Reading Digest: In Denial About Season 27 Edition


“Homer, I want you to look at this drawing Bart did.” – Marge Simpson
“Oh, it’s beautiful!  Oh, let’s put Bart’s beautiful drawing up on the fridge-” – Homer Simpson
“Homer, stop!  Would you please look at the drawing?” – Marge Simpson
“Oh, alright . . . Ahh!  Burn it!  Send it to hell!” – Homer Simpson
“I think we’re going to have to get Bart some help.” – Marge Simpson
“Get it away.” – Homer Simpson

Very short Reading Digest this week as pretty much everything tagged “Simpsons” on the internet was linked to FOX’s big marketing push for the new season, which is now a terrifyingly close nine days away.  I did pluck one link from the publicity spew, but it’s just Jean saying things you’ve seen him say before.  Other than that we do have some excellent fan art, Korean rock stars getting in on the fashionable clothing thing, world record tattoos, and a well thought out top 25 list.


Simpsons season 27: Al Jean talks Homer and Marge’s separation, and more: Interview – Jean doing a publicity interview for the new season.  No real news here, he’s just pimping this year’s version of zany stuff with lots of celebrity guest voices.

Man with over 200 tattoos of The Simpsons characters confirmed as record holder – Well done, sir (though how you get a total number out of that impressive scene is beyond me).

Homer LED Shirt – A shirt that lights up in the shape of that Homer x-ray picture with his tiny brain.  (via @RoyceMCutcheon)

Why Labor leader Bill Shorten is posing with a mysterious green rod – The inanimate carbon rod takes Australia by storm. (via @DailySimpsons)

Perfectly timed image captures hilarious moment between Marge and Homer Simpson – Cute.  (via @AlJean)

Happy birthday to The Prophet of Love, Larry, I mean, Barry White – Great YouTube here, including Simpsons clips.

A Fonz Gift Set: Embroidery & Painting – Great inscription usage on the bottom of the painting.

Creating My List of Top 25 Simpsons Episodes – This is why I don’t do lists.  It’s too stressful:

I will certainly be on there again tomorrow as even now I am feeling guilty about episodes currently not on the list and doubting whether I have got this right. There could definitely be some last minute changes.

My Top 25 Simpsons Episodes – And the results.  “Lemon of Troy” is an unusual but very worthy #1, and “Lisa’s First Word” at #2 is pretty good as well.

WIP Wednesday: Simpsons Couch #3 – Outline completed, and the beginnings of color.

S02 E21 – Three Men and a Comic Book – Glick is dead-on:

He goes and starts working for her, doing all sorts of terrible manual labor while Mrs. Glick watches soap operas, and just generally acts like every super old lady I’ve ever met in my life. Mrs. Glick was hilarious. To the old candy and the creepy décor, everything about her was perfect. I also laughed my ass off when she was watching the soap opera and said “Filthy…but genuinely arousing.”

S02 E22 – Blood Feud – It is nice to just hang out with the old ones:

Season finale! Already through 2 seasons, and man do I have to say that I’m loving this show again. I’d really forgotten how great it was, and just focused on how bad it got. And now I’m remembering why I was obsessed with this show growing up. It’s so hilarious, and manages to mix in just the perfect amount of humor that really makes for a perfect series. Although I have to admit, as much as I’m loving these classic episodes, I’m starting to dread when I get to the seasons that made me quit. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly where I fell off, and I’m not quite positive, but man this blog may change when I get there. Instead of a lovefest for an amazing show, it may become the bitter ramblings of a crazy person, before I fall into self-imposed Stockholm Syndrome.

S03 E01 – Stark Raving Dad – Remember when they knew how to use big name celebrities well?

S03 E02 – Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington – There’s nothing Homer wouldn’t do for that magazine.

Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington – Dueling reviews of twenty-four year old episodes!

STAYREAL ~ Simpsons ft. Jung Yonghwa – High fashion Simpsons clothing now comes with Korean boy bands.

New trending GIF tagged the simpsons alone bart… – He’s becoming isolated and weird.

