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Quote of the Day

“I’m telling you, Cecil, I can’t take much more of this! Rustic workmen have turned the sani-john into a smokehouse, coveralls that don’t quite cover all…” – Sideshow Bob


Makeup Quote of the Day

“Come now, you speak as if they were a gaggle of slack jawed yokels.” – Cecil Terwilliger
“Mr. Terwilliger, come quick! There’s trouble down to the cement mixer, sir!” – Cletus


Makeup Quote of the Day

“Man, those cons love Krusty. Inside every hardened criminal beats the heart of a ten year old boy.” – Bart Simpson
“And vice versa.” – Lisa Simpson


Quote of the Day

“You’ve brought shame to this family, Cecil. Oh, I don’t relish having to write the Christmas letter this year.” – Sideshow Bob
“Nor I to read it. You know, Bob, all this time I thought you were a bungler. But, destroying a city is far tougher than I thought.” – Cecil


Quote of the Day

♫”I slugged some jerk in Tahoe, they gave me one to three!
My high priced lawyer sprung me on a technicality!
I’m just visiting Springfield prison
I get to sleep at home tonight!”♫ – Krusty the Klown


Quote of the Day


“When that pie hit your face, I saw my dreams explode in a burst of cream and crust. But I suppose I should thank you. After all, it led me to my true calling.” – Cecil Terwilliger
“Cecil, no civilization in history has ever considered Chief Hydrological Engineer a ‘calling’. . . . Yes, yes, the Cappadocians. Fine.” – Bob Terwilliger

Happy 20th Anniversary to “Brother From Another Series”! Original airdate, 23 February 1997.


Quote of the Day


“Mrs. Krabappel, no! That’s Sideshow Bob!” – Bart Simpson
“Well, that’s the last time I announce my dinner plans in class.” – Mrs. Krabappel


Quote of the Day

Brother From Another Series13

“Temper, temper, you know Cousin Merle ain’t been quite right lately.” – Cecil Terwilliger


Quote of the Day


“Don’t you see what you’ve done? Sideshow Bob hasn’t reformed, he’s pure evil!  Oh, if only you knew what he’s thinking!” – Bart Simpson
“I hope they still make that shampoo I like.” – Sideshow Bob


Behind Us Forever: Treehouse of Horror XXVI

Brother From Another Series12

“At last, I’m going to do what Bob never could: kill Bart Simpson!” – Cecil Terwilliger
“By throwing me off a dam?  Isn’t that a little crude for a genius like you?” – Bart Simpson
“Ooh, I suppose it is.  Enh.  If anyone asks, I’ll lie.” – Cecil Terwilliger 

The annual Halloween episode has come and gone, and this year’s was just as bland and forgettable as last year’s, and the year before that, etcetera.  Perhaps next year’s will break the cycle of boredom, but I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

– Before we get started, let’s just pause for a moment to note that this is the twenty-sixth(!) edition of this. Jebus.

– Another weird opening, this time a bad “Grinch Stole Christmas” take off. Took the better part of two minutes, though, so at least there’s that.

– Segment one opens with Bart spinning Wendell on a merry-go-round so the kids can gamble on when he’ll puke. Wendell both barfs and doesn’t, so Bart somehow keeps the money and no one cares. This is off to an incoherent start.

– Sideshow Bob shows up to tell us what we just saw and explain a joke about the wallpaper on Milhouse’s phone.

– Bob’s dancing around with Bart’s intestines on his shoulders. Kinda weird.

– Bob is now drinking Bart’s blood with some wine. You know how you can tell these segments are slapdash? We’re two minutes in and barely anything has happened except Bart and/or Bob explaining what we’re seeing at that moment. For a brief comparison, by the two minute mark of “The Shining”, the family has arrived at the house, Bart’s met Willie and had his power explained, and Burns and Smithers are cutting off the cable TV and beer supply.

– After nothing happened for another minute, Bob is now using Bart’s corpse for putting practice.

– Bob stepped on a rake. Good work, guys.

– Bob is expositing again. Seems he misses Bart.

– Now we’ve got a montage of Bob killing Bart and reanimating him. This is gonna go on for a while.

– Homer just exposited what the “Reanimate” lever does after we saw a montage of it working.

– Anyway, that ended.  On to segment two, “Homerzilla”!  (There’s a fresh idea.)

