Reading Digest: Pixels Pixels Edition

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“Keep cool, Simpson. Be in the game, but not of the game.” – Bart Simpson
“No es bueno!” – Panamanian Strongman

There was one link that dominated the Simpsons internet this week.  Usually when that happens it’s yet another lame publicity stunt or the latest celebrity to do a guest voice.  This time, however, it is truly worthy:

Watch it.  Then watch it again.  It’s so slick and professional that at first I thought it was another one that Zombie Simpsons had commissioned.  Nope.  Just some guys who have serious skills and love the show.  Excellent.  Bravo.  Well done.  Kudos to you, Paul Robertson, Ivan Dixon, and Jeremy Dower!

In other news before we get to the links, this Monday will be the first ever Woo-hoo Simpsons Trivia here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  If you’ve ever been to one of the ones in Toronto, New York, Chicago or elsewhere, this’ll be pretty much the same.  I even went to the trouble of hacking together this little flyer:


My apologies to everyone who gets tired of me flogging this on Twitter all weekend, but I would vastly prefer not to be the only one who shows up.  There will not be free balloons for everyone who enters, but we do have prizes for first, second and third place.

In actual links this week, we’ve got a couple of arcade games, Al Jean accidentally endorsing the idea that Zombie Simpsons sucks, lots of .gifs, frivolous lawsuits, and fan made Homers in the mediums of snow and banana.


13 Things You Never Noticed About ‘The Simpsons’ Pilot Episode Because A Lot Has Changed In 25 Years – My guess is that most of you have noticed these things, but there are some very good .gifs here, and it’s always nice to see Season 1 get some love.  (via @dailysimpsons)

Macedonia man builds winter wonderland – He’s got an Xtapolapocetl sized Homer snow head in his front yard.  Bravo.

Bart The Daredevil – Noah takes a look at Homer falling down the cliff, and I agree completely:

This Gorge-jumping scene with Homer is truly the start of the Homer pain gags we’d see often, especially post-season 9. However, here it’s done in a different manner than the latter-season beatings. In this episode, the Homer beating may be brutal, but it’s fairly quick, isn’t overly graphic, and doesn’t involve him screaming for the entire time. Now, we have seen post-classic-era beatings that have been relatively funny, however I feel that this is truly the “right” way, if I may call it that, to beat the living hell out of Homer Simpson.

And he doesn’t bounce right back, he ends up in traction next to Lance Murdock.

The Jazz Hole – A very early look at a Lisa poster they’re apparently releasing next month and that will also be at Comic Con this summer.  You can’t quite see the whole thing, but it looks great.

the wit and wisdom of homer j. simpson – A collection of quotes without even a hint of Zombie Simpsons.

Stephan Brusche transforms bananas into icons and famous artworks – Yes, this man turned a banana into Homer Simpson.  He will be our new god.

Eddie Huang Rates the Best (and Worst) Coming-of-Age TV Shows of All Time – Publicity interviews are usually a complete waste of time, but occasionally you get a gem:

Okay, let’s go a little more recent: Bart Simpson.
I love Bart, man. One of my first CDs was that Simpsons soundtrack with Bart doing the Bartman. Bart was fucking a downtown New York cartoon character.

I don’t think he’s aged well, though.
He got that Asian dolphin skin. And hey: The Simpsons might be the first Asian-American family on television.

Because they’re yellow?
They are!

That’s fucked up, Eddie.
My last name means yellow.

10 Favorite Arcade Games – A little arcade nostalgia, with the Simpsons game coming in at #4.

Game NOT Over: Pasadena couple resurrects Monster Bash, other retro arcade games – And speaking of the arcade game:

The frustrating difficulty of these games might be their biggest charm. Guenther recalls a group of patrons gathered around The Simpsons Arcade Game on opening night, “They finally beat it just at the end as we were closing down, and I’ve never seen the closing credits on that machine.”

The Simpsons: Road Rage (2001) – A harsh review of an old game.

