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Reading Digest: Full Spectrum Fan Art Edition


Both images taken from respective Wikipedia articles.

“The point is, great artists are always trying new things, like Michelangelo or Shaquille O’Neal.” – Marge Simpson 

Digging out from all the stuff I didn’t get to last week has produced a Reading Digest that may have set a record for most awesome fan made stuff.  We’ve got everything from computer models to claymation, crossover drawings to t-shirts, and a hand crafted skateboard that opens beer!  In addition to that we’ve got some excellent usage, a great list of quotes, several people trashing Season 24, and a full bodied Simpsons reference on the floor of a sovereign parliament!  That last one may be a first.


“Jebediah’s Lemon RootMarm Ale” with bear head bottle opener – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week is this awesome fan made, wood burned skateboard.  The artist, Eric Swesey, did that Captain McAllister one last year, and this is, if anything, even more epic.  It’s the little touches, like Jebediah standing on the bear, having “Hans Was Here” carved into the lemon tree, and, of course, the severed head of George Washington.  Click through to see all its glory for yourself. 

29.11.12 – Question 6: Phil Twyford to the Minister of Transport – Gerry Brownlee is a member of New Zealand’s Parliament.  He is also the author of, what I can only assume, is the greatest Simpsons related smackdown in this history of that honorable body:


In case you can’t see the video:

To make that assertion without all of the information yet compiled on what would be the most effective way to ease Auckland’s projected congestion in the future is rather silly. What I will say to the member is that I would consider hiring Lyle Lanley and associates to do a scoping study for us on the city rail link. I know that they have done some very good work on similar projects in Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and if they think this stacks up we will give it some consideration further.

Point, game, match Brownlee.  (Parliamentary thanks to reader K Prideaux for sending this in.)

The Last Peanut Claymation – I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before, it’s a rather well done claymtion version of Homer finding the twenty from “Boy Scoutz ‘N the Hood” and it’s been on YouTube for four years.  Awesome.

The maddest Doom conversions (Game mods of the week) – Excellent:

He killed the non-zombie Flanders!  (Marge’s hair as the torches is a nice touch.)

YOU tell ME what I should re-name the Transformations posts. – I am not entirely sure what this is, but the cool looking fan made Simpsons image is second from the bottom.

The Choking – Simpsons Tee at RIPT – Homer and Bart a la Mufasa and Simba.  That’s great.

He Speaks Jive – Another father preparing to indoctrinate the youth:

He hasn’t actually seen The Simpsons yet, but he will, and likely before he’s even able to understand most of the best jokes. Until then I’m teaching him the safer quotes, like the immortal “d’oh!” or the Ned Flanders equivalent, because there’s just about nothing more adorable than hearing my son say, “Whoopsiedoodle!” after he drops something. I’m pretty sure I’d be okay with him knocking over my flat-screen HDTV so long as he punctuated it with a well-placed “whoopsiedoodle!” It’s that cute.

There’s also Flanders YouTube.  Lousy beatniks.

Day 147: World TV Day – Another great Simpsons costume, this time a very meta one as their trademark television.  Please keep this up.

Day Thirteen « The Non-Smoking Diaries – The title of the blog should provide all the context you need for this:

You know that episode of The Simpsons where Homer has been put on a diet and he’s shouting “Hello?! Taste?!” at a rice-cake? Right now all food is a bit like that. This seems like a feasible side effect to me – if Champix is thwarting the reward receptors in your brain then food is likely to become less tasty. A couple of times I’ve not even realised I’m hungry until my stomach hurt.

Ha.  Good luck.

Animation Domination Review – 18/11/2012 – A less than positive review:

This was an okay episode, and I mean okay for a Simpsons episode made in 2012. I mentioned earlier there were a few jokes that seemed like family gags to me. There was one part where Homer and Dan were fighting over a gun that last like 30 seconds in a family guy drawn out joke type way.

Gotta fill that twenty minutes somehow.

Talent – Excellent reference:

As far as artistic practices go, certain individuals might have certain corporeal advantages over others in a specific field (any Simpsons fanatics out there might remember the episode about how Lisa’s stubby fingers will make it impossible for her to be a great saxophonist because she can’t finger the keys accurately).

La Sirena Clandestina and Carriage House – A review of two Chicago restaurants contains this for Carriage House:

The drink menu was playful and eclectic… they scored major points by having a cocktail called the “Lionel Hutz”

Sadly, no word on what’s in it.  Please let there be a “belt” of scotch.

