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Bart the Fink8

“What about being an illiterate TV clown who’s still more respected than all the scientists, doctors, and educators in the country put together?” – Bart Simpson
“Yeah!  I’m not gonna let those guys hog all the respect while I’m out here on some stinkin’ tub!  That’s just what those eggheads want!  Well, forget it poindexter, cause Krusty’s back in town!” – Krusty the Klown

Happy 20th Anniversary to “Bart the Fink”!  Original airdate 11 February 1996.

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  1. 1 Frank
    11 February 2016 at 4:46 pm

    According to Wikipedia “Poindexter”, became associated with nerdy, dull people because of Poindexter in the Felix the Cat cartoons (1959-1961)

    “He is the nerdy young nephew of the Professor. He is depicted as a stereotypical scientist; he is very intelligent and always wears thick coke-bottle glasses, a lab coat, and a mortarboard. A button on the chest of his lab coat acts as a control for whatever device the plot calls for. Despite the Professor being his uncle, he is also one of Felix’s best friends. Whenever he talks to Felix, he refers to him as ‘Mr. Felix’.”

    Homer uses Poindexter to refer to Milhouse in Summer of 4 ft 2

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