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Quote of the Day

“Now, this is living, eh, kids? Hot pizza! The food of kings!” – Homer Simpson
“Don’t be scared, Dad. It’s not so hard taking care of us.” – Lisa Simpson
“Lisa, I’m not scared. I think it’s a great chance to spend some time with you kids. Your mother always gets to be alone with you, and now it’s my turn . . . Does the time always drag like this?” – Homer Simpson

Happy 30th anniversary to “Life on the Fast Lane”! 


Double Secret Makeup Quote of the Day

“Oh, Jacques, it fits! You got it in my size and it has my name on it. It’s really for me!” – Marge Simpson

Happy [two days belated] birthday, Julie Kavner! 


Quote of the Day

“See you in church on Sunday, Marge.” – Helen Lovejoy
“Goodbye, Helen.” – Marge Simpson
“Goodbye, Helen! . . . You have a lovely friend there. Let’s hope something runs over her.” – Jacques


Quote of the Day

“I read about what happens to kids whose parents no longer love and cherish each other. They go through eight separate stages. Right now, I’m in stage three: fear. You’re in stage two: denial.” – Lisa Simpson
“No, I’m not.” – Bart Simpson
“Yes, you are.” – Lisa Simpson
“No, I’m not!” – Bart Simpson
“Yes, you are!” – Lisa Simpson
“Am not! Am not! Am not!” – Bart Simpson

Happy birthday David Silverman!


Reading Digest: Pancakes Edition

Life on the Fast Lane8

“This is gonna be the best birthday breakfast Mom ever had.” – Lisa Simpson
“Hey, Lis, you think that’s enough for her?” – Bart Simpson
“Maybe one more.” – Lisa Simpson

Since the Fourth falls on a Saturday this year, making tomorrow a de facto holiday, here’s Reading Digest a day early.  The holiday mean that it’s shorter than usual, but we’ve got several excellent pieces of fan art, an unofficial Lego house, and pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!


The Big Lebowski vs. The Pin Pals: Who Wins a Fictional Bowling Game? – He had to exclude Otto and Burns to make the teams even, but the analysis here is pretty good:

Like his personality Sobchak blows hot and cold so you never know what you’re going to get. If Cynthia’s dog is taken care of and his laundry is clean, he could put up a 250. If the slightest little iota is out of order, he might not break 100.

Rick and Morty Season 2 Premiere Trailer: Mr. Meseeks and Intergalactic Customs Return, Comic-Con Footage Comes to Life: Heh:

A Rick and Morty Season 2 promo trailer is here. Apparently this first look trailer for Rick and Morty Season 2 aired during The Simpsons Season 26 finale but Rick and Morty fans are only just noticing its existence. Does anyone still watch The Simpsons?

Not really, no.  In other news, I am looking forward to more Rick and Morty.

The Future of TSTO game – Pt. 1 – The main Tapped Out site is expanding to cover other topics.  Having been off Tapped Out for a year and a half now, I find this amusing:

Step-by-step instructions on how to proceed in an event. While we know this information is helpful to our readers, it is one of the least enjoyable topics to write about. As events become more complicated and cumbersome, this process become more of a chore.

Nothing says “fun” like “complicated and cumbersome”.

I Got In Touch With People Who Abused Me Online To Ask Why – A BuzzFeed writer wrote about never having watched the show, and, being female, got death and rape threats.  One dude finds a bit of absolution for it.

7 Reasons to Visit San Francisco – Scroll to #6 for some excellent Simpsons art.

LISTEN: The Simpsons – ‘The Call Of The Simpsons’ Review – You ever know a siren to be good?

Danny Elfman on Film Scores, ‘Simpsons’ and Working With Tim Burton – Every time there’s an interview with Elfman, he tells the story basically the same way:

I told Matt Groening, “If you want something contemporary – television contemporary – I’m not the guy.” ‘Cause I didn’t understand TV themes in the Eighties at all. “If you want something really retro, I’m the guy.” ‘Cause it felt like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that never was, and there was something reminiscent of The Flintstones: going through the city, even though Fred Flintstone was running and Homer’s driving the car. And he said, “Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for.” I wrote it in my head in the car on the way back. By the time I got home from the meeting it was all done. I ran downstairs, recorded a demo, sent it out, got a call back, Matt says, “Yeah, great.” It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

DOH-ceptively spacious – Fan made mini-version of the Simpsons Lego house.  Well done.

