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Homeronymus Bosch

“I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?” – Bart Simpson
“Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m the Devil! And you’ve earned eternal damnation for your lifetime of evil deeds, Bart. Spitting off the escalator just clinched it.” – The Devil

Last week I got an email from a friendly guy named Morgan Criger in Toronto:

I did a really decent Simpsons Hieronymus Bosch painting in quarantine and I thought it would be right up your alley.

And he was right, check out this beauty:

You can see these and more at his site: (There’s also a black & white ink version of this same painting there.) For my money, the best part is Snake as the unrepentant thief and Dolph as the penitent thief (confessing to Monk Sergeant Skinner), but there’s a lot of great details if you look carefully. Oh, and here’s the Wikipedia article on the original if, like me, you are vaguely aware of Bosch but know basically nothing about him.

Here’s another one:

Burns is the obvious choice as Hell Shitter (with kleenex boxes on his feet!), and there lies Bobo, ignored like his vow to be good and kind to everyone. I also enjoy that there are three Republican presidents down in hell and James Woods appears to be getting his liver flayed.

Finally, and a little more earthbound, is his Soviet propaganda parody, “Insect Car is a Friend”:

I asked what it said, and he replied:

The text I believe is in Serbian and reads something something about workers (possibly “workers unite” or “crush capitalism”) and the second line should translate to “Insect Car is a Friend” – the name of the piece.

Put it in H!

There’s a lot more non-Simpsons art at his site, so check that out if you’re so inclined. As a bonus, we may be getting more:

I’m actually toying with the idea of doing a Bosch crucifixion where Jesus has the insect hood ornament for a face and Vaclav is weeping. It’s a rather stupid idea, but it could be fun.

Is that a stupid idea? Yes, but in the absolute best way, and I can’t wait to see it.

Also: if you’ve created (or run across) other excellent Simpsons fan art out there in the wilds of the internet, the email link is right over there.


“Invasion of the 60 Foot Homer Simpson Easter Rabbit”

“Okay, that was the sand movie.  Now it’ll just take me a second to set up our next movie.” – Miss Hoover 

A couple of weeks ago, the guy in Britain who does the giant Simpsons drawings in sand e-mailed in with some pictures of his latest creation: a giant Homer Easter Bunny on the banks of the Thames.  Behold:

Martin Artman Easter Homer

You can see more pictures at his site. including a completely different giant Easter Homer and one of Bender.  Thanks, Martin!


Drool Worthy Simpsons Art

“Then I’m in the class?” – Marge Simpson
“Oh, my dear, there couldn’t be a class without you!” – Professor Lombardo

There really isn’t a great deal I can add to these amazing drawings, so I’ll let them speak for themselves.  The artist is Tim Doyle; and they’re part of a show he’s got going in San Francisco.  You can read all about it (and see higher resolution images) at his website

Tim Doyle - Night Falls on the SNPP (Small) Tim Doyle - Embiggen the Smallest Man (Small) Tim Doyle - Amanda Hugginkiss (Small)

Click each one for the gorgeously large “original” size.

These are part of a larger series, with images of fake places from everything from Seinfeld and Arrested Development to Sesame Street.  You can get prints of any of them starting at a mere $40 from the gallery’s store.  If you’re in the Bay Area and you want to go see them for yourselves, they’ll be up until February 23rd at Spoke Art in San Francisco

(Massive hat tip to The Sonny Wilkins Chronicle.)


Dead Homer Society Xmas Gift Guide

Homer's Barbershop Quartet7

“Oyster shells!  Hand painted to resemble Lucille Ball!  You’ll love Oyster Lucy!” – Moe

For the second year in a row we here at the Dead Homer Society are offering this belated and woefully incomplete shopping guide for the Simpsons fan in your life.  Just like last year, the idea here is to find cool Simpsons stuff that does not feed the merchandising beast that does more than anything else to keep Zombie Simpsons on the air.  Also just like last year, this basically amounts to me doing a search on Etsy and then linking the best results.  Still, any one of these items is both more creative and more original than another set of “collectible” figurines or the latest novelty items to get Simpsonized.



ABC’s of geek pop culture by SuburbanYeti – $25 – This is a fantastic idea:

ABC's of Geek

Gotta love the Flux Capacitor.

Fantasy Floorplans for The Simpsons/Residence by fantasyfloorplans – $64 – Serious, wall mountable floor plans for a house that doesn’t exist.