– You know that joke where dubbed Japanese dialogue is deliberately offset from the character’s mouths (they did it at the juicer factory in Season 4)? They just did that joke, but had Comic Book Guy pre-explain it by saying, “Yes, let us show disrespect with poorly dubbed laughter.” Woof.

– Two minute mark. Still expositing the setup.

– Homerzilla is attacking now. It’s just a series of disconnected and not terribly clever sight gags. Ooh, Homerzilla has the fighter planes on yo-yo strings!

– And now we’ve swerved into a movie parody where Hollywood executives remake Homerzilla as a big, American extravaganza. Still mostly just Homer doing weak sight gags like plugging Buzz cola.

– And it ends on them narrating text we can read.

– Segment three just started with Lisa, off screen, expositing at Bart and Milhouse. Milhouse then fell down a hole, but told us about it so we wouldn’t get confused. Then Lisa and Bart talked about getting in the hole, then they got in the hole.

– Apparently we’re doing a Chronicle thing here, so the annoyances of found footage movies can come to the small, animated screen. Lisa and Milhouse have powers, Bart doesn’t and . . .

– Montage!

– Now Lisa lets us know that, “Milhouse has gone mad with power”.  K.

– Now Maggie has superpowers and the episode finally gets around to ending with another montage.

– And we end on another admission that the show sucks, with Kang and Kodos yelling that it isn’t Season 4 anymore.

Anyway, since I’ve been blissfully slacking on this, let’s take a look at the numbers for the last three episodes.  Two weeks ago, “Puffless” pulled just 3.29 million viewers, which places it at #10 on the all time least viewed list.  A week ago, “Halloween of Horror” was watched by 3.63 million viewers.  That makes it #16.

Of course, neither of those episodes had a football lead-in the way last night’s did.  “Treehouse of Horror XXVI” was seen by an appropriately spooky 6.66 million viewers, which counts as a good number for Zombie Simpsons these days.  That’s about a million people less than last year’s Halloween show, a dropoff that’s been pretty consistent this year.


Quote of the Day


“Wherever you go and whatever you do, I’ll be there watching and waiting.” – Bart Simpson
“He says that, but I bet he gives up pretty quickly.” – Chief Wiggum


Quote of the Day

Brother From Another Series11

“Hello, brother, all’s well, I trust?” – Cecil Terwilliger
“It most certainly is not!  The workmen you’ve given me don’t know their asses from the hole in the ground they accidentally blew yesterday.” – Sideshow Bob


Quote of the Day

Brother From Another Series10

“See, Cousin Merle and me was playing fetch with Geetch, that’s our old smell hound.  And . . .” – Cletus
“Geetch gone to heaven, Mr. Terwilliger.” – Cousin Merle
“Oh, Cousin Merle!” – Sideshow Bob


Reading Digest: Floodwaters Receding Edition


“Marge, I’m going to look for the kids.” – Homer Simpson

The Lego episode is now five days in the past and the internet is starting to move onto other things, but this week’s links are still a little thin from that deluge of marketing.  Amusingly enough, though this is just my informal observation, there were a lot more links (on commercial publications and personal blogs) before the episode aired than after.  Prior to broadcast, my news feeds and Google Alerts were inundated with people posting links to images and that trailer video.  Afterwards there were quite a few reviews, mostly of the “it was pretty good” variety, but far far less overall chatter than there’d been for the build up.

Anyway, we do have a nice smattering of fan made stuff this week, including two professional artists, some Simpsons inspired heavy metal, a Lego Homer car, and an excellent modification to a couple of those recently released Lego characters.  In addition to that, we’ve got some excellent usage, a new makeup merchandising tie in, more on Bartkira, and two people doing some grilling, because it is now that time of year.


Custom Lego Zombie Simpsons Homer Marge Treehouse Horror Glow Dark Minifigures – Someone took the Lego versions of Homer and Marge and detailed them to look like zombies.  Excellent.

The Simpsons at 25: Satire in serious times – A nice writeup of the show and what made it great that is, nevertheless, curiously absent examples from the last fifteen years or so.  I wonder why?

“Simpsons Doom” band Dr. Colossus release debut EP for streaming – Awesome:

So… do you like… stuff?

“Imagine if we started the heaviest band in the world, like real doomy, Sabbathy kinda stuff. What would we call it…what’s huge?…’Colossus’?…”
“…Or like Dr. Colossus from the Simpsons…
Why don’t we just make a doom band where all the songs are based on episodes of the Simpsons?”

