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Quote of the Day

“I could’ve been equipment manager . . . but, nooooo.” – Milhouse van Houten


Quote of the Day

“In that case, I sentence you to a lifetime of horror on Monster Island! . . . Don’t worry, it’s just a name.” – Chief Justice
“He said it was just a name!” – Lisa Simpson
“What he meant is that Monster Island is actually a peninsula!” – Monster Island Resident Geography Expert


Quote of the Day

Lisa on Ice2

“Oh yes, we won!  We won!  We won!  Um, unfortunately, since I bet on the other team, heh . . . uh, we won’t be going for pizza.” – Chief Wiggum


Quote of the Day

“I better go check that out. Now, Homer, don’t you eat this pie.” – Marge Simpson
“Okay . . . Alright, pie, I’m just gonna do this . . . and if you get eaten, it’s your own fault. . . . D’oh! Oww! Ohhh, my . . . oh the hell with it.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

“It’s Channel 6, Action News!” – TV Announcer
“Ah, Action News, the last place an impressionable kid can go for TV violence.” – Bart Simpson


Quote of the Day


“Hey, Milhouse, knock him down if he’s in your way! Jimbo, Jimbo, go for the face! Look! Ralph Wiggum lost his shin guard! Hack the bone! Hack the bone!” – Lisa Simpson
“Wow, eye of tiger, mouth of a teamster! To think of all the time I wasted on you!” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day


“I don’t want anyone to give her a hard time just because she’s different. No jokes. No taunting. . . Ah, haha! Look! That kid’s got bosoms! Who’s got a wet towel? C’mere you butterball!” – Homer Simpson
“Don’t make me run. I’m full of chocolate!” – Uter


Quote of the Day

Lisa on Ice15

“I think women should be able to play any sport men play, but hockey is so violent and dangerous. Look at Milhouse’s teeth.” – Marge Simpson
“Mom, will you stop showing us those.” – Bart Simpson


Quote of the Day


“Children, that was our only ball.  There’ll be no team this year.” – Vollyball Coach
“Awwww.” – Girls


Reading Digest: Weak Defenses of Zombie Simpsons Edition


“I think Lisa needs to feel a little special tonight.  How about letting her ride up front too?” – Marge Simpson
“Eh, I tried.” – Homer Simpson

As was inevitable as soon as FXX decided to run the marathon consecutively, instead of something more humanitarian like banishing Zombie Simpsons to the unemployable alcoholic angry loner hours, there have been some defenses of Zombie Simpsons cropping up in the last few days.  To start things off, we’ve got three of those, followed by another overflowing pile of other great stuff.  We’ve got several links to fan art, lots of people reminiscing about the show, a woman who kept her Maggie doll for twenty-four years, and lists and lists and lists of episodes, most of which wouldn’t don’t even mention Zombie Simpsons.


To start, here are three professional defenses of Zombie Simpsons, in decreasing order of both quality and defensiveness of Zombie Simpsons (that’s not a coincidence):

Extend Your Simpsons Marathon Buzz With These Videos: Gothamist – This one is very solid and is also Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week despite citing some truly awful episodes as “gems”.  For starters, there is a metric ton of good YouTube here, including that great Conan O’Brien discussion with the old writers, The Longest Daycare, and some other stuff.  Closer to my heart is this:

Despite our reservations, we have truly enjoyed this chance to catch up a bit on the so-called “Zombie Simpsons” era, the not-so-affectionate term Simpsons aficionados use for the show post-season 12.

They didn’t give us a link, which I was a little miffed about at first.  Especially because the author goes on to inadvertently cite the two big reasons the show went to hell (writer turnover and that march of time) before basically agreeing with the central premise of “Zombie Simpsons”, namely that it and The Simpsons aren’t the same show:

The show is certainly not the same as it used it (which you can blame on changes in the writing room, or just a byproduct of the inexorable march of time and commerce upon an hit animated television show), and the later seasons don’t touch the first decade (they don’t exist in the same universe, truly)

But then it occurred to me that it’s actually better that we’re not linked because that means the term is catching!  Everything is falling into place and all I have to do is take the ice scraper, road maps, and jade monkey out of my glove box before the next full moon.

Sorry haters, The Simpsons is still really