Reading Digest: Real Life Simpsons Edition

Treehouse of Horror VI6

“Eww, this is the worst place yet.” – Homer Simpson

This week we’ve got lots of translations of everyone’s favorite yellow cartoons into the real world.  There’s a fantastic rendition of the theme song done solely by one guy with no instruments, there’s maybe the best Patty & Selma costume I’ve ever seen, there’s more Duff beer, and there’s even a car with speed holes.  On top of that, there’s quite a bit of fan art, plenty of usage, only one Super Bowl link, a great Zombie Simpsons design, and several people who relate to their lives and loved ones courtesy of the show.


Coki Greenway – The First Tee Design I Did – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week is an actual Zombie Simpsons print!  And it’s enjoyably gruesome. 

The Simpsons’ Theme Sung By Nick McKaig, if you the series you’ll love this – This was linked and tweeted by a ton of people this week, deservedly so:


The Best Simpsons Game Ever Is Coming to PS3 – Speaking of news that was everywhere this week, that old Simpsons arcade game is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 next week.  Many people are happy about this.  Click through for an awesome – and I mean awesome – Konami ad from when this first came out.  The clothes are exactly what trendy people in 1991 thought everyone would be wearing for the rest of the decade.  Turns out it was just a late 80s hangover. 

The Simpsons Patty & Thelma – Obviously that should be Selma not Thelma, but these homemade costumes are amazing.  Jub Jub and the MacGyver DVD are the perfect touches. 

Everythings Coming Up Millhouse … – Sweet fan made Milhouse drawing, because everything you need to know about Milhouse is in his glasses and eyebrows.  The guy that did these is getting them screen printed, and you can e-mail him if you want one. 

Poll: What is your favorite episode from Season 4 of The Simpsons? – Season 4 ended up winning Lenny’s poll last week, so this week she’s asking the equally difficult question of which is the best Season 4 episode.  Again, I’m going to wuss out and refuse to answer.  Picking one would just make me want to watch all the ones I didn’t pick. 

Norwood is Springfield – Three locations, a church, a convenience store and a bar, all in a small city, reminds someone of Springfield.  This kind of real life familiarity is one of the things Zombie Simpsons has lost with its constant remaking of Springfield into a trendy part of Southern California. 

10 Things I Miss about Canada – Heh:

2. The Simpsons in English.  Lisa sounds the same in Spanish but Homer sounds like a gruff Mexican General.

The Reason I Could Never Live in Kuala Lumpur – More heh:

It has a monorail. I’ve had the Monorail Song from the Simpsons going round my head for the past five days. Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!  I think if I lived here this would eventually drive me crazy.

Black and White in Color: ‘Joyce Pensato: Batman Returns,’ at Friedrich Petzel Gallery – She takes Simpsons and other pop culture icons and remakes them into cool and creepy art.  You can see some examples here

Big Game: Great Moments In Halftime History – True:

The advent of CGI put a lot of good people out of work, including the stop-motion geniuses behind the Bud Bowl. From 1989 to 1997, even sober children fresh out of Sunday School could join in the Budweiser fun, albeit with their eyeballs instead of their taste buds (still the best way to enjoy an Anheuser-Busch product). Bottles of Bud Light, Bud Dry and Bud Ice would face off in a bout often better than the game itself. It even managed to be spoofed by The Simpsons, in its prime, which should be more than enough evidence to prove how amazing the Bud Bowl was

There’s YouTube of one of the commercials at the link, and they were epic.  When it first started, my classmates and I were obsessed with the Bud Bowl.  They had “pre-game” commercials running in the weeks up to the game, and then there’d be the actual game during the Super Bowl.  We were so young we hardly knew what beer was, but we talked about it endlessly, which was precisely the point.  


Homer Simpson for the soul – Everybody loves the end of “And Maggie Makes Three”. 

20 Years Ago… – Some nostalgia for TV from twenty years ago, including MST3k, Johnny Carson, and The Simpsons

A 10 Word Tribute to Don Cornelius – That’s very righteous. 

