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Leonard Nimoy Boldly Goes


“Well, my work is done here.” – Leonard Nimoy
“What do you mean, ‘Your work is done’?  You didn’t do anything.” – Barney
“Didn’t I?” – Leonard Nimoy 

The sad news today is that Leonard Nimoy, repeat Simpsons (and Futurama) guest voice, accomplished photographer, dispenser of vocal wisdom, bard of Bilbo, Shatner-putter-upper-with, and, of course, the one true Spock, died this morning.  He was 83, and you can read his full obituary here.  The best I can say about him is that he did what he told everyone else to do: lived long and prospered.

In other news, there isn’t going to be a Reading Digest this week because winter finally caught up with me and I’ve been too sick to do much beyond move back and forth between bed and couch since Tuesday.  Sorry for the late notice, but I haven’t been able to prop myself in front of a computer for more than about thirty minutes at a stretch all week.

If your weekend is going to involve as much sedentary teevee watching as mine, may I make the following Nimoy-related suggestions:

“Marge vs. the Monorail”
“The Springfield Files”
Futurama – “Space Pilot 3000”
Futurama – “Where No Fan Has Gone Before”
Star Trek – “The Galileo Seven” (<- Nimoy saves everyone)
Star Trek – “Mirror, Mirror” (<- Evil goatee Nimoy)
Star Trek – “Amok Time” (<- This one sucks except for the fight, which that link will take you right to.)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (<- Spock dies, sniffle)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 
(<- Directed by Nimoy, and he gets to play a comic straight man)
Star Trek: The Next Generation – “Unification I & II”

Or you could just play Civ IV.  Feel free to leave any more suggestions in the comments.

[Edited to add: Transformers: The Movie.  How the hell did I forget he voiced Galvatron (the even more evil rebuild of Megatron) in the only Transformers movie that doesn’t suck?]


Quote of the Day

The Springfield Files3

“Hello, I’m Leonard Nimoy.  The following tale of alien encounters is true, and by true I mean false.  It’s all lies, but they’re entertaining lies, and in the end, isn’t that the real truth?  The answer is no.” – Leonard Nimoy

Happy birthday Leonard Nimoy!


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