8 People Who Tried To Sue The Simpsons – This is one page per entry click whoring, but it’s at least got some novel information.  I’d only heard about a couple of these.

Harley visits Springfield – A well done photo of a tiny plastic Bart in a tiny plastic Simpsons living room getting visited by a tiny plastic Harley Quinn.

Lisa it’s your birthday – The “Lisa It’s Your Birthday” song works for anyone so long as their first name has two syllables.  There’s no way not to think about it.

Look of the week – Hey, hey, hey, there’s nothing “tacky” about Simpsons socks!  Oh, wait, yes there is.

A.C.T. Partners with San Francisco Institutions for MR. BURNS, A POST-ELECTRIC PLAY Events – Not only is the play headed west, it’s getting a pretty awesome guest:

Following the 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday, March 7, Emmy Award winner and former head writer of The Simpsons, Jon Vitti, will participate in a postshow symposium with Carey Perloff. Vitti has written 25 episodes of The Simpsons, including the “Cape Feare” episode.

TV’s top entrepreneurs: Homer Simpson as Mr. Plow – Homer Simpson, businessman, evaluated.

HIGH FIVE! Homer Simpson’s Parenting Quotes – There’s some good quotes here, and there’s a great YouTube video of Homer getting hurt that’s all non-Zombie Simpsons.

New trending GIF tagged the simpsons pixel art… – Part of that awesome pixelated opening.

New trending GIF tagged the simpsons super bowl… – This mashup of “I Love Lisa” and Richard Sherman’s reaction to the interception that won the Super Bowl was making the rounds this week, for obvious reasons.

New trending GIF tagged the simpsons angry snow… – Brockman cursing the storm that never happened.

Deals of the Week: $30 DualShock 4, Seasons of The Simpsons, $36 Xbox Live – And finally, Al Jean tweeted out this link:


Where it says:

A few Simpsons Seasons Are Suddenly Cheap

We’re talking good seasons too. Season 4season 5, and season 6 are all just $10. Our best Simpsons episodes list makes a nice buying guide.

Heh.  (That list of best episodes also has no Zombie Simpsons.)

20 Responses to “Reading Digest: Pixels Pixels Edition”

  1. 1 Stan
    6 February 2015 at 2:23 pm

    Dunno if anyone knows of it (or even remembers, for the matter), but back in the early days of internet there was this cool program some dude (or gal) made named “The Simpsons Trivia” where you had to answer random questions about the show. Lest my memory deceives me, there was also that one screen showing Homer preparing to shoot from gunpoint perspective (I think it comes from a ToH), and if you clicked on the gun, a tag box popped up asking you to provide a cheat word. The person who made the program also said you could buy “cheat codes” from him for like 10 bucks.Dunno why one would need those, though…

    I had this little game on my best Simpsons shit list alongside the Simpsons Movie Maker (or whatever) and Jake Lennington’s comic. Good eff’n times.

  2. 2 Victor Dang
    6 February 2015 at 2:40 pm

    Video’s p. cool, gotta say that. But also note how the video only draws upon the classic intro (not the stupid remade one with Homer eating the rod and then getting smashed into the door by Marge), and seemingly doesn’t go past Season 9 with the references (I see Mr. Sparkuru! And Dumb Future “Angle Pie” Lisa).

    I thought the video kinda went outta sync with the theme music around the garage, which irked me a little, but that said it led to a really cool psychedelic pixelated wash, so it’s cool.

    • 3 Charlie Sweatpants
      6 February 2015 at 5:50 pm

      “But also note how the video only draws upon the classic intro (not the stupid remade one with Homer eating the rod and then getting smashed into the door by Marge), and seemingly doesn’t go past Season 9 with the references (I see Mr. Sparkuru! And Dumb Future “Angle Pie” Lisa).”

      I noticed that too, but I didn’t feel like going frame by frame to see what all was actually in there.

      • 4 Victor Dang
        6 February 2015 at 7:24 pm

        Yeah, that’s just the furthest-season stuff I noticed on first watch, I haven’t gone back to check yet.