That’s a basic summary of Melbourne duo Dr. Colossus. It’s the doomy riffs of Black Sabbath and Kyuss meeting The Simpsons’ funniest quotes re-written into lyrics. And the duo have released their debut EP – simply titled “IV” – for streaming on SoundCloud.

The dental plan riff has never sounded so heavy. Homer Economicus: The Simpsons and Economics eBook: Joshua Hall – It isn’t being officially released until next week, but there’s a new book that attempts to explain economics through Simpsons.

The Art Of ‘Bartkira’ At Portland’s Floating World Comics – The Bartkira project rolls forward.  You can now buy a 96-page “exhibition book” for $15.

See Every ‘The Simpsons’ Character In LEGO Form – The fine young folks at Uproxx seem to have about the right take on “Brick Like Me”:

was it worth the hype? As a novelty episode of television from a show in its 25th season, yes; otherwise, not really.

For the curious, they’ve got screen grabs of what each character looked like in Lego.

Welcome To Springfield – The Simpsons and MAC Collaboration for Fall 2014 – The 25th anniversary marketing barrage continues, this time with cosmetics.

Rare NEW Fire King Stacking Mug Cup Simpsons 25th Anniversary Made in JAPAN – Further down the merchandising totem pole, plastic cups from Japan.

Homer Simpson Is ‘El Chapo’ In Prophetic Drug War Art Series – An Italian artist created some simple drawings of Homer as a couple of famous drug lords and Barack Obama selling weed to Bart.

Jaimie Warren: ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ – And speaking of art, here’s dueling self portraits, one as Boy George and one as Ralph Wiggum.  Click through for the pictures.

Woolies launching Duff Beer at Moe’s Tavern pop-up in Sydney – Aussies will soon be able to buy Duff legally, but this was just a totally blown marketing opportunity:

Kingham said that while the beer has “good novelty value”, the liquid itself will not disappoint.
“We needed to make sure the beer would stack up. It’s a perfectly good lager,” he said.

Don’t call it “perfectly good”, call it “perfectly cromulent”!

‘Simpsons’ Lego episode: Behind the writers’ favorite inside jokes – There’s some decent stuff in here, but an awful lot of it is “brick” puns.

29 Things You May Have Missed in the ‘Simpsons’ Lego Episode – And speaking of brick puns, here’s a list of them.  The duck was a nice touch and I actually didn’t notice #26, the “Lego brick separator”, but that’s because I pry those things apart with my teeth and fingernails like a civilized Lego user.

Ill-Fated Simpsons Car “The Homer” Built Out Of LEGOs – Cool:

Now that LEGO is producing sets based on The Simpsons, LEGO enthusiast Brain Williams has taken it upon himself to build an incredible replica of The Homer. You can see the model in person at Brickworld or head over to Williams’ Flickr account, loaded with pictures of plenty of awesome LEGO creations.

The link has pictures as well.  Bravo.

The Beaten Path: Aaron Pico Is the Future King of Fighting – Excellent usage:

During one episode of The Simpsons, they catch Bart committing some schoolyard prank, and he must meet his principal for disciplinary activities at 4:30 in the morning.
His response to the punishment: “There’s a 4:30 in the morning now?”
Indeed there is, even if most kids (and adults) aren’t overly familiar with it. This drives to the heart of what makes Aaron Pico so unusual. He knows 4:30 in the morning like the back of his hand

Cue the Opening Theme – YouTube of some famous TV show openings which obviously includes The Simpsons.  It’s also nice to see Looney Tunes included.  Their opening is just as iconic, but it’s not a typical montage, so it’s rarely on lists like this.

The Gusface Traveller Chilli Con Carne – The chili looks incredibly good, but while you can’t eat it through the internet, there’s a great .gif of Bart’s time for chili hat that you can see.

‘The Simpsons’ Get Better Ratings In LEGO Form – I imagine that tepid spin like this was not the big publicity bump they thought it would be:

amidst a national epidemic of LEGO fever, The Simpsons fared about 20% than usual last night with its LEGO episode. Now, I’m sure with the expense and marketing behind it, the producers were hoping for/expecting a higher number, but with the show getting some of its worst ratings in history these days, any upward movement is welcome.

That sounds like the last thing someone says before a plane crash.

Game of Thrones – Via Text – This is mostly about the most recent Game of Thrones episode, but there is a delightful .gif of Burns laughing at that crippled Irishman.

Sorry, Moe – Apparently, ogling the ladies in the Sears catalog isn’t as shameful as it used to be.  Heh.