QUOTABLE: 3.1 – The Simpsons – Stark Raving Dad – How about some quotes?:

Marge: Doctor, if you just talk to him for five minutes without mentioning our son Bart, you’d see how sane he is.
Doctor: You mean there really is a Bart? Good lord!

Man, I love that psychiatrist.

Sarcasmo To The Rescue! My Wit Cuts Sharp, Cuts Deep – Excellent usage:

Then out of nowhere comes Marv, “Saw it instantly with a glance.”

Me, “‘Oh your powers of deduction are exceptional. I simply can’t allow you to waste them here when there are so many crimes going unsolved at this very moment. Go! Go for the good of the city!’”

Perfectly quoted (and don’t forget Sarcastro). 

Six year olds are insane … – Speaking as someone who had to purchase Seasons 1-7 twice, I agree with this:

If I found the same exact joke funny, over and over I’d save a lot of money on DVD’s and crap. Oh wait, I do have that, it’s called the Simpsons.

Some of the best dollars I ever spent based on sheer amount of time I’ve used them. 

KCLS Offers Study Zone For Kids K-12 – This story about a study group contains excellent usage:

"DOWN WITH HOMEWORK!" was the slogan on Bart Simpson’s tee-shirt that provoked the schoolhouse riot at Springfield Elementary, ultimately leading Principal Skinner to impose a uniform dress code.  The episode featuring Bart’s anti-homework sentiment, “Team Homer,” aired on Sunday, Jan. 7, 1996.

That episode is now 16 years old, which means that for a K-12 study group not one of the kids is old enough to remember it when it was first broadcast.  The endurance of The Simpsons shows up in so many ways. 

 ‘Glee’ by the musical numbers: Maxing out on Michael Jackson – Excellent video usage:

Take this line from Mr. Schuester, which followed the horrifying slushie attack on Blaine by the evil Warbler leader Sebastian: “In all my years as a teacher and a student, I have never known a slushie to do that kind of damage.”(Ah, William Schuester. Clearly you are unaware of the permanent brain damage suffered by Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten following the Great Squishee Bender of 1993.)

OUR VIEW: A thing about machines – Moderate usage:

In an amusing episode of "The Simpsons," Lisa Simpson, playing the bad girl, steals all the teachers’ editions of the school books. Mass chaos and panic ensues, with one teacher wailing, "WHO KNOWS THE MULTIPLICATION TABLES??" It’s a funny line, and could be repeated today if the Internet ceased to exist. One imagines students digging for long-discarded encyclopedias or simply curling up in a fetal-like ball if deprived of technological research tools such as Google or even Wikipedia.

He actually says, “Does anyone know the multiplication table?”, but that’s pretty close.

Whats the value of my Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror issue #1 ? – It says there’s only a couple of hours left to answer, but I thought I’d put it here in case anyone knows the answer:

I have 2 copies of this comic it’s an original print, so it’s over 16 years old. I have one with Matt Groenings autograph on it and one without. I’d like to keep the autographed one and sell the other, they’re both in great quality and I’m wondering what’s the value someone would put on each one, thank you :)

Homer Simpson Glue Gob Sells for $240K on eBay | Gather – Sweet Jebus, I guess those bids were serious.  It’s possible it was a prank bid, but maybe not.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make glue bubbles for the rest of the day.

Duff Beer 24 Can Pack – The price of Duff appears to be coming down, though sadly this remains only available in the UK.  (via)

The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach – Excellent usage:

This sort of relationship between young men once attracted no attention by the intensity of its innocence. The feelings it channelled were the ones that powered not just sporting events but armies and empires. Then the Kinsey report was published, and innocence seemed either self-deception or ruse. The buddy movie has never gone away, though recently renamed the bromance, but it can often seem unsure of itself. Even the simplest attitude is mined with contradictions, as when Homer Simpson, unreflecting homophobe, on being informed by tactful Marge that the local antiques dealer prefers the company of men, replies, "Who doesn’t?"

Marge Simpson by ~Babrico-Gurl on deviantART – Cool Marge fan art.

Mmmmm, donuts – A discussion of homemade donuts leads to YouTube of Grampa discovering John F. Kennedy’s terrible secret. 

