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Quote of the Day

“Did you wish me to destroy this machine for you?” – Snooty Valet
“Nah. Just park it.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

“Wait a minute, the family name is my legacy to you. I got it from my father. And he got it from his father. And he traded a mule for it. And that mule went on to save spring break.” – Abe “Grampa” Simpson


Season 28 Publicity Stunts Teased (No, You Shouldn’t Care)


“It’s hard to believe someone that young could’ve risen to the rank of admiral.” – Marge Simpson

It’s August, which means that it’s time for the networks to show off their upcoming seasons to critics and advertisers. In addition to celebrating another meaningless milestone (600 episodes, 400+ of which are Zombie Simpsons), they’re going to have a two-part episode:

The animated Fox comedy will offer up an hourlong episode (including commercial time) that is a hip-hop homage to The Great Gatsby and features such guest voices as Taraji P. Henson and Keegan-Michael Key, the network announced at the TCA Summer Press Tour on Monday.

It’s going to be some kind of rap musical, which would’ve been awesome in 1996 and will undoubtedly be wince inducing when it’s broadcast in January of 2017. (Remember what happened the last time they did a cross-over with a music heavy FOX show? It wasn’t pretty.) Their other publicity stunt is to share Amy Schumer as a guest voice with Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers:

The comedian will guest-star on three animated Fox shows on Sept. 25, the network announced on Monday at the Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour. “She recorded all shows at once and they were very accommodating and they can pretty much record someone in any city,” Fox chief Dana Walden told reporters. “It was just very lucky and fortuitous. It was always designed for the same actor. That was our goal and what the shows anticipated, that there would be connective tissue throughout the night.”

The Inside Amy Schumer star will play different characters on Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, and Family Guy.

I’m not quite sure how to fully parse that. If “It was always designed for the same actor” doesn’t refer to a single character, then is the “It” there merely the publicity stunt of having one person on all three shows and they just happened to slot in Schumer? Either way: meh.


Quote of the Day


“Well, if it isn’t that stupid cop from TV. . . . Ah, that got it.” – Chief Wiggum


Quote of the Day

Homer to the Max3

“Wow, look at this place.  The house number is spelled out with letters.” – Marge Simpson
“Get used to it, honey.  From now on we’ll be spelling everything with letters.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

Homer to the Max2

“Your character provides the comic relief, like, oh, Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.” – Marge Simpson


Crazy Noises: Homer to the Max

Homer to the Max1

“Kids, there’s three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power way!” – Max Power
“Isn’t that the wrong way?” – Bart Simpson
“Yeah, but faster!” – Max Power

For the third summer in a row, we at the Dead Homer Society are looking to satisfy your off-season longing for substandard commentary on substandard Simpsons.  This summer we’ll be looking at Season 10.  Why Season 10?  Because we’ve already done Seasons 8 and 9 and we can’t put it off any longer.  Prior to Season 10, we watched as the show started falling over, this is when it fell over.  And while the dust wouldn’t settle completely for another season or so, there is no bigger gap in quality than the one between Season 9 and Season 10.  Since we prefer things to remain just as they were in 1995, we’re sticking with this chatroom thing instead of some newer means of communication that we all know just isn’t as good.  This text has been edited for clarity and spelling (especially on “Rockefeller”).

Today’s episode is 1013, “Homer to the Max”.  Tomorrow will be 1014, “I’m With Cupid”.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Ready to get started?

Dave: Let’s do it.

Mad Jon:  Ready

Charlie Sweatpants:  So, Max Power . . .

I think this one could’ve been a highlight of the late seasons if it’d had a decent B-plot, but there just isn’t enough here in one story and it feels really stretched and thin.

Mad Jon:  That’s a good observation, there really isn’t enough for just the Max Power bit, but in order to wrap the tall order of going from popular due to his name to joining Springfield’s elite, they really had to rush the end.

Charlie Sweatpants:  The end is one of those Zombie Simpsons specials where they paint themselves into a corner so they have no choice but to basically go nuclear in the last two minutes.

Charlie Sweatpants:  They’re at that nice little party and then – wham – it’s chained to trees with no warning, no foreshadowing, nothing.

Dave:  That seems essentially correct. Gotta tie up the loose ends somehow… especially with the level of escalation in this episode.

Mad Jon:  There were some funny parts, I enjoyed the scene with the producers, also when he changes his name, and Clinton made me chuckle as well.

Charlie Sweatpants:  There are quite a few funny parts, and the Clinton stuff, both his complaining that Quebec has the bomb and that he hangs out in a tool shed were funny, but that final scene always annoys me.