Lisa Simpson Pez Oil Painting Still Life by PatrickFlynn – $100 – An oil painting of a Lisa Simpson Pez dispenser.  I did not expect to see that when I got up this morning.

Limited Edition 8 x 10 Print of Still Life with by Marge Simpson Pez PatrickFlynn – $15 – From the same seller is a print of his painting of Marge’s Pez dispenser.  Here’s one of Bart.

Simpsons Abstract by ChikyuuTenshi – $18 – A painting of the family in what almost looks like a cracked mirror.

Homer Simpson untooned Original Oil Painting by MrBlondieNation – $25 – A painting of what Homer might look like if he were a real guy.

Simpsons Kalidescope by natureslittlequilts – $35 – Wow:

Simpsons Kalidescope

Marge Simpson Playboy centerfold numbered edition by nwlimited – $200 – A framed picture of nipple/donut Marge from the Playboy spread along with some of the stamps.


Springfield Nuclear Plant Parking Decal by seasnarke – $10 – This is really clever, it’s a fake parking sticker in the shape of a nuclear cooling tower.

Canyonero Custom Car Emblem by Empira – $15 – This is a great idea:


I cast each piece in durable plastic from a custom silicone rubber mold, paint them black and chrome, and apply automotive-grade double-sided tape so it will stick permanently on the back of your car.

A hundred cheers to whoever puts one of these on a Prius or a Leaf first.  The irony alone might power the car for miles.


Arts & Crafts

Jebediah Springfield Quote Finished Cross Stitch by JupiterStarPower – $15 – A small cross stitch with Jebediah’s famous “noble spirit” quote.

Simpson Fabric Buttons Set of Four by StashFabulous – $5 – Simpsons character buttons.

Homer Simpson Recycled Board Game Journal – £7 – A refillable journal made from an old Simpsons board game.

The Simpsons Cluedo handmade journal by peonyandthistle – £24 – Another notebook made from a recycled board game.

Clothing & Stuff

Obey Giant Parody Tshirt DOHBEY XLarge Adult by naturespresident – $20 – I’ll let the picture do the talking:


Heh.  Other sizes are available as well.

The Many Faces of Homer Fleece Scarf Slim by Handmadecrafter – $7 – A handmade scarf with images of Homer in moods that range from pensive and happy to, I don’t know, horny?

Brain Slug Beanie Hat by ZucciniPancakes – $25 – Okay, this is technically from Futurama, but I too favor unreasonably large subsidies to the brain slug planet:

Brain Slug Hat


Unique handmade leather belt CARTOON silhouette design by WittyandCharming – £35 – This belt has a ton of silhouettes of famous cartoon characters on it, including Marge and Bart.  I know it’s supposed to be his arm, but Fred Flintstone does kinda look like he’s got an erection in the first image there.

multicolored Simpson theme with white bluetip by threecatshats – $20 – A Santa hat, with the typical red replaced by Homer.

I LOVE GEEKS milhouse dress for toddlers by BarbandDawn – $12 – Aww, a clueless looking Milhouse in a heart in a dress for kids.

I Love Nerds Simpsons Re Cut Tank Top by ElevenThirtyEight – $10 – Milhouse again, but this time he’s described as nerd and the shirt is for an adult.

Mmm Beer Homer Simpson Fabric Art Brooch Large by BurnoutBazaar – £8 – I’ll just let the description speak for itself:

Homer Simpson art tends to be a little blokey or aimed at children so I thought I’d redress the balance with this more feminine homage to the animated family man and armchair philosopher. The central design is upcycled fabric from a Simpsons tie in printed, textured polyester. It has been fused to some vintage blue and white polka dot cotton, backed with sturdy blue canvas, machine stitched with a few zig-zag lines and adorned with beads, studs, sequins and contrasting red button.

The Simpsons Tie tshirt featuring ‘Where’s Bart’ by cutiepatoody – $17 – A t-shirt with a built in Simpsons tie.

Scrub HatsBart Simpson Classic by themaddesthatter – $10 – Depending on your point of view, this is either the best or worst thing you could see on a surgeon’s head as they wheel you into the operating place.

Bart Simpson Bandana Style Apron Top by ccquilter – $25 – A snazzy apron mixing and matching a couple of different Bart and other Simpsons cloths and images.

Don’t have a cow man by ClydesdalemeetBetty – $15 – A small-medium Bart t-shirt from 1990 cropped and fringed.  The acid wash jeans in the photo are a nice touch.


