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Quote of the Day

“Well, I didn’t win. Here’s your pizza.” – Lionel Hutz
“But we did win!” – Marge Simpson
“That’s okay, the box is empty.” – Lionel Hutz

Happy birthday Brad Bird!

Also, Phil Hartman would’ve been 70 today. Happy birthday.


Quote of the Day

“At last the world is safe, eh, Fallout Boy?” – Lunchlady Doris
“What’s for lunch tomorrow?” – Ralph Wiggum
“Next.” – Big Shot Hollywood Director

Happy birthday, Brad Bird! 


Bonus Quote of the Day


“Oh, here he comes. What is it now, Quimby?” – Hollywood Producer
“Nothing, nothing, only the city has just passed another tax on, uh, puffy directing pants.” – Mayor Quimby
“But I don’t wear puffy pants!” – Hollywood Director
“I meant a tax on not wearing puffy pants.” – Mayor Quimby
“Oy.” – Hollywood Producer
“I’m sorry.” – Mayor Quimby

Happy Birthday Brad Bird!


Quote of the Day

Kamp Krusty18

“Point and game Becker.  And will the harlequin in the third row please keep his voice down.” – Wimbledon Announcer
“Sorry, folks, uh, sorry, your majesty.” – Krusty the Klown

Happy birthday Brad Bird!


Quote of the Day

Blood Feud11

“Homer, you don’t do things like that to be rewarded.  You do them because a fellow human being needs a helping hand.” – Marge Simpson
“Marge, you’re my wife and I love you very much, but you’re living in a world of make believe, with flowers and bells and leprechauns and magic frogs with funny little hats.” – Homer Simpson
“Yeah, Mom, we got hosed.” – Bart Simpson
“Bart!” – Homer Simpson

Happy birthday Brad Bird!


Bonus Bonus Quote of the Day

Bus Stop Playhouse

“Academy Award Playhouse now returns you to Hercules Versus the Martians.” – TV Announcer
“Welcome to our spaceship, mighty Hercules!” – Martian

Happy birthday to old Simpsons hand and current Hollywood kingpin Brad Bird.


Quote of the Day

Itchy and Scratchy Land7

“Kids, you heard the cartoon rat.  If you haven’t already run to your parents begging to go, do it now.  You won’t be missing anything funny, I’ll just be sitting here reading this grown-ups newspaper.” – Krusty the Klown

Happy birthday Brad Bird!


Bonus Quote of the Day

Brad Bird

Image shamelessly stolen from his IMDb page.

“Krusty, I’m man enough to admit I was wrong, and I’m sorry I fingered you in court.  I sincerely hope that the horrible stories I heard about what goes on in prison are exaggerated.” – Homer Simpson

Happy Birthday to longtime Simpsons director/animator/whatever Brad Bird!


Simpsons Alumni Update: Brad Bird

Of all the people who worked on The Simpsons perhaps none have found greater post-show success than Brad Bird.  The man truly has the golden touch in that there isn’t anything embarrassing lurking on his IMDB page.  He worked on The Critic, left The Simpsons in Season 9, and of the three movies he’s written/directed since then only 1999’s The Iron Giant isn’t on the IMDB Top 250.  (Though it has a rating of 7.9 which is the same as the last twenty movies on the list.)  Oh and he’s a perfect 2/2 on Oscar nominations/victories.  This man has as impressive (and profitable) a resume as you can possibly find. 

And yet he is apparently having trouble getting his next movie going:

For a while now he’s been working on 1906 – a film detailing the catastrophic quake that rocked San Francisco in, guess what year? And it’s been a bugger to get off the ground.

Given recent events in the world, you can understand studios not wanting to green light anything to do with earthquakes…they seem to be fine with destroying the planet and re-creating terrorist atrocities, but not this. The film was set to be co-produced by Pixar and Warner Bros. Apparently, the latter studio has concerns over budget and the massive script.

I’m sure those are legitimate concerns, I’m also sure that this guy has never made a bad film.  And while I do not run a movie studio if I did I might look at that IMDB page and conclude that this guy knows what he’s doing.  Good luck, Mr. Bird.  If a recommendation from some guy on the internet will put things over the top, feel free to cite this as a reference. 


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