Smile! – Mother-daughter relations through the lens of “Moaning Lisa”. 

Lazy Saturday « That Thing I Like – If you’re stuck inside you could do far worse than watching what appears to be “Simpson Tide”. 

TV doctors #14 – Dr. Julius Hibbert – And that puts him ahead of Cliff Huxtable, who’s only #17.

Directions from Marge – I’d heard about GPS Mr. Burns a little while ago, but I didn’t know about Marge.  This is on the appropriateness of getting GPS guidance from Marge Simpson:

I’ve watched The Simpsons for a long time, but one of my favorite things about it is the way it creates a bridge between a wide variety of people.  People who might not think they have anything in common can smile together over a Simpsons reference.  They’re a fixture and a reflection of so much in American culture that in some ways Marge is already telling us where we’re going, so it’s only fitting to have her voice on a GPS.

Top 100 Simpsons Episodes – There’s some Zombie Simpsons on here, but barely half a dozen of them, and only like two in the top fifty.  Well done.  And there’s an unusual pick at #1.  It’s a great episode, I just don’t recall ever seeing it at the top of someone’s list before. 

A Tribute to Lisa Simpson: My Feminist Role Model – And finally, I get to end with someone who agrees with us in an awesome way:

I grew up with The Simpsons.

Before I could talk, I could say “D’oh.” I’ve won so many games of Simpsons Scene-It that many of my friends refuse to play with me. Sometimes, my family and I communicate entirely in Simpsons quotes. My ability to relate almost every single life event to a Simpsons scene is often bewildering to those in my anti-capitalist, feminist friend circle, who often question my loyalty to the Simpsons franchise.  However, what they often don’t understand is that this show shaped not only my sense of humor, but also my politics, often from the wisdom of the precocious eight-year-old Lisa Simpson.

She goes on to cite several examples of Lisa’s greatest lines, none of which are even close to Zombie Simpsons.  (And, of course, this is further refutation of that guy’s arguments from last week.)

6 Responses to “Reading Digest: Real Life Simpsons Edition”

  1. 3 February 2012 at 3:06 pm

    The Simpsons Arcade Game coming to Xbox, the Playstation Network….. but NOT the Wii. I am EVER so pissed!

    • 3 February 2012 at 3:17 pm

      Yeah, really. There is no good reason whatsoever why this isn’t coming out on the DSiWare and WiiWare services…. besides just, in general, those services tend to get ignored compared to XBOX Live and PSN… but I mean, it’s not like it’d be a hard game to port..

      I have a burnt cd-r copy of it for the Dreamcast, as emulated through MAME… I played through it recently and it’s a totally awesome game still. I love how many LIFE IN HELL references there are.

      • 3 Anomic Office Drone
        3 February 2012 at 4:29 pm

        Did you catch that when Marge gets shocked you see the skeleton of a LIFE IN HELL rabbit?

  2. 3 February 2012 at 3:12 pm

    I am usually disappointed by newer music and newer films for the most part, but television overall is better than it’s ever been, especially “dramatic” television (The Wire, Breaking Bad, and so on..). I miss some of the shows listed (MST3K, Ren and Stimpy, and so on) but I feel like we’ve come a long way in the maturation of rewarding, complex, deep, intelligent television shows… though I do wonder why no one has created anything even close to being as funny as the Simpsons…

    As far as that comic goes, it really depends on the condition of the comic… good used copies of that issue can be had for $5-10… a brand-new (or “like-new”, I guess) copy would be worth, oh, twice as much probably… with the autographed issue, it’s hard to say. I’ve seen little Groening doodles and autographs go for a decent amount on ebay, so who knows.

    • 5 Thrillho
      5 February 2012 at 11:17 am

      Creating something as great as The Simpsons was at its peak is a hard task to accomplish, but I think there’s a number of great sitcoms on TV right now. Community and Parks and Recreation are two shows that have given me faith that network sitcoms can be good, and fittingly enough, the funniest moments on those shows are the ones that are reminiscent of the early days of The Simpsons (that’s not to say I think either of those shows are in a category with The Simpsons, but it’s a great testament to the show’s legacy.)

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