Jewelry, Bags, & Such

Pink sprinkle donut necklace by BiffysBoutique – $5 – Pretty much just what it says.

SALE 10 OFF Marge Simpson US Postage Stamp Pendant by 17jewels – $26 – A Marge stamp put into a pendent.

Your Choice Simpsons Post Earrings by NinasCustomDesigns – $7 – Fabric covered earrings featuring your choice of characters.

Simpsons Radioactive man comic book wallet by AllisonKapner – $15 – The description brags that it is a wallet hand made from real comic books, and indeed it is.

Simpsons Where’s Bart Look and Find Tote by BusyBeeStitchery – $28 – A big Simpsons tote bag.

The Simpsons Mesenger Bag by TheTwistedCrafts – $30 – An old Simpsons sheet remade into a messenger bag.  The cloth is character heads in little bubbles, and if you look at the strap you can see a queasy looking Wendell.



12 Crayon The Simpsons Caddy RollUp Crayon’s – $7 – A Simpsons print that can hold a dozen crayons and a doodle pad.

Handmade Bart Simpson Flannel TWIN size by KDMORECRAFTSANDMORE – $40 – Full sized kids blankets that will fit a twin bed.  There’s a blue one with Bart and a pink one with Maggie.

The Simpsons Family Inspired Flat Back Button by SpazzysDelights – $5 – Bottle caps and Simpsons buttons made into little party favors.

BART SIMPSON KIDS/TRAVEL Pillowcase by MadeAtNanasHouse – $6 – Just what it says.

Matching Bart Simpson nursing pillow cover, bib and burp cloth by babygionet – $21 – The complete Bart nursing set.

CUSTOM Simpsons Christmas blanket baby girl boy by RockerByeBaby – $30 – A seriously customized baby blanket.

The UPCycled T Shirt Dress Seasons Greetings from by BravaBoutique – $38 – A child size dress made from an old Simpsons t-shirt.

Naughty Bart Simpson drawstring bag for library toys by LaughLand – $10 – A small bag for kids toys and similar items.

The Simpson Hair Bow by cherrynolivedesigns – $5 – Just what it says it is.

Simpsons print AIO all in one one size cloth diaper by anniemathesonallen – $25 – A cloth diaper with Bart spray painting his name.  Comes with liners and is listed for babies up to 35lbs.


cartoon character 3D tiles personalised FREE by scarboroughrose – £4 – You can get your name or someone else’s on one of these little Simpsons (or Mickey or Garfield) tiles.  Probably nice for a kid’s room.

Humorous Christmas holiday sampler by LucyFrog – $45 – A stitched reminder that Christmas is for celebrating the birth of Santa.

12 Bart & Orange UnPaper Towels Free by 3monkeysclothdiapers – $12 – Washable cloth towels with Bart Simpson on them.

Handmade Wall St Pen with Genuine Simpson Series – $25 – Someone took the Simpsons stamps and embedded them on a ball point pen.  Clever.

Simpsons Dog Collar Comic Size Large – $16 – Exactly what it says, a dog collar with Simpsons characters all over it.

The Simpsons / Where is Bart Cornhole Bags by SwallowingtheMoon – $15 – Simpsons bags for playing cornhole, two sets of four.

The Simpsons Gift card holder by AuntyCarols – $4 – Just what it says, a sleeve for giving out cash or gift cards featuring the Simpson family.

Homer Simpson Christmas gift card holder by AuntyCarols – $4 – From the same seller, except this one has Homer dragging home the tree with the birdhouse still in it.

Simpsons with Bow and Jewel DSLR Camera Strap Cover by ThisMomandHer3Girls – $7 – Spice up your camera strap with Simpsons characters.

Lisa Simpson on Apple iPad vinyl decal by vinyl4ipad – $8 – Lisa in a saucy French beret that seems to scream, ‘I own a Mac!’.

The Simpsons Full Wine charm Set at a special price by lmfries – $40 – Keep your wine glasses identified at your swanky wine parties.  Also available in smaller sets for $15.

Handmade Christmas Red Simpsons Bart Simpson Quilted by mhswebmom – $15 – An adult bib for when you don’t have the Sacred Parchment handy.

Handmade Quilted Bart Simpson adult bib by mhswebmom – $12 – Another Bart bib, but this one isn’t Christmas-y.

The Entire Simpson Family on a Fridge Magnet by wickedcoolstampstuff – $5 – All five family member stamps on a refrigerator magnet.

