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Kamp Krusty18

“Point and game Becker.  And will the harlequin in the third row please keep his voice down.” – Wimbledon Announcer
“Sorry, folks, uh, sorry, your majesty.” – Krusty the Klown

Happy birthday Brad Bird!

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  1. 1 Bo Nehead
    24 September 2014 at 1:21 pm

    They always cut this part out in syndication. I think the Every Simpsons Ever marathon they had was the first time in years that that scene has been shown on TV.

    No wonder people think the older episodes of The Simpsons are mediocre (though seasons one and two did have issues with writing quality back then. Not as bad as today, but it did seem like every episode was like the sappy family sitcoms it was trying to subvert — I’m looking at you, “Bart vs. Thanksgiving” — and that’s not what you wanna do in this case). I’d think the same thing too if they cut out all the good jokes. Oh, well. There’s always DVDs and the upcoming online streaming.

    Oh, and here’s something David Mirkin said in an interview:

    “A policy that I always try to follow — and that really everybody does— is that you’re really trying to write something that’s going to be funny 20 years from the time you write it … We always think of not dating the show. And therefore it can become timeless. And that’s what classic things are. It’s not fun to see something 20 years later that’s laden with references that no longer work.”

    If only he can give this advice to Al Jean.

  2. 26 September 2014 at 10:22 am

    ” It’s not fun to see something 20 years later that’s laden with references that no longer work.”

    It’s OK, David. The Internet fixes that.

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