16 Responses to “Reading Digest: In Denial About Season 27 Edition”

  1. 1 Senator Mendoza
    18 September 2015 at 3:55 pm

    Too damn funny. I’ve always loved how the characters’ mouth/lips get all curly (or wavy) whenever they scream, burp, or about to cry. I’d also like to see Dan Castelleneta in action when do Homer’s hilarious hi-pitched scream. Anyone know if there’s a video of it out there somewhere?

    • 2 Sarah J
      19 September 2015 at 2:47 am

      I like it too. I’ve also always liked the wavy tongue, that was always a fun little touch.

      • 3 Senator Mendoza
        20 September 2015 at 11:45 am

        Haha, yeah. I can’t believe I missed that one! The scene where Homer’s practicing whacking snakes and gives out that karate yell with a close-up of his tongue (from the Whacking Day episode) comes to mind.

  2. 4 Noah P
    18 September 2015 at 4:24 pm

    Thanks for the link!
    Twenty-four years? Wow, that’s way older than it feels…

  3. 6 Disenchanted Viewer
    18 September 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Reading Jean’s interview I was struck by the fact that for the first time to my knowledge he seems to be prepared for the show ending in a few years. Up to now I always read Groening and him saying that they didn’t see the end of the show coming any time soon.
    Maybe he started to realize that show is not as good as he thought it was or maybe someone at FOX told him the show is not as successful as it used to be anymore. It still gets decent ratings, but it’s mostly because of football lead in and whatever you air after a big football match would get similar ratings, beside the own merits of the program.
    I don’t know if this means anything, but sure it got my attention.

    • 18 September 2015 at 10:43 pm

      I remember Groening said in one interview (in the late 1990s or early 2000s) that there were “more days behind than there are ahead” for The Simpsons. Then a few days later he released a statement where he backpedaled on this.

      I tried to find the interview just now but was unable to. Does anyone else remember the interview I’m referring to that can confirm this?

    • 8 Sarah J
      18 September 2015 at 11:58 pm

      A person would have to be in pretty big denial to think the show has a ton of time left. It’s actually pretty surprising that it’s gotten this far, considering how non-football ratings have been weak. I wouldn’t be surprised if FOX wants to try at end it at season 30, just for a good number. FOX can still easily profit off of the show without having to pay to make new episodes, so I can’t imagine they’re gonna keep it going much longer.

      • 9 Sarah J
        19 September 2015 at 12:07 am

        Buuuut I do want to add, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made some changes to the show, along with doing more gimmicky episodes, to see if they can renew interest in the show first. I doubt they’re gonna be quick to ditch it.

  4. 11 Sarah J
    19 September 2015 at 12:02 am

    I’m a bit confused as to why he’d say a crossover with Bob’s Burgers would be too similar to the Futurama one. They’re very different show.

    And like Disenchanted Viewer says, I also find it interesting that he says he can picture the show ending in a few years. It’s been quite a while since a person working on the show has said something other than “this will keep going foreveeeeer”.

  5. 12 ecco6t9
    19 September 2015 at 2:55 am

    27 damn seasons. It used to be a joke how long Krusty was on the air for.

  6. 15 Staniel
    19 September 2015 at 7:12 am

    Why can’t they just burn Season 27 footage instead? Just send it to hell, order A&W and listen to some Afrojack goddamn it!

    • 16 Bunny Kenman
      20 September 2015 at 11:30 pm

      Why do you (and, by proxy, Charlie) even bother watching and reviewing The Simpsons? It’s clear all of you (myself included) hates it and don’t even try to have fun hate-watching it. We get it. The Simpsons has sucked for years (moreso than Family Guy, if that’s even possible, but that’s because Family Guy had that 3-year hiatus due to it being canceled). The fact that all of you are sperging about something that’s clearly terrible makes me not want to kill something small and cute, and I’ll be damned if I sink that low. Just say it sucks and move on. There was another Simpsons blog that only got as far as season 22. Why can’t you learn from that, Charlie? Oh, right. You are lower than pond scum and a horrible excuse for a sentient being, which is the target demographic for this era of The Simpsons.

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