The Simpsons Comic Book Letters Any Amount by RoseberryStore – £6 – It’s six pounds per letter, but they’re big and look to fit well on a shelf or something similar.

the Simpsons Bartman blank card by Lizzlebugg – $4 – A handmade greeting card with Bartman swinging in front of the moon.

Simpson Family Cartoon Storage Box by DKdezines – $25 – A small storage box lined in and out with Simpsons characters.

Simpsons Nesting Doll Matryoshka Babushka russian by sersonart – $34 – Cool hand painted nesting dolls:

Simpsons Matryoshka

I wonder why Bart got top billing here.


Bart On His Throne Christmas Ornament by thinkingmage – $8 – A small Christmas tree ornament of Bart sitting down with a television remote.

Homer Simpson Ornament by jeeniebeansco – $8 – Felt Homer Simpson ornament.

Simpsons Her Majesty Marge The Queen Christmas by thinkingmage – $8 – A Christmas ornament made out of a Marge chess piece.

Simpsons Sir Bart The Knight Christmas Ornament by thinkingmage – $8 – Same seller and idea as above, but this one has Bart.

Homer Simpson Ornament by terryekennedy – $18 – A Homer Simpson tree ornament made from a dried gourd decorated with clay and paint.  Neat.

Valentine’s Day Stuff

Let’s Bee Friends Set of 10 Valentines by nerdnook – $4 – Valentines Day cards to get clueless boys to realize you don’t think of them that way.

Simpson’s Valentines I ChooChoo Choose You by velvetelvii – $3 – Another cross stitch pattern, this time to make your own Valentine’s locomotive.


Australian Simpsons Art Exhibition

moe by foxall

Image by Mike Foxall, taken from here.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in Reading Digest that there was a show of Simpsons related artwork in Newcastle, Australia running through October 22nd.  Reader Adam (many thanks!) was nice enough to send in not only a link to their page, but also to a gallery of photographs from the opening night.  The pictures aren’t all high resolution, but there is more than enough to give you a good sense of what’s there.  I was particularly taken by the Monty Burns Dress Up item:

Burns Outfit Art

See my vest! 

Unfortunately, I can’t make out the name in the lower right there, but it’s #25 is the gallery here.  (Facebook will pester you to log in, but you don’t need to.)  In some of the other photos you can see people putting the different outfits on him.  The best part is that everything is there: the grizzly bear underwear, the hat that twas his cat, and the red robin suits that come one breast or two.  It even has tiny genitalia! 

Other highlights include the Scarface poster with Fat Tony (#16), the highly stylized shooting of Mr. Burns (#35), and The Neon Claws of Gamblore (#46).  There’s a list of contributing artists here, but I didn’t see anything that put names to works.  If anyone has better attribution for any of these I’ll gladly put it up along with links.  Thanks to Adam for the tip, and a bravo to all you Australian artists out there. 


Chart and Art from the United Kingdom

“What about Bart?” – Marge Bouvier
“Let’s see, Bart, cart, dart, eart . . . nope, can’t see any problem with that.” – Homer Simpson

As the title indicates, we got two reader submissions from the UK, one with a chart, the other involving art.  (This ends the rhyming portion of this post.)  First up, the chart. 

Seb Patrick noticed something while watching Season 8 recently.  He thought the episodes that began with shows-within-the-show ended up being better than those that just started in the regular world of Evergreen Terrace.  Curiosity piqued, he plunged ahead:

And for some reason, when an episode opens with one of these scenes, it instantly feels sharper and more imaginative than one that just brings us in to a random scene somewhere in Springfield or at the Simpsons’ home. This is particularly noticeable during these later seasons (and when I say "later", I mean "later in the good period" – we’re going by the assumption that the programme is largely not worth watching, and thus non-existent in my head, after around season eleven), when it’s the more dull and boring episodes that seem to start in this mundane way, and the better ones that give the laughs by opening with – for example – the Krusty Komedy Klassic, or an edition of Eye on Springfield. It therefore feels to me like I’m simply more likely to enjoy an episode if it’s got one of these opening scenes (which from now on I’m referring to as "TV openings", even though they also covers other forms of media).

So, I’ve decided to test it out. And count up data in Excel. And turn it into a graph. Because that’s how I roll.

And the numbers say . . . “kinda”.  Isn’t data fun?  The whole thing is worth a read.  Thanks Seb! 