First, it does the "list the celebrities" thing, with Woody Harrelson, Ed Begley Jr., and Lorne Michaels.  Then there’s Homer’s screaming overreactions to everything Trent Steele says.

Dave:  I will freely admit to liking the Max Power song. It’s delightfully terrible.

Mad Jon:  Well, the garden party scene is part of the rushed ending, but there are still funny bits.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Again, there are funny bits, but this is the kind of thing that never would’ve happened even in Season 8.

Mad Jon:  And yes, they do make a quite a point of listing all the celebrities.

Charlie Sweatpants:  It’s not just the ending either.  The stream of nonsense coming from all the producers is funny, but did Homer just walk to Hollywood?  There’s no reason for him to be there.  Hell, they could’ve showed the producers without even mentioning him.  But they crammed him in so they could work in three – count ’em three! – jokes where a guy falls into a cactus.

Mad Jon:  Agreed, but I still like the producer scene. "Titanic Meets Frasier" always makes me laugh.

Charlie Sweatpants:  I always chuckle at "but it scared the hell out of us".  I’m pretty sure that’s Castellaneta and it gets me every time, but my point stands.

Mad Jon:  Although I think maybe my favorite part is a quick visual joke.  When Carl notices that Homer is mentioned in an article about local man having a famous name, the front page simply says "It’s War".

Charlie Sweatpants:  Yeah, that’s good.  Though I’m obligated to point out it was originally on "The Critic".

Mad Jon:  Fair enough.

Charlie Sweatpants: After Homer sits down and can’t remember Carl’s name though, that scene goes right to shit.

It’s mildly funny at first, but they keep it up.

Mad Jon:  True enough.

Charlie Sweatpants:  I’m not super enthusiastic about opening The MacFarlane Box here, but this is Homer at a Peter Griffin level of stupidity and knee jerk flights of fancy.

I do not like it.

Mad Jon:  Me neither.  I also do not want to spend a lot of time on this, but there was most assuredly a lot of similarities in this.

Charlie Sweatpants:  The irony is that this is the episode that gave us Admiral Baby, and Marge saying "It’s hard to believe someone that young could’ve risen to the rank of admiral."  I think of that all the time when Zombie Simpsons does something television-y stupid, like the end of this episode.

Again, there are quite a few good jokes in here, but they tend to be of the quick variety.  That they use real blood in the dumb cop show and then flash a "Give Blood Today" is good, as is "By the Numbers" for the production studio.

There are some good Homer lines too, like casually telling Marge "They have acids that can burn that off" when she mentions the tattoo of his name on her "you know what".  I’m also fond of Homer’s love of Thai food, and there’s the immortal exchange with Bart about doing things the right way, the wrong way and the Max power way.

Mad Jon:  That is a line that can tie together generations. 

Charlie Sweatpants:  But these are diamonds in the rough, the story is so slipshod and herky jerky you can hardly follow it.

I mean, why does Homer briefly become an attic bound shut in?  That whole scene just sits there like late addition filler, it has practically nothing to do with the rest of the episode.

Mad Jon:  Agreed, I never even though about what you said earlier, about how Homer is in Hollywood all of the sudden.  That stuff is pretty rampant in these later seasons. There is a lot of random scene jumping like that and the attic scene.  They feel like they were late additions almost.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Like I said, I’m always hesitant to bring up Family Guy, but this episode has a certain feel to it.

Dave:  The slapdash nature of it all does feel more than a little FG.

Charlie Sweatpants:  It’s got some funny spots, quite a few actually, but it’s too flimsy to be the show of old.

Mad Jon:  It’s not a bad episode as long as you can ignore certain issues, which I usually can.  Although I still haven’t seen this one in forever before I had to watch it yesterday.

So I guess that tells me something.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Anything else here, good or bad?  I did like some of Homer and Marge’s other potential names, Hercules Rockefeller and Chesty LaRue in particular, and Hippie Strength mace is good, but, as with so much else I liked about this episode, those were all asides.

Mad Jon:  I don’t really have anything new to add.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Dave?

Dave:  Nope.

Mad Jon:  Perhaps we should move on to Valentines Day then.

Charlie Sweatpants:  And it’s not even that time of year.

Mad Jon:  Which it really wasn’t for this episode either.  Unless you live in the South or the West Coast.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Huh?

Oh, another unusually warm Feb 14th?

I get it.  I get jokes.

Mad Jon:  And the children walked home without jackets.


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