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Bart's Dog Gets an F11

“Look, Mom, I finished my patch!  It depicts the two greatest musical influences in my life.  On the left is Mr. Largo, my music teacher at school.  He taught me that even the noblest concerto can be drained of its beauty and soul.  And on the right is Bleeding Gums Murphy.  He taught me that music is like a fire in your belly that comes out of your mouth, so you better stick an instrument in front of it.” – Lisa Simpson

Happy birthday, Alf Clausen! 

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  1. 1 Victor Dang
    28 March 2015 at 9:17 am

    I know I said in a previous “Bart’s Dog Gets An F” that I initially didn’t like the way SLH behaved in this episode, and stuff like this was why. But, I think I was spoiled by later episodes’ gags where they show him with a bit of human emotions (feeling neglected in “Dog of Death” and running away) and even abilities (watching TV with Snowball II in “Bart’s Comet”), far away from being any “typical dog” (though that’s why I liked him!). However, now that I’m over it, I can get a bit of a laugh at how they highlight that damn quilt throughout the episode, knowing that it’ll later be decimated.

    It’s a lot better than “The Canine Mutiny” at least, where there, it just felt like they were setting up SLH with his “normal (destructive) dog behavior” to be the obvious worse choice over Laddie. I know it would’ve been a lot worse to do the “teevee” norm where they equally show both candidates in the same light and they make it a “tough decision” to choose (in fact, they just straight-up do that later in the episode when SLH has to choose between Bart or the blind guy!), but I still feel like it could’ve been done better while not sacrificing any of the special behavior he acquired in previous episodes… sort of like how Maggie had to choose between Flanders and Simpsons (at first)?

    • 2 Victor Dang
      28 March 2015 at 9:20 am

      any “typical dog” (though that’s why I liked him!).

      This annoys me more than it should that I didn’t catch this in review before submitting, but it really should be “and” instead of “though”. Damn you, conjunction conjunctivitis!

      • 3 Frank
        29 March 2015 at 11:55 pm

        huh. i’ll have to pay more attention to SLH’s behavior. I never really noticed too many significant differences in his demeanor, but your comment has piqued my interest!

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