Moving along, we come to the art, to something that reader Adam thinks may not have reached America yet.  I’m not entirely sure how to describe this.  It’s a Facebook page titled “Simpsons pictures that I gone and done”, and it’s sort of a cross between Ralph Steadman and MS Paint.  Observe:

TheSimpsonsArt Barney

Each one is then accompanied by charmingly random blather like this:

I really love to do portraits of the Barney character from The Simpsons. He is always doing the things that we want to do but just don’t have the guts to do. I love when he walks down the street and just punches people in the back of the head or just completely stands still for ages so people think he’s a wood carving. I love his catchphrase "whats wrong with me".

The slideshow is here, and is strangely mesmerizing.  (Note: Facebook pestered me every once and a while to login, but you can just ignore it.)  Thanks Adam! 


Forty Square Feet of Awesome

“Our arts and crafts center is, in actuality, a Dickensian workhouse.” – Lisa Simpson

A guy named Kyle McCoy is creating a forty square foot image of Springfield from perler beads, which is a hell of a lot of work since an individual bead is less than a centimeter across.  Not only is this a fantastic idea, its author is a wise man when it comes to the topic of Zombie Simpsons:

“Now, I’m a big fan of The Simpsons.  Not the newer ones, so much (sorry Matt), but for its first eight seasons it was the best thing on television.  It’s rare for a television show to have eight seasons, much less eight seasons of gold.  But you don’t need me to tell you how good The Simpsons is . . . was.”

Here’s the video he made to get funding through Kickstarter.  You can see him assemble the Springfield Elementary School portion of his epic creation:

If you go to the Kickstarter page, you’ll see that the video was already successful, so you don’t even need to pony up any dough.  You can see many of the pieces on the main project page.  And here’s the best part, the complete work is going to be revealed next Saturday, April 2nd in New York City (specifically Forest Hill, Queens, according to Gothamist).  If any Dead Homer Society readers want to attend and send in pictures or accounts, I will gladly post them.  Great job Kyle, can’t wait to see the whole thing. 


Zombi Simpsons en Espanol

“Hey, wait, if I don’t finish this last bite, you don’t get my soul, do you?” – Homer Simpson

Reader Mauro sends in this fantastic graphic of the rise and fall of The Simpsons:


I don’t know Spanish, but with design that good, I don’t need to.  I’m especially fond of the final image.  All credit goes to Eduardo Salles for making this, and Mauro for sending it in.



Homer at the Bat4

“Something told me this was a very special, very magical piece of wood . . . that I could make a bat out of.” – Homer Simpson

What do you see in the picture below?


If all you see is a pile of wood in a plastic bad then you are only partially correct.  For at the time this picture was taken, one of those pieces of wood held a bitching carving of Homer Simpson.  Click here for the full gallery of images, from unformed to carefully carved with hair on top.  I know I say this a lot, but projects like this one are a million times cooler than any amount of collectable plastic. 


Dead Homer Society Xmas Gift Guide

Homer's Barbershop Quartet6

“Human roaches, feeding off each other’s garbage, the only thing you can’t buy here is dignity.” – Mayor Quimby 

It is the stated position of the Dead Homer Society that the fount of filthy lucre that is crappy Simpsons merchandise is a major reason behind the continued existence of Zombie Simpsons.  Merchandise generates twice as much cash as the television show, and the continued production of new episodes has been explicitly linked by people at FOX to licensing revenue.  And while one person’s purchasing decisions wouldn’t even register as a rounding error on that mountain of money, why buy things that support Zombie Simpsons, especially when they tend to be cheaply manufactured garbage? 

With that in mind, here is the official Dead Homer Society Xmas Gift Guide.  These are all homemade or repurposed Simpsons items that won’t put a penny towards next season’s production budget.  And if you’re wondering if I got all of these by searching Etsy for Simpsons stuff, you would be correct.  All prices are in US Dollars, though most items have non-US/Canada shipping available.  Isn’t this better than clock radios that can’t be plugged in and horribly deformed Krusty dolls?


5 pc Simpson Hand Painted Russian Nesting Doll – $55 – For some reason Bart, not Homer, is the largest one here, but these are actually from the Ukraine so who cares?

Homer Simpson framed original pop art, Neil Jam style – $13 – Homer is staring back at me with his dead eyes:

Neil Jam Homer

Limited edition signed numbered audrey hepburn simpson fine art print – $45 – Time for breakfast at Margie’s:

Audrey Hepburn Marge Simpson


A Homer Simpson Christmas Tree Reusable Bag/ Tote – $7 – Homer stands with a Christmas tree made of Duff on the side of this all purpose reusable bag. 