Scientists reverse aging in mice by giving them young blood – You can’t steal blood from the young and give it to the old without referencing “Blood Feud”.

Hank Azaria Settle on the Upper West Side in $9.2 Million Co-op – Azaria is moving from one massively expensive New York City apartment to another one.  That is all.

Hank Azaria on Late Night with Conan O’Brien (Simpsons Voices) – Speaking of Azaria, this is from a few years ago and Azaria does some voices and is generally charming, including a story about an Indian guy who yelled at him for doing Apu.  Near the end, they briefly discuss the origins of Jub-Jub.

The Simpsons: Television Royalty – There’s nothing here that your typical Simpsons fan doesn’t already know, but it’s a nice little love letter to the show.

Eat My Shorts! – First hand review of the Lego figures complete with detailed images.

#019 COM: Elizabeth and Ezekiel – Cool fan made drawing.

Help it’s Allergy season! – Oh, man, Milhouse would not last long there.

Tonight we’re grilling beef! – Is that an officially licensed Simpsons grill or a decal?  I can’t quite tell.  The color is nice, though.


Compare & Contrast: Sideshow Bob On Top of a Dam

Brother From Another Series9

“This looks like the work of crazy old Sideshow Bob.” – Chief Wiggum
“No, chief, Bob’s innocent!  It’s the truth.” – Lisa Simpson
“The truth, huh?  That sounds like the testimony of crazy old Lisa Simpson.” – Chief Wiggum

Sometimes Zombie Simpsons makes it hard to tell the difference between fan service and one of its regularly craptacular plot zigzags.  Was the fact that Sideshow Bob chased Bart and Lisa to the top of a dam at the end of “The Man Who Grew Too Much” supposed to be a shout out to “Brother From the Same Planet”?  Or was it just the only thing that came to mind when they decided that it had to end with him plummeting to his apparent death and having gills?

Whatever the motivation, they chose an ending with a perfectly superficial resemblance to its predecessor.  To get the basics out of the way quickly, “Brother From Another Series” patiently and steadily built up to that climax.  The dam’s construction is the center of the plot, and it is only at the end that we find out that Cecil is the one behind its imminent collapse.  So when Bob and the children are confronted with their own deaths in and above the dam, we know how they got there and what’s going on.  Zombie Simpsons literally just hopped up there:

Grasshopperus Bob

Here we see Sideshow Bob demonstrating his “grasshopper thighs” on a public street in downtown Springfield.

The very next shot:

Grasshopperus Bob Lands

Grasshopperus Bob lands squarely in front of Bart and Lisa on top of a dam very far from downtown Springfield.

And just in case there was any doubt about where they were supposed to be, here’s the zoomed out view from right after he lands:

Downtown Dam

I coulda swore there was a city around here somewhere.  Huh.  Guess not.

Zombie Simpsons has a lot of long running problems with setting and object permanence, but this is pretty impressive even by their standards.  A genetically engineered supervillain leapt from downtown straight to the top of the dam while Bart and Lisa teleported to the same location.  It’s like listening to a four-year-old tell a story:

Adorable Child: And then Sideshow Bob jumped from the street and landed on the dam!
Patient Parent/Guardian: And were Bart and Lisa on top of the dam too, sweetie?
Adorable Child: Yes!

Beyond the basics of how each episode got to the top of the dam, however, are what Sideshow Bob says and does once he’s up there.  Here is the entirety of Bob’s spoken dialogue at the end of “The Man Who Grew Too Much”:

“Python jaw: unhinge!”

“Who am I kidding?  My only exit is a final one.”

“Farewell, Simpsons, and, Lisa, when you’re older, write an autobiographical novel trashing the rest of them.”

“Oh, right, I gave myself gills.”

By any measure that’s very weak, especially when you remember that part of this is him trying to kill himself because of the horrible genetic freak he’s become.  But it gets worse when you realize that the whole thing, basically the entire ending, contains but a single, solitary stab at humor, having Bob tell Lisa to write a novel that trashes her family.  By contrast, here is just some of Bob’s dialogue from the end of “Brother From Another Series”:

“Lisa, you don’t spend ten years as a homicidal maniac without learning a few things about dynamite.”

“You’ve brought shame to this family, Cecil.  Oh, I don’t relish having to write the Christmas letter this year.”

“You’ll live to regret this!  Oh, thanks a lot, now I look crazy.”

“I’m older, I get the top bunk!”

