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Homeronymus Bosch

“I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?” – Bart Simpson
“Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m the Devil! And you’ve earned eternal damnation for your lifetime of evil deeds, Bart. Spitting off the escalator just clinched it.” – The Devil

Last week I got an email from a friendly guy named Morgan Criger in Toronto:

I did a really decent Simpsons Hieronymus Bosch painting in quarantine and I thought it would be right up your alley.

And he was right, check out this beauty:

You can see these and more at his site: (There’s also a black & white ink version of this same painting there.) For my money, the best part is Snake as the unrepentant thief and Dolph as the penitent thief (confessing to Monk Sergeant Skinner), but there’s a lot of great details if you look carefully. Oh, and here’s the Wikipedia article on the original if, like me, you are vaguely aware of Bosch but know basically nothing about him.

Here’s another one:

Burns is the obvious choice as Hell Shitter (with kleenex boxes on his feet!), and there lies Bobo, ignored like his vow to be good and kind to everyone. I also enjoy that there are three Republican presidents down in hell and James Woods appears to be getting his liver flayed.

Finally, and a little more earthbound, is his Soviet propaganda parody, “Insect Car is a Friend”:

I asked what it said, and he replied:

The text I believe is in Serbian and reads something something about workers (possibly “workers unite” or “crush capitalism”) and the second line should translate to “Insect Car is a Friend” – the name of the piece.

Put it in H!

There’s a lot more non-Simpsons art at his site, so check that out if you’re so inclined. As a bonus, we may be getting more:

I’m actually toying with the idea of doing a Bosch crucifixion where Jesus has the insect hood ornament for a face and Vaclav is weeping. It’s a rather stupid idea, but it could be fun.

Is that a stupid idea? Yes, but in the absolute best way, and I can’t wait to see it.

Also: if you’ve created (or run across) other excellent Simpsons fan art out there in the wilds of the internet, the email link is right over there.


deadhomersociety (at) gmail

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