Homer Simpson Not-so-Handyman – $7 – Another Simpsons bag from the same source as the one above.  This one isn’t Christmas themed, but it would make a nice gift. 

The Simpsons/Groundskeeper Willie Mini Duct Tape Wallet – $7 – A compact wallet that just wants to know if you’ve got any grease. 

Simpsons Trifold Wallet – $12 – This wallet has plenty of space for your membership cards in the Elks, the Masons, the Communists, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance, and the Stonecutters.

Naughty Bart Simpson drawstring bag for library, toys, sheets, cotton – $9.50 – Nice little Bart Simpson bag. 

Where’s Bart Wristlet – $4 – A small Simpsons zippered pouch. 

Simpsons Coin Purse – $6.50 – That’s right, a purse! 

ipod blackberry itouch cell phone case SIMPSONS – $12 – A small Simpsons case for your small electronic device.

Simpsons Wallet – $22 – From merry old England comes this impressive use of recycled materials:

This wallet is made from recycled Simpsons caramel biscuit packets, encased in a super sturdy vinyl. Lisa, Bart and Homer also feature on the inside.

There are 5 inside pockets made from the same clear vinyl, allowing the features of the wrappers to show through.

Bridal?  Bridal.

Marge & oo Homer SIMPSONS Wedding Cake Topper Simpson 1 – $98 – If you’ve got a wedding cake that needs topping you could do a lot worse.  I don’t think they come to life and have little parties at night, but I could be wrong. 

wedding garter BART SIMPSON bridal set white – $26 – Yep, it’s a Bart Simpson garter.  I would try to catch that so hard.  (Here’s a blue one.) 

Clothing & Such

Bart Simpson inspired Flannel Blanket – $30 – Bart looks like undersea explorer Bart Simpseau here.

Adult size full apron made with vintage Simpsons bed sheet by Kiss Me Designs – $20 – That is a very vintage Simpsons bed sheet alright, and the apron looks great to boot. 

Hand Felted Wool Slippers. Can be made in 2 days. Bar(t) Simpson – $56 – That looks more like Homer in the picture, but I guess you can get whatever you want.  Holy crap do those look warm. 

Stonecutters ID Reel – $9 – I would love to walk into one of those buildings where you need to wear ID at all times with this clipped to my shirt:

Have you always wanted to belong to a secret society? Perhaps one that participates in the failure of both the metric system and the electric car? The Stonecutters might just be for you. Now shhhhut up. It’s a secret.

8 Simpsons Pinback Buttons – $7 – Some classic quotes, though I continue to wonder why people spell Jebus with two “e”s. 


The Simpson’s – Bart Simpson – Guitar Pick Earrings – $2 – Not exactly the height of fashion, but that’s not why you’d wear these, is it?

Donut stud earrings (pink sprinkles) – $20 – Mmmm, earrings. 

Cartoon Skateboard Sk8 Charm Pendant Necklace Skater Chain – $12 – With skateboard lingo, no less:

Cartoon figure and his red and green signature striped skateboard is so sick! A 1.25" metal charm pendant on a chrome-finish silver-tone 23" ballchain necklace.  He is throwing down mad skills on his board!  He’s got on a fierce-cherry-red tshirt and some blue shorts with matching blue hightops.


Child’s apron and chef’s hat set with utensils – $35 – From Australia comes this Bart Simpson apron and hat for ages 4-10. 

Skater Bart I Spy bag – $15 – A homemade toy for your tiny Simpsons fan in training. 

The Simpsons Oversized Baby or Toddler Bib – $4 – Speaking of children, how about a bib with the whole town of Springfield on it? 

BART SIMPSON KIDS/TRAVEL Pillowcase – $5 – Pretty much what it says. 

Baby Simpsons Shoes – Elastic Fit – $15 – Cute little Simpsons shoes for infants. 

12 Crayon The Simpsons Caddy Roll-Up – Crayon’s Included – $9 – On the go crayon coloring. 


Naked Homer Simpson,with added bits – $60 – A standard Simpsons doll, denuded of clothing and given that which man has always had but dolls usually lack.  A little pricy, but just imagine the look on someone’s face when their eyes first alight on Homer’s dong.

The Simpsons – Homer, Smithers, Lenny, Mr. Burns, the Ace of Clubs and the Ace of Hearts Playing Cards Organic Upcycled CAT TOYS with Feathers – $5 – Six cat toys for one low price, and they know their market:

Is your cat sick of all the time you spend watching The Simpsons when you could be feeding or petting him?
Well now your cat can have it his way with these six fun toys!