Simpsons – Would you like to see a rather intricate fan made drawing of Ned Flanders in front of an erupting volcano?  I would.

The Top 13 horror movie parodies by The Simpsons – There’s way too much Zombie Simpsons here, but restricting things to just the title cards means it’s actually a pretty okay list.

Twinkies…In 10 Words – They’ll withstand a ten megaton blast, no more, no less.

Lincoln…In 10 Words – He also sold poisoned milk to school children.  Where was that scene, Steven?

The Red Dawn Remake…In 10 Words – The only thing Bart is teaching is guerilla combat in China . . . er, North Korea.

Liz and Dick…In 10 Words – Daddy?

Cranberry Sauce a la Bart – A Thanksgiving wish complete with YouTube for Bart’s patented cranberry sauce.

Ron English | ‘Crucial Fiction’ Solo Exhibition – Pictures of some enjoyably insane artwork.  Homer as a semi-mutated Barney the Dinosaur is excellent.

Philosophy with: “Why Homer Simpson is our great philosopher” by Julian Baggini – A brief comparison of Homer and company to famous thinkers.  I do like this part:

It promotes a kind of cynical, realistic update of hippy ideals.

As far as pithy, single sentence summations of the show go, that’s pretty good.

ELROY TALKS – TV SHOWS (Part 3) – A list of best shows.  Sadly The Simpsons lost the top spot to Seinfeld.  As always, I blame Zombie Simpsons.

This episode NEEDS to happen – A fan made drawing of the Simpsons in Family Guy style, and the Griffins in The Simpsons style.  I can’t believe no one’s ever done this before.  Well done.

Wikipedia data extraction and The Simpsons – If you’re going to teach yourself database queries, there are far worse ways to go about it than retrieving Simpsons chalkboard gags from Wikipedia.

Just some superheroes – Frink as Doctor Octopus.  That is all.

My mind during a four day weekend – Animated .gif of Homer thinking about the ballet.

“Sisters are doing it for themselves!” – Animated .gif of Bart and Milhouse dressed up and jumping on the bed.

Whenever I find money on the ground – Animated .gif of giant, bejeweled Homer laughing.

Moe. – Animated .gif of Moe’s horrifying walk across the bachelor auction stage.

Homer Simpson’s new favorite movie – NFL fans out there have probably already seen Mark Sanchez’s epic ass fumble last weekend.  Here it is in Simpsons animated .gif format.  Ha!

When visiting friends who have somehow saved up for a house… – Heh.

Canyonero! – Heh (x2).

GroundSuper Willie – 3D computer model of a shirtless Groundskeeper Willie in full kilt.  Rather awesome.

Sunday Musing: There’s a :Skinners: for Every Occasion – Scroll down for Simpsons image retorts for every message board occasion.

The Simpsons do their research 2 – I may have posted this before, but it’s a side by side comparison of the Grinch and Burns from “Last Exit to Springfield”.

The copycat copywriter – Senor Ding Dong from “Maximum Homerdrive” comes alive in a British commercial, complete with dueling YouTube videos.

Abraham Lincoln: In Fine Voice – I thought Day-Lewis was easily the best part of Lincoln, but this makes a good point:

Daniel Day-Lewis’s Lincoln voice sounds just like… Grandpa Simpson.  ABRAHAM Simpson, that is.  You know, from The Simpsons?  I kid you not; His name is Abe.  (Is he honest? Wikipedia doesn’t say.) And just like President Lincoln, Grandpa Simpson tells stories and anecdotes that others sometimes find tedious and/or pointless.  Coincidence?

There is a certain desire to be the center of attention, even if movie Abe is a lot better at it than TV Abe.

Cattle-like kids – An undergraduate look at media education (or lack thereof) in American schools:

However, I took from Consuming Kids an interesting Catch-22 situation. Perhaps it’s even more dangerous to completely remove children from these hyper-commercialisms as it prevents them from developing the skills they need to defend themselves against being actively consumed. Kids themselves need to build up the defence mechanism.

Subsequently, this situation has meant that censorship issues have caused much national debate. This debate is satirized in The Simpsons episode “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge.” Bart, Lisa, and other kids across Springfield reject the Marge influenced cleaned-up show. However, in the emergence of Michelangelo’s David, Marge admits that it is wrong to censor one form of art but not another; posing the wider question that children are going to see indecencies and violence in one form or other sooner or later in life, so it is futile in removing them at a younger age as you’re just delaying the inevitable…

The Wisdom of Homer Simpson – Some great quotes, with context, from someone who agrees with us.

