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“The point I’m trying to make here is that Bart must learn to be less of an individual and more a faceless slug.” – Dr. J. Loren Pryor

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  1. 22 July 2013 at 3:19 pm

    To the Independent Thought Alarm!

  2. 3 AManFromDeclan
    27 July 2013 at 11:51 pm

    So what Pyror is essentially saying is that Bart should be a background character. Scratch that- That Bart Simpson shouldn’t be Bart Simpson.

    Words cannot describe how wrong this entire quote is! I don’t even know where to begin. All I know is Pyror should be fired for that kind of thinking on the spot.

    Strangely enough, there was a situation like this in an episode of Nickelodeon’s All Grown Up. The transcript is as followed:

    Pangborn: Let me bottomline it for ya, I think Dil would benefit from some aggressive hands-on counseling.
    Didi: We weren’t aware until yesterday he was having any kind of counseling.
    Stu: But we’re completely fine with it.
    Pangborn: Dil is a very interesting kid, but he’s just a little too interesting for his own good. But a few weeks with me, and I assure you he’ll be just like a functioning member of society.
    Didi: What you’re saying is, with your help, Dil can’t be like every other generic ??? kid without an original thought in his head!?
    Pangborn: Well..I..uh….
    Didi: Now you listen to me, mister! Just because my Dil sees the world differently, you want to change him!? Well shame on you! He is a one-of-a-kind, an original, whose individuality should be encouraged! In fact, if everyone was more like Dil, the world would be a better, more interesting place to live in!

    (However, it takes a little bit more than originality to hold the world together. If everyone was more like Dil, there would be no need for people like her, Stu, or Pangborn. But the gist of it is there, and The Simpsons need it in the worst way, instead of cheap-o rebuttals such as “jerk-off”, the Independent Thought Alarm, or “I fought in ‘Nam!”. Or maybe her temper/unhaltable woman fury just threw me off.)

    The difference in this situation however, is that Homer could careless, Marge is too “good-natured” to object, and because Lisa is with them, Pyror immediately changes to subject to awe at her above-average-for-a-toddler intelligence.

    The major difference is Rugrats/All Grown Up is a children’s show filled positive messages that encourage other children to be positive…uh…correct kids who are good to their friends, make the right choices, never afraid to take a chance in what they believe in? Something like that in on a network meant for kids and pre-teens.

    However, situations like these in The Simpsons are how Fox envisions American public schools’ lazy way of dealing with what they call “problem cases”.

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