Superior Intellect (SALE) – $1 – If you’ve got to send out holiday cards, why not quote Kang & Kodos on something done on an old fashioned letter press? 

Choo Choo Choose You 8 x 10 Matted Print – $25 – Tell someone you love them with a Ralph Wiggum quote that will last. 

Simpson Corkboard – $50 – You could hang a lot of D- tests on that.

Custom Itchy & Scratchy Simpsons Coffee Table – $379 – And finally, this thing ain’t cheap, but look at it.  Just look at it:

Itchy & Scratchy Coffee Table



Actual Instructions for Drawing Homer Simpson

Jamie Sale Simpsons Sketches

“Now, using the Lombardo Method, you’ll learn to see everyday objects as a simple grouping of geometrical shapes.  Here, we see how two concentric circles, various trapezoids, ellipses – and yes, even a rhombus! – can create an adorable little bunny rabbit.  It’s just that easy!” – Professor Lombardo

One of my little hobby horses around here is posting videos of people either drawing Simpsons characters or purporting to teach you how to draw Simpsons characters.  I find these videos oddly fascinating, mostly because I can’t draw for shit and it’s neat to see how something like that gets done.  However interesting I find them, they usually aren’t all that instructive.  Though many of them are labeled “How to Draw Character X”, often they’re just demonstrations that don’t contain any actual instructions on how to duplicate what you’re seeing.

The three videos by British cartoonish Jamie Sale that I have linked below, however, actually give some lessons.  He tells you what he’s doing and why he’s doing it, from the number of spikes on Bart’s head, to the number of eyelashes Marge has, to how to get Homer’s collar right.  (It starts out as a “V” and then becomes more of an “N”.)

Setting aside the slightly overwrought music, which seems to be par for the genre, these are vastly better than most of those other “learn to draw this” videos I’ve seen.  Sale’s a freelance cartoonist, so if you need something drawn, give him a thought.


Stylized Simpsons

I found this when I was doing Reading Digest this week, and it is simply too cool not to have its own post.  I’ll let The Be Rad Blog explain:

I am big on a lot of geeky stuff and when I came across Sound Of Design’s Flickr profile I was in awe; it’s an eyegasmic gold mine. Ty Lettau has created hundreds of minimalistic portraits of characters from a plethora of cult classic geek universes. All are displayed in a minimalistic “Cartooned” fashion similar to the classic media in which some of the characters are taken.

The entire “Cartooned” section is amazing, but I wouldn’t be posting this if there weren’t a Simpsons set:

Sound of Design - Marge

It’s both simple and detailed; the pearls, the hair, that eyes-up-optimism, it’s got everything.  Here’s my favorite:

Sound of Design - Grampa

That is fucking great.  Even smoothed out, wrinkles are wrinkles, and the generalized look of panic combined with the old man five o’clock shadow is dead on Grampa Simpson.  B-r-a-v-o, Sound of Design, eyegasmic indeed.  Check out the whole set


Real Life Mr. Sparkle

We all know Mr. Sparkle as a joint venture of Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern that banishes dirt to the land of wind and ghosts.  But it is also the premier window cleaning service for homes and businesses in the greater Fargo, ND-Moorhead, MN area.  Seriously:

Mr Sparkle Logo

Obviously the website doesn’t contain any likeness or drawings that might be legally actionable, but let there be no doubt about the name:

The name “Mr. Sparkle” is a famous reference to “The Simpsons” (it was the name of a mysterious Japanese cleaning product on the show). Is that how that came about?

Yes, it is. I’m a big “Simpsons” fan, and when we created our list of names, Mr. Sparkle was one of the names on there, and my wife said, “You’re not using that name.” As we kept eliminating names, it kept rising up to the top, and finally it was the last name.

On the FAQ page, part of the response to the question “What do you do when you come to my house?” sounds like a vaguely sexual boast, or at the very least yet another euphemism for masturbation, and is all the better for it:

You just need to sit back and enjoy the sparkle!

But please, don’t believe them, observe this customer testimonial:

Now I have a great sparkle!

For lucky best wash, use Mr. Sparkle. 



“Grace, come here.  There’s a sinister looking kid I want you to see.” – Jimmy Stewart

Springfield’s seamy underbelly gets the MS Paint treatment courtesy of a slow morning at work for reader Robin (whose Troy McClure tattoo is almost done).  First, the original:

Pencil Sharpening1

He’s made a game of it, seeing how many pencils he can sharpen in an hour,
and then trying to break that record.