Animation Domination Review – 25/11/2012 – I haven’t watched last Sunday’s episode yet, but this seems about right:

It seemed like such a downer episode and I don’t have much more to say about it. It seems that maybe the writers have lost hope in continuing the show much longer.

We should be so lucky.

The Simpsons Review: In the Red – And finally, I get to end not only with someone who agrees with us, but someone who reviews Season 24 for us:

About the only thing I enjoyed about “Penny-Wiseguys” were the not-so-subtle references to far superior episodes in the past.


Carell’s scenes as the slightly unhinged accountant were fair enough, but not especially hilarious. Being attacked by Lisa’s swarms of grasshoppers while Homer watched AFI’s greatest movie screams was probably the most amusing of the night’s gags, which isn’t saying much.


While there was a fair share of funny The Simpsons‘ quotes, nothing in tonight’s episode was as amusing as remembering those past episodes.

Nothing in Zombie Simpsons ever is.


Quote of the Day

Lisa Gets an A3

“Hey, I can’t go in there!” – Lisa Simpson
“Relax, there’s nothing here you didn’t see when Dad boycotted pants.” – Bart Simpson


Quote of the Day

Dog of Death11

“Strap on your bullet proof vest, Sanjay, it’s time for another bank run.” – Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
“Alright, but if I don’t make it, promise you won’t sleep with my wife.” – Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon
“I promise nothing.” – Apu Nahasapeemapetilon


Quote of the Day

Lisa's Date with Density10

“I like you too, Milhouse, but not in that way.  You’re more like a big sister.” – Lisa Simpson
“No, I’m not.  Why does everybody keep saying that?” – Milhouse van Houten
“Would you do me a favor?  When you get back to class, just give him this note.” – Lisa Simpson
“Ohhh.” – Milhouse van Houten
“Please.” – Lisa Simpson
“When she sees you’ll do anything she says, she’s bound to respect you.” – Milhouse’s Brain
“Sure, what’s a big sister for?” – Milhouse van Houten

Happy birthday Pamela Hayden!


Quote of the Day

Lisa's Pony15

“Look, Homer, Lisa’s taking her first steps.” – Marge Simpson
“Are you taping it?” – Homer Simpson
“Yes.” – Marge Simpson
“I’ll watch it later.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

Nuclear Inspection

“Gum used to seal crack in cooling tower.” – Nuclear Inspector
“I’m as shocked as you are.” – C.M. Burns
“Plutonium rod used as paper weight.” – Nuclear Inspector
“Oh, now that shouldn’t be. . . . Yeah, well, that’s always been like that.” – C.M. Burns

Happy birthday Wes Archer!


Sunday Preview: A Tree Grows in Springfield

Tree Grows in Cupertino

Yes, this is a real episode and not semi-erotic fan fiction:

Homer wins a MyPad at the school auction and Steve Mobbs, who is now in heaven, talks to Homer through it. Homer goes into a funk when he breaks the myPad, until Ned Flanders discovers a miracle tree in the Simpsons’ back garden.

There’s a short YouTube clip at Simpsons channel, it is not encouraging. 


Attention Pittsburgh Readers: Simpsons Trivia Tonight

Treehouse of Horror IV17

“It sure was nice of Mr. Burns to invite us for a midnight dinner at his country house in Pennsylvania.” – Homer Simpson

Classic Simpsons trivia is spreading.  First there was Toronto, then New York City, then Chicago, and now Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh Simpsons Trivia Makes our big debut Sunday November 25th at 8pm at Hambone’s in Lawrenceville. We’ll be showing episodes and drinking and giving out prizes to the winners. This is for true fans of CLASSIC Simpsons episodes (nothing after season 9) so bring your A-GAME and come compete against some of Pittsburgh’s finest Simpsons fans. Play by yourself or form a team of up to 4 people. It’s free to play and you might win prizes and/or the respect of others!

If you’re in or around the area, the address is at the link.  And, as a bonus, if you’re out doing this you won’t have to be home to watch tonight’s episode of Zombie Simpsons.  Thanks to reader Tram for sending this in, and have fun! 