HOMIE – Fan made drawing of Homer with an alien piercing his skull.  Neat.

We Got Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz To Do An Audition For “The Simpsons” – As I said on Twitter, he butchers the “magical animal” setup, but overall he isn’t terrible.  The .gifs, especially Twirling for Freedom, will come in very handy if he wins the nomination.

Max (movie)…In 10 Words – We’ll get you a new dog, one with an untwistable psyche!

Ted 2…In 10 Words – Hug, him, squeeze him, tug at his fur.

▶ Pancake Art – Homer Simpson (Simpsons) Easy – This doesn’t look all that easy to me, but I can’t draw for squat:

There are also videos for Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.  Bravo.


Quote of the Day

Life on the Fast Lane7

“Look, Dad, I don’t know what’s going on, but once you gave me some advice that might help.” – Bart Simpson
“I gave you advice?  Get out of here.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

Life on the Fast Lane6

“Marge?  Marge Simpson?  You remember me, don’t you?  I’m Helen Lovejoy the gossipy wife of the minister.” – Helen Lovejoy
“Yes, hello, Helen.” – Marge Simpson
“Well, I had just finished eating and was about to leave when I looked over this way and said to myself, why isn’t that Marge Simpsons over there having brunch with a man who isn’t her husband?, and I just had to come over and say hello.” – Helen Lovejoy

Happy birthday Maggie Roswell! 


Quote of the Day

Life on the Fast Lane5

“Don’t be scared, Dad.  It’s not so hard taking care of us.” – Lisa Simpson
“Lisa, I’m not scared.  I think it’s a great chance to spend some time with you kids.  Your mother always gets to be alone with you, and now it’s my turn. . . . Does the time always drag like this?” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

Life on the Fast Lane4

“Look at him wolf down that gristle.” – Patty Bouvier
“It’s an accident waiting to happen.” – Selma Bouvier
“Do you know the Heimlich Maneuver?” – Patty Bouvier
“No.” – Selma Bouvier
“Good.” – Patty Bouvier


Quote of the Day

Life on the Fast Lane3

“Hey, wait a minute.  You’re gonna need a lane.” – Bowlarama Guy
“No thanks, I’m just here out of spite.” – Marge Simpson


Quote of the Day

Life on the Fast Lane2

“Hey, what’ll I tell the boss?” – Power Plant Guy
“Tell him I’m going to the back seat of my car, with the woman I love, and I won’t be back for ten minutes!” – Homer Simpson

Happy (belated . . . again, ach I’m bad a this) 20th Anniversary to “Life on the Fast Lane”!  (Original airdate 18 March 1990) 


Reading Digest: Brunch FAIL Edition

Brunch (with Cantaloupe) Image used under Creative Commons license from Flickr user Annie Mole.

“Meet me tomorrow for brunch.” – Jacques
“What’s brunch?” – Marge Simpson
“You’d love it, it’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end.  You don’t get completely what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal!” – Jacques

One of the most irritating results of the continued propagation of Zombie Simpsons across the world is the degradation of actual Simpsons knowledge.  The show is now famous and well known less for what’s actually on the show than for just being famous and well known.  And so you get things like the first link this week, where Homer is invoked as a way to hook the reader but the actual Simpsons take on the subject at hand is ignored.  Also this week a wooden Homer gets burned in an electric chair, a metal Homer is carved into a Euro coin,  Al Gore wrote a book, Mickey Mouse got his groove back and we found some other people that agree with us.


Brunch is the perfect meal – This is a review of some brunch places in North Carolina.  This is the opening:

I feel about brunch the way Homer Simpson feels about donuts. Brunch is the perfect meal: not too early, not too fussy, come as you are, eat breakfast or lunch, savory or sweet

You’re combining Simpsons and brunch without quoting Jacques?  For shame.

The 14 most awesome fake products from The Simpsons – This is a pretty weak list.  It’s got some Zombie Simpsons on it, about three of them are from “King Size Homer”, and there isn’t one product from “I Can’t Believe They Invented It”.  It does have “Nuts and Gum” though (via Twitter).

Simpsons Confidential: uncensored history of the show – It’s the New Zealand version of Ortved’s book. 