Now, the remixes:

Pencil Sharpening2 (You're Doing It All Wrong)

You’re sharpening them all wrong, Seymour.


Pencil Sharpening3 (There's a Lemon Behind That Clock!)

All that sharpening has made him hungry and, look, there’s a lemon behind that clock!

Thanks Robin!


Folding Like Umbrellas

Via Cromulent Words comes this most excellent rendition of Lisa’s strike song from “Last Exit to Springfield”:

In turn, this led me to YouTube’s related videos.  Sure enough, there are more:

Here’s one with a little Spanish flavor:

This guy’s singing voice is remarkably accent free given that he appears to be a native German speaker:

Germans love Lisa’s protest song:

Piano?  Piano:

A man with aviator sunglasses has no time to waste.  Here’s the up-tempo short version (only 29 seconds):

A shirt is not required when you have this kind of enthusiasm:

By the “folding tower”?  Why not:

And finally, this is just awesome:

I love how the kid who’s playing Lenny snaps his fingers.  Bravo all around.


Still More Simpsons Stained Glass

“Sorry Homer, I was born a snake handler, and I’ll die a snake handler.” – Moe

The inimitable Joseph Cavalieri is back with three more haunting, bizarre, and downright fucking amazing stained glass panels featuring Simpsons characters.  The three form a coherent set, with Rainier Wolfcastle on one side, Lunchlady Doris on the other, and a oversize Jesus-Moe crucified in the middle. 

1.Military Cavalieri Simpsons (small) 1.Moe Cavalieri Simpsons (small) 1.Cafeteria Cavalieri Simpsons (small)
All images used under Creative Commons license courtesy of Joseph Cavalieri,

Click on each picture to go to Cavalieri’s site and see a larger image, as well as descriptive text about each of the three.  I enjoy how Moe is surly enough to get crucified with his arms crossed. 

If you happen to be in Chicago in early November, you can see these things in person at the Sculpture Objects & Functional Art (SOFA – seriously, that’s their acronym) Fair from November 5th to November 7th.  Moe, Lunchlady Doris and Rainier Wolfcastle will be at the UrbanGlass booth. 

Thanks go to Cavalieri himself, for making these in the first place and being kind enough to notify us about them. 


Vitruvian Homer

“I’ve eaten eight different meats.  I’m a true renaissance man.” – Homer Simpson

A bunch of landscape architecture students from Florida International University won a sand castle competition in Miami with Homer laid out in Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” pose:

Vitruvian Homer

Image shamelessly stolen from their Photobucket album, which has many more pictures. 

Congratulations and bravo, that is excellent.  If I ever need a landscape architect (note: highly unlikely) I will ask for an FIU alum.  My only complaint is that instead of letting his genitals hang out like in Da Vinci’s original, they covered Homer’s shame with a literal fig leaf.  If we can’t have sand wang on South Beach, where can we have it?


Sweet Fan Made Bart Clock

“Eye of the tiger, Bart.” – Bart Simpson

Check out what I found on UK eBay:

Hand Made Bart Clock

Yeah, it kind looks like Bart’s got the 12 stuck in his teeth, but that’s still pretty cool.  The little bit of a collar to make his usual shirt look more like a soccer jersey is a nice touch.  And it’s only £3.  Now you’ll never forget to pick your son up from practice again. 


A Gorilla in Australia

All-star commenter D.N. sent this in and swears it’s real:

Phonebook, Gorilla A

D.N. writes:

I came across this gem in early 2007…I had a residential phone book on hand and, just for a laugh, I had a look to see if there was an A GORILLA in Perth, not expecting the answer to be in the affirmative at all. Needless to say, I was incredibly amused with what I found, and shared said amusement with my Simpsons-loving sibling and friends. I remember checking the listing against the previous year’s phone book, and I’ve checked (almost every) phone books since, and it looks like A GORILLA (okay, GORILLA A) was only listed that one time. Was it the name of a real person, or the alias of a mischievous Simpsons fan who pulled the wool over the eyes of the people who compile the Australian phone directories? Either way, it was funny. And no, I didn’t check to see if there was an Edgar Neubauer.

Thanks, D.N.!



Check out what a guy named Micky Hulse did to Europe:


The Spanish region of Galicia will hence forth be known as Boob Land. 



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