Quote of the Day

Lemon of Troy9

“Okay, folks, look, I called the police captain in Shelbyville.  He says he hasn’t seen our kids, but if they show up in the morgue, he’s gonna fax us.” – Ned Flanders


Quote of the Day

My Sister, My Sitter8

“Tonight on ‘Eye on Springfield’, opening day at the world’s first two story outhouse.” – Kent Brockman
“Oh, God, stop!” – Outhouse Guy


No Reading Digest Today (And Other Bad News)

Grade School Confidential8

“Stop pushing me.  What’s going on?” – Bart Simpson
“Just enjoy the movie, it has Tom Berenger.” – Principal Skinner

On account of the welcome disruption to normality that is turkey day, there will be no Reading Digest today.  However, I did want to highlight this particularly sad piece of Zombie Simpsons news, courtesy of our all-star commenter Abra Cadaver:

The Simpsons is filming a Judd Apatow spec script he wrote 22 years ago, because he’s Judd Apatow

As for his Simpsons episode, Apatow says it involves Homer attending a hypnotist’s show, being put under a spell that causes him to believe he’s the same age as Bart, and their becoming best friends, which then leads Homer to embrace his life as a responsibility-shirking man-child—a premise which Apatow acknowledges he’s "basically copied for every movie I’ve made since." And of course, the premise also recalls that episode where Homer visits a hypnotist’s show and is put under a spell that makes him believe he’s 12 years old, as well as all the many, many other episodes where he pals around with Bart and embraces his life as a responsibility-shirking man-child. Still, that’s only a problem if you expect The Simpsons not to repeat things, in which case you probably already stopped watching long ago.

The repetitive and uncreative nature of Zombie Simpsons isn’t a secret; it’s on display for anyone who bothers to sit through one of their episode.  But this particular instance of half-assed creative failure is nakedly unconcealed, even by their standards.  Not only are they producing a script that they wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot clown pole when the show was still itself, they’re doing so for the sole reason that the author happens to have become famous since their standards declined.  They aren’t making this episode because the writing is awesome, or because the script is some lost piece of comedy genius that was swallowed by the industrial vagaries of Hollywood.  They’re making it because people know who Judd Apatow is.  This isn’t the first time they’ve lunged at relevance with a celebrity writer, but it is the first time they’ve done so purely because of someone else’s notoriety. 

Zombie Simpsons: Famous People Like Us, You Should Too. 


Quote of the Day

Homer Badman13

“Tonight on Rock Bottom, we go undercover at a sex farm for sex hookers.” – Godfrey Jones
“I keep tellin’ ya, I just grow sorghum here.” – Farmer
“Uh-huh, and where are the hookers?” – Reporter
“Round back. . . . Oops.” – Farmer


Quote of the Day

Bart vs Thanksgiving11

“Ladies and gentlemen, Hooray for Everything invites you to join them in a salute to the greatest hemisphere on Earth: the Western Hemisphere!” – Radio Announcer


Quote of the Day

Bart's Inner Child10

“If elected mayor, my first act will be to kill the whole lot of ya, and burn your town to cinders!” – Groundskeeper Willie
“Mic’s on.” – Workman
“I know it’s on!” – Groundskeeper Willie


Quote of the Day

Marge on the Lam5

“Mr. Simpson, I was just going through your garbage and I couldn’t help overhearing that you need a babysitter.  Of course, being a highly skilled attorney, my fee is one hundred and seventy-five dollars an hour.” – Lionel Hutz
“We pay eight dollars for the night and you can take two popsicles out of the freezer.” – Homer Simpson
“Three.” – Lionel Hutz
“Two.” – Homer Simpson
“Okay two, and I get to keep this old birdcage.” – Lionel Hutz
“Done.” – Homer Simpson
“Still got it.” – Lionel Hutz


Quote of the Day

Mr. Plow5

“It was captured on film by a camera crew making the upcoming FOX special ‘In Search of Bigfoot’.” – Kent Brockman
“Hold it, Bob, we can see your wristwatch.” – Director
“Oh, damn it.” – Bigfoot

Happy 20th Anniversary to “Mr. Plow”!  Original airdate 19 November 1992.

[Edited to add all these Mr. Plow song versions from 2010.


Sunday Open Thread

Are we all excited about tonight’s new Zombie Simpsons? From Simpsons Channel:

Homer is shocked to discover that his bowling teammate, Dan Gillick (guest voice Steve Carell), is an accountant for Fat Tony and his mob. Meanwhile, Lisa adds insects to her vegetarian diet after passing out during a saxophone solo, but starts questioning her decision when bugs start pleading for mercy in her dreams.

