpsons – Things I learned today:

D’OH! A Simpsons episode, Trash of the Titans, provoked considerable controversy (and no little mirth) for two uses of the word "w****r" when it aired in the UK at its usual 6pm time slot on April 15, 2008. While the word is not well known in the US, it is of course considered offensive in the UK. Ofcom, which deals with UK television complaints, received 31 calls of protest. Channel 4 said the compliance staff had incorrectly certified the programme as suitable.

IN ARABIC The show was broadcast in the Gulf region with Arabic subtitles on networks such as Showtime Arabia and Dubai’s One TV. It was finally given an Arabic translation in 2005, with references to alcohol, pork and many other themes deleted or significantly modified. A baffling curiosity, it was not a success.

I had no idea “wanker” was considered unsuitable for children.  Then again, seeing as how the protest was lodged in 2008 on an episode that premiered in 1998, it’s probably just another case of one concerned prude with too much time on his hands.   

Classic Christmas: The Andy Williams Christmas Album – Other things I learned today:

There are two reasons we think of Andy Williams fondly. First, there is the classic episode of The Simpsons when Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Martin travel to Branson where they see Williams perform. A teary-eyed Nelson said, "I didn’t think he’d do "Moon River," but then — bam! — second encore!"

The second reason is The Andy Williams Christmas Album, which was as common in adult Christmas record collections in the ’70s as avocado green and mushrooms were on decor in the kitchen.

Nelson actually says “he was gonna do”, not “he’d do”, but it’s still excellent usage. 

FN Spy: All About Eve…Heel Thing – A Yeardley Smith interview promoting her shoe line and that New Year’s Eve movie contains this:

It made me giggle that the three [actors] who play my kids were [so] excited to meet ‘Lisa Simpson.’ She might have been 8 years old for the past 23 years, but [Lisa] is a force to be reckoned with.”

Ah, the absurdities of animation. 

"Tebowing" Is Now An Official English Word, Except It’s Probably Not – Nice use of cromulent here:

Today’s entry: something called the Global Language Monitor says that "Tebowing" is now an accepted English word. Defined as "the act of taking a knee in prayer during an athletic contest," Tebowing now takes its place alongside other the perfectly cromulent words in the English language, if a provocative press release is to believed.

The rest of the article just takes whatever that Global Language Monitor is to task for being publicity whores.  I’ll believe “Tebowing” is a word if he isn’t hanging off the ass end of someone’s depth chart three seasons from now.  (Thanks to David via e-mail!) 

Sideshow Bob by ~Lalazinha07 – Sweet fan made drawing of Sideshow Bob during the finale of HMS Pinafore

Real life summer of 4 foot 2 (Simpsons) – Cool:

Just came back from a walk to library to return books.

There were teens skateboarding outside on the ramp for disabled people. One dude was wearing a tie-dye t-shirt and had blonde shoulder length hair.

It made me think of the episode of the Simpsons when they go on holiday and Lisa goes to the library, but doesn’t want to go in because she’s left her old nerdy self at home.

The tie-dye  dude would definitely call people dude and say words like narly and give people high fives.

I’ll try to remember this the next time I hallucinate Alice and Eustace Tilley popping out of the stacks.

A Hairy Situation – Regarding one of the excellent 60s haircuts in Faster, Pussycat! Kill Kill! comes an excellent reference:

Seeing as I can’t just become her completely, I’ll just settle for having her hair. Maybe some aspect of her astounding personality will be passed on to me, somewhat like the way Homer was possessed by Snake’s spirit in Hell Toupée. What? That doesn’t seem at all possible? Oh well, a girl can dream.

A Real Holiday Letter – A rather amusing fan written version of the Simpsons’ Christmas letter.

Mmmmmm Shanghai – Awesome Brooklyn sandwich board. 

Thought of the Day – I can’t recall having heard this theory before:

Is C. Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons a partial caricature of Peyton Place‘s malevolent town patriarch Martin Peyton?  No one else on the whole of the internet seems to have suggested this idea, and I grant it would be an obscure connection.  But Burns’s voice, in particular, recalls the breathy, aged drawl of the great George Macready.  And it strikes me as the kind of thing that Harry Shearer, who voices Mr. Burns, would remember.

I’ll defer this to any readers who are more familiar with Peyton Place than I am.  Though I am pretty sure it was in a somewhat famous Billy Joel lyric. 

I can assure you, my intentions are strictly homer-able … – Fan made Homer post-it note.

The Three Stooges Syndrome: a life lesson I learned from The Simpsons – Even Season 11 has some moments that stick with us forever.

The Sitter…In 10 Words – Probably would’ve been better with a hobo.

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  1. 16 December 2011 at 10:05 pm

    You know, with those Giant Microbe plushies they have now, you can actually re-enact the Three Stooges Syndrome scene in real life.

  2. 2 Random Assault
    17 December 2011 at 3:18 pm

    Hey it’s Matt from Random Assault, just wanted to say thank you so much for featuring our episode on your site! The Simpsons have been like a second family to me ever since I saw the first episode on the Tracy Ullman Show and it really means a lot to me that you recognized our love for the Simpsons too! Thanks again!

  3. 3 Olivia Ashe, writer
    19 December 2011 at 6:13 pm

    Hi, thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I can see your a fan of the simpsons as well :)

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