        Speaking of which… I wonder how come you haven’t done a Compare/Contrast for the HD-intro. Quite a number of Zombie traits are exemplified there, including Homer getting excessively hurt/acting extreme, Lisa being a stuck-up in-your-face jerk, as well as the stiffness of the animation overall. Heck you could even use the proto-Season 1 opening to compare for the last point! Though that would probably less of a Compare/Contrast post and more of a post about the evolution (and then devolution) of the show’s opening.

    • 5 Sarah J
      7 February 2015 at 1:20 am

      The classic intro is just that: classic. Pretty much everyone recognizes it. There wouldn’t have been much sense in taking influence from the HD one, it just doesn’t have the same recognizable quality to it so it wouldn’t have impact on the viewers. ZS has little in the way of recognition and influence. These days, it’s just another sitcom.

    • 6 Joe H
      7 February 2015 at 1:10 pm

      I also noticed that the pixel art opening had a pretty distinctive slant toward Japanese-style sprite animation. Almost like chibi style Simpsons at times

    • 7 A wizard did it
      8 February 2015 at 8:22 am

      -Willie is near the school when Bart leaves it (reference to the HD opening)
      -Maude is dead
      -Marge has bigger breasts in a few frames of the couch scene (from what season is that? 14-15?)

  3. 6 February 2015 at 6:53 pm

    Thanks for another plug! But yeah, I never even noticed how Homer will just bounce back immediately from a brutal injury until you pointed it out. Maybe he has superpowers.

  4. 10 Sarah J
    7 February 2015 at 1:11 am

    Good prices on those DVDs! Shame season 7 isn’t there, it’s the only one I need. I am tempted to get season 6, I have it, but in the plastic Homer box that I don’t like very much. If I wasn’t broke I’d definitely get it. Hopefully the low price sticks around long enough for me to get a damn job. (and when that happens, I’ll be getting 6 and 7 on my first paycheck, and the collection will be complete!)

    • 8 February 2015 at 1:55 pm

      Shortly after the Season 6 DVD set was released there was an offer where you could send away for the alternate (non-head) packaging for free. I’m not sure if they’re still offering this, but it’s worth investigating.

  5. 12 A wizard did it
    7 February 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Wow, I’m glad they’re suddenly cheap because I’m gonna buy the Season 1-8 sets (I don’t care about S9 if the only episode worth watching is Lisa’s Sax) instead of using illegal streaming options.

    Btw something unrelated I noticed yesterday, but it is nevertheless a bit of Simpsons trivia: in “Simpson and Delilah”, when Homer leaves the house after discovering Dimoxinil works, there’s a shot of him walking towards the horizon that is identical to the final shot of Leon Kowpowsky in ” Stark Raving Dad” (save the characters involved of course): same houses, same trees, same composition, everything. I don’t know the reason.

    • 13 torbiecat
      8 February 2015 at 11:58 am

      Huh, I hadn’t noticed how both of those scenes are contain the same stuff. Both episodes are of the 7F production line, so that might have something to do with how and why that resource was re-used despite that Rich Moore directed the former and Silverman the latter. My guess is that the re-use was more influenced by cost-cutting measures than anything else.

      • 14 A wizard did it
        8 February 2015 at 4:09 pm

        Yeah, I guess, and since there are like 20+ episodes between “Simpson and Delilah” and “Stark Raving Dad”, I guess they though nobody except hardcore fans would find it.

        Here’s a comparison pic: http://i.imgur.com/FE8UJkC.jpg , there are a few differences that I didn’t see originally (ex: a small cloud disappears in the right pic, also the framing is diferent), but you can clearly see they use the same resource.

  6. 8 February 2015 at 2:00 pm

    I’m into the first paragraph of the people who tried to sue The Simpsons article and have already found an error: The Simpsons’ creator is referred to as “Al Groening”. I hope someone got fired over that blunder.

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