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Voting Republican

“Oh my God, the dead have risen and they’re voting Republican!” – Bart Simpson

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  1. 1 Monty Python Forever
    4 November 2012 at 2:30 am

    A nice reminder that if we survive long enough, no matter how happy our lives, we will die old, decrepit and miserable. I also like the quotes, “dad, you shot Zombie Flanders!” “He was a zombie?” “Chief, that wasn’t a zombie: he was the captain of the high school basketball team!” “Eh, he was turning into a monster.

  2. 3 Monty Python Forever
    4 November 2012 at 2:43 am

    Sorry, I confused the zombie sketch from a Treehouse of Horror with the episode where Sideshow Bob tries to become mayor. I like the quotes, “Enjoy your hard, feculent Motel 6 sheets!” Dad can’t afford $6 a day!” “Move your damned house, son!” “Our illiterate, pot-smoking spendocrat Mayor: Joseph Quimby.” “Hey, I’ll have you know I am no longer illiterate.” “[What] if we didn’t have the mayor? Our town would really stink: We wouldn’t have the pool hall, or the mid-sized roller rink. We wouldn’t have the tire fire, or the shiny bigfoot traps. It’s not the mayor’s fault that the stadium collapsed! Vote Quimby: If you were running for mayor, he’d vote for you!” “Mayor Quimby is soft on crime: He supports a revolving door prison system–why, he even let three time felon Sideshow Bob out of jail!

  3. 5 abra cadaver
    4 November 2012 at 3:40 am

    Since you have a good taste in humor, you should check out Longmont Potion Castle. Absurd prank phone call stuff, never heard anything like it. Anyway, he’s got this great bit on a later album, called “who’d ya vote for” and he just randomly calls up people and asks them who they voted for, and they get angry and say it’s none of his business and yada yada… it’s a lot funnier to actually hear it. Anyway, this quote reminded me of that so thanks!

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