Halloween inferno proves to be popular tradition – This guy builds giant things to burn for Halloween bonfires.  This year he built Homer in an electric chair and there’s a picture of it. 

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie interview – Scroll way, way down for yet another Marge Simpsons costume.  This seems a tad harsh though:

Have there been any notable cosplayers for you?
JM: There was a fantastic Lion-O.
KG: Lion-O rules!
JM: Lion-O’s brilliant, and it was his own hair, which was good!
KG: And there was also the return of Marge Simpson
Yeah, Marge Simpson, who doesn’t look like they’re dressed as Marge Simpson – it looks like they’ve killed Marge Simpson, skinned her, and are wearing her skin.
KG: It’s like a Buffalo Bill, fucked-up Marge Simpson. Very sinister. And it scares me.

It doesn’t look that creepy. 

DOH! – A guy with Homer shaved into the back of his head.  That is all. 

Spanish shopkeeper finds Homer Simpson euro – This is from last year, but it’s new to us.  Someone scratched out King Juan Carlos and replaced him with Homer (via):

Homer Euro Image via Reuters.

‘Super Size Me’ filmmaker Morgan Spurlock to speak at Washburn University – Live in or around Topeka, Kansas?  Spurlock is coming to Washburn University at 7:00pm on Thursday, December 3rd. 

the simpsons chess set – Exactly what it says.  Though I think it’s a pretty lazy chess set.  With all those characters from which to choose they only used the family, and Bart is all of the pawns on both sides.  Why not mix things up a bit?  Sure make Homer and Marge the King and Queen on one side, but what about Ned and Maude on the other? 

*xmas* Mini Pez “the Simpsons” Moc No Maggie? – Krusty Brand Seal of Approval alert. 

IPhone Application Translates Babies’ Howls – A few months ago we came across a baby translator gizmo, now there’s an iPhone app for it (via Twitter).

qotd – Swartzwelder stuff from Ortved’s book.  Very much worth a click. 

While We’re On The Subject Of Al Gore’s Credibility… – Al Gore has apparently written a new book.  You know what that means: time to celebrate (with YouTube)!.

A Solar Powered Monorail System For Bologna – Mono means one, and rail means rail (via Twitter)

The Foliage – Obscure but well done usage.  (Also, if you look at this profile picture you can see the author wearing Simpson pants.) 

Mickey Mouse gets his edge back – Disney is rebranding Mickey Mouse as a bit more of a scamp.  The New York Times wrote an article about it which Wallet Pop quoted in a DHS approved kind of way:

He was, as the New York Times, puts it, "the Bart Simpson of his day," but even that reference is dated by about 20 years, as Bart himself, like Mickey, has gradually grown sweeter and milkier with time.

He’s “milkier” alright. 

Donut Bath – Donut bath?  Donut bath.  (With some Simpsons context.) 

Film Festivals and The Simpsons, Part 1. – This is just a screen grab of Bart, Lisa and Maggie at the innuendo laden “Stock Footage Festival” from “Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy”.  And the screen shot was grabbed from our old friends at Eye on Springfield.  But the name of the blog is “I Prefer Your Earlier Work” and if that doesn’t sum up how we feel about The Simpsons, what does?

November: The Money Pit, part 2 – Excellent usage. 

The Ten Best Simpsons Episodes – This is a cromulent list.  The breakdown of episodes per season:

  • Season 3: 2
  • Season 4: 2
  • Season 5: 3
  • Season 6: 1
  • Season 7: 1
  • Season 8: 1
  • Zombie Simpsons: Zero.

The Ten Greatest TV Shows – Same blog as above, and yes The Simpsons is #1, but here’s the money quote:

The first half of the shows long and successful run of almost 20 years is simply untouched it terms of quality in the writing.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.


Quote of the Day

Life on the Fast Lane1

Don’t worry, this frosting’ll come right off.  Beauty, isn’t she?” – Homer Simpson
“Well it’s hard for me to judge, since I’ve never bowled in my life!” – Marge Simpson
“Well if you don’t want it, I know someone who does.” – Homer Simpson

Happy Birthday Julie Kavner!


Quote of the Day

“What’s brunch?” – Marge Simpson

“You’d love it, it’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end.  You don’t get completely what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal!” – Jacques


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