That’s the Sideshow Bob we know and love.  He’s sarcastic, petty and crazy, but still refined and snooty.  And, look, there’s actual jokes, punchlines and witty asides!  Nary a bizarre plot twist or superpower activation to be seen, and I left out plenty of lines that were interactions with other characters (“Bart, how would you like to do something incredibly noble?”, “Do we have to?”, “Yes.”).

Just as importantly, look at what he does in each episode.  At the end of “Brother From Another Series”, he and Lisa start disarming Cecil’s bomb, then he has to save Bart, then he and Bart try to sacrifice themselves to save the town, then he gets thrown back in prison because Chief Wiggum is a dolt, and then he and Cecil get into a brotherly slap fight over the top bunk.  He has all that stuff to do because there was an actual episode prior to his getting up on the dam.  Cecil needs to be thwarted, Bart needed to be saved, and, because this is television and everything has to go back to the way it was, Bob had to go back to prison.

By contrast, “The Man Who Grew Too Much” didn’t really have Bob do anything.  Once he got done bouncing around on his grasshopper thighs and he’s at the top of the dam, what’s left?  He sort of has a confrontation with the teens, but not really.  Lisa quotes Walt Whitman, which makes him want to kill himself all of a sudden.  He jumps.  The end.  The dam itself has nothing to do with anything.  Bob hadn’t previously been thinking about killing himself, so that one came right the fuck out of left field.  The teens are with Homer and Marge for unknown reasons and have no prior reason to want to fight Bob.  The only part of the end that has anything to do with the rest of the episode is Lisa quoting Whitman, but that has nothing to do with the dam, the teens, or Bob’s superpowers.  It’s maniacal and empty because it’s hollower than the shoddy, embezzlement crippled dam Cecil built.


Quote of the Day

Brother From Another Series6

“Hey, you said we were going to Dairy Queen.” – Lisa Simpson
“I lied.  Now help me rummage through Bob’s trash for clues.  Then I promise we’ll go to the water slide.” – Bart Simpson
“Okay.” – Lisa Simpson


Quote of the Day

Brother From Another Series5

“There it is, the future site of the Springfield Hydroelectric Dam.” – Cecil Terwilliger
“Just the thought of all that raw, surging power makes me wonder why the hell I should care.” – Sideshow Bob
“Because you’ll be supervising the construction crew.” – Cecil Terwilliger
“Oh, great.  Whenever a woman passes by I suppose it will be my job to lead the hooting.  Oh, yeah.  Shake it, madam.  Capital knockers.” – Sideshow Bob


Quote of the Day

Brother From Another Series4

“You wanted to be Krusty’s sidekick since you were five!  What about the buffoon lessons?  The four years at clown college?” – Sideshow Bob
“I’ll thank you not to refer to Princeton that way!” – Cecil


Quote of the Day

Brother From Another Series3

“You do know I used to have a . . . problem with trying to kill people?” – Sideshow Bob
“Goodness, I had no idea!  For you see, I have been on Mars for the last decade, in a cave with my eyes shut and my fingers in my ears.” – Cecil
“Touche, Cecil.” – Sideshow Bob


Ned Flanders: Party Guy

“That was Edna Krabappel.  You only get one chance with Edna Krabappel.” – Sideshow Bob

Via comes an interview with Marcia Wallace.  She talks about her career, how she got started and, naturally, Mrs. Krabappel.  It’s a neat little read, but there’s also this nauseating bit about an upcoming episode of Zombie Simpsons:

Carol had better luck than poor Edna, she is looking for love in all the wrong places. I just did an episode last week where I have a romance with Ned Flanders. And there is going to be an online poll to ask America whether they should get together.

The only question I have is whether or not this is going to be more teeth grindingly painful to watch than the time they awkwardly shoved Marge and Ned together.  Since Zombie Simpsons is nothing if not adept at disappointing its audience, I’ll withhold judgment until I’ve seen it.  The online poll is a nice touch, albeit one that reeks of desperation to still be relevant. 

As much as we loathe Zombie Simpsons around here, we do love Marcia Wallace.  The interview is to promote an appearance by her and some other actors in Chicago this weekend (today and tomorrow).  It’s mostly people like her, recognizable actors who never become big stars.  The guy who played Phil Leotardo on The Sopranos and told Joe Pesci to get his shine box in Goodfellas will be there, as will Cindy Morgan of Caddyshack and TRON fame.  So if you’re in Chicago and don’t have plans for the weekend, you could do worse. 


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