Mobsters and insect-eating sound like a winning combination.


Quote of the Day

Homer's Enemy9

“Why don’t you invite him over for dinner?  Turn him from an enemy into a friend.  Then, when he’s not expecting it – bam! – the old fork in the eye.” – Moe
“Do you think it might work without the fork in the eye?” – Homer Simpson
“There’s always a first time.” – Moe


Quote of the Day

Hurricane Neddy8

“Okay, it’s the standard Grampa drill.  Everybody into the cellar.” – Homer Simpson


Reading Digest: ‘And Maggie Makes Three’ Echoes Through the Ages Edition

And Maggie Makes Three9

“Thanks for giving me my old job back.” – Homer Simpson
“I’m afraid it’s not that simple.  As punishment for your desertion, it’s company policy to give you the plague.” – C.M. Burns
“Uh, sir, that’s the plaque.” – Mr. Smithers
“Ah, yes, the special de-motivational plaque, to break what’s left of your spirit.  Because, you see, you’re here forever. . . . Don’t forget, you’re here forever.” – C.M. Burns

This week we’ve got two fans, one brand new, one an old veteran, who agree that “And Maggie Makes Three” is as good as anything can possibly be.  They’ll get no arguments from me, and to make the whole thing even sweeter, there’s also a guy who’s just getting his own daughter into The Simpsons.  (Awww.)  There’s also some excellent usage, two comparisons of the show to Family Guy ( one low brow, the other high), a sad TV openings entry, and Zombie Simpsons showing how little they pay attention to detail last Sunday. 

The Best Bootleg Bart Simpson Shirts – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week is this collection of old Bart shirts.  There are some great ones here, including a few I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.  The MC Hammer one is especially early 90s.

Top Five Simpsons Episodes – This is a great list with no Zombie Simpsons, but it’s made even better by the fact that it’s a father introducing his daughter to the show and there’s a picture of his splendid Flanders Halloween costume from last year.  Excellent.

Do it for her – A Simpsons newbie falls for “And Maggie Makes Three”.

Why ‘The Simpsons’ is the Greatest TV Show Ever – The beauty of this is that is makes its point without even writing a word.  That’s how good the ending of “And Maggie Makes Three” is. 

"Across the UM System" – During the poker montage in “Gone Abie Gone”, Lisa pulled on a sweatshirt for “University of Missouri at Rolla”, but it turns out that isn’t the school’s name:

Lisa Simpson must have gotten her sweatshirt at a second-hand shop because it still shows the school as being the University of Missouri at Rolla.

The writers of The Simpsons, no doubt, do their homework before creating the show, so it’s interesting that they opted to use the former name. Maybe they didn’t think a national audience would recognize the Missouri S&T name?

I don’t think thought entered into it, and I assure you, “homework” isn’t something they do anymore.

Universal Studios Florida – The Simpsons Ride at the Universal theme park in Florida may be getting expanded:

New rumors about the Simpsons themed land are now growing in size and scope. The latest word around the park is that not only will we see a new Krusty Burger and Moe’s Tavern, there may also be a Kentucky Fried Panda (Finger Ling-Ling Good!) and possibly even a mini Duff Brewery bar set up on the lagoon edge.
    The Simpsons expansion wont be limited to new restaurants either, as I’m told that we may also see other classic icons and building facades put in for Lard Lad donuts, the Comic Book Guy’s shop, and even some kind of new flat ride that may be themed to the aliens: Kang and Kodos placed near the bridge on the MIB side of the Simpsons ride building. I doubt Universal would install one of these, but a Gravitron could be perfectly themed to Kang & Kodos don’t you think?


bart simpson – If you’re going to get a Bart Simpson tattoo on the side of your ass, that’s a pretty good one.

After nipple slip, Rita Ora plays it safe in tum-flashing crop top – There is also a photo of her wearing a Bart Simpson jacket.  Cool.

Things I learnt from CosmoCosmo is indeed awful, and this guide to why is chalk full of Simpsons:

I have decided to convey what I learnt from this month’s Cosmo in the form of Simpsons analogies. Why would you do that?, you ask. A good question. The answer: there is basically a Simpsons example for any argument or topic you want to discuss. And The Simpsons (series 2 – 10) is pretty much the best thing and Cosmo is pretty much the worst.

Well done. 

Rage Across Springfield, Preliminary – I will freely admit that I don’t get this, but some of you might:

For anyone who hasn’t played Werewolf: The Apocalypse, this isn’t going to make much sense. If you have, here is the work in progress.

Mr. Burns is the Pentex Executive in charge of a Nuclear Power Plant under Endron International that spills its radiation out to Gaia, though the men of Ardus Enterprises would beg to differ. Mutating the animals and people in the city. He controls his ‘hounds’, which are a pack of Black Spiral Dancers.

Hi! I’m Troy McClure! – Great YouTube video of McClure clips.  Also the blog is titled “Man Versus Nature: The Road to Victory”.  Heh.

The Spice Draw – Excellent usage:

This last line of this scene from an episode of the Simpsons is one I use a lot. I find it useful when describing those moments in life when you realise how fundamentally different from someone  you can be.

Marge: So… you want to go on tour with a traveling freak show.
Homer: I don’t think I have a choice, Marge.
Marge: Of course you have a choice.
Homer: How do you figure?
Marge: You don’t have to join a freak show just because the opportunity came along.
Homer: You know, Marge, in some ways, you and I are very different people.

I have these moments with my husband often, particularly when he wants to explain things like ‘how the moon works’ to me.


Family Fight: Simpsons vs. Griffins – Who would win in a fist fight?  A detailed imagining.

Postmodernism And American Animation – A long, academic analysis of The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Duff McKagan Regrets Not Receiving Royalties from ‘The Simpsons’ Beverage Duff Beer – The Duff beer was named after Duff McKagan thing was making the rounds again this week.  Just a reminder, this isn’t something that’s been the least bit confirmed and seems more than likely not to be true quite the way Duff remembers it.

The Bachelor Panel: Week 7, Take 3 — What to make of this girl-on-girl hate? – Excellent usage:

Grampa Simpson once compared watching “one of those TV shows where they show a bunch of clips from old episodes” to being in a coma. Nineteen years later, that joke has fresh perspective. I’m going to guess this week’s installment is injected into the Bachelor season  because everyone needs a little closure, and what better way to do that than have everyone air their grievances all over again on a stage of precarious chairs? It was like a weird kind of Bachelor Festivus where the only feat of strength is whether you can manage to sit through the whole hour.

Perfectly quoted and very apt.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2…In 10 Words – We’re not saying the people behind this are inhuman monsters like the wolfman, but they very well could be.

Disney Buying Star Wars…In 10 Words – Episode VII is intriguing, but all I want to know is if they’re finally going to release the original movies on Blu Ray. 

Homeland…In 10 Words – Remember those self hypnosis classes we took to help us ignore Grampa?

Skyfall…In 10 Words – Yes, yes, that wasn’t so bad.

sickeningly sweet Simpsons goth daisy crop top – Recycled Simpsons fabric (I’m guessing sheets, but who knows?) used for a shirt.  (via)

Official “The Simpsons” USB Flash Drives Launched – If the picture is anything to go by, looks like Maggie got passed over.

Funny Commercials – Church’s Chicken – The Simpsons – ‘Picnic’ / ‘Piggy-Bank’ – YouTube of a couple commercials the show did in the late 1990s.

The Night Phil Hartman Died…. – This is mostly just information from the Wikipedia article, but it does contain this:

For those not in the know, “further altercation over the issue” translates into Jon Lovitz beating the everlasting shit out of Andy Dick. According to Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada:

    Jon picked Andy up by the head and smashed him into the bar four or five times, and blood started pouring out of his nose

Oh man, I’d pay to see that.

Whenever someone tells me an “awesome” story – Animated .gif of Homer’s reaction to Flanders jury duty story.

There’s only one Lisa Simpson – Animated. gif of Lisa’s lizard queen declaration.

Top 5 Pop-Culture Toasters – Yup, toasters.  Good list.

The 10 Best TV Show Title Sequences – Sadly the show comes in at a lowly #5, and they used the new opening instead of the one that’s actually good.  As we all know, the new one doesn’t hold a pixel to the old one.

pastelization – Scroll way down for a picture of a very old commemorative plate the show put out.

The Simpsons: Still funny, but just not as sweet… – And finally, someone who kinda agrees with us:

…or maybe I’m just becoming a grumpy old bitch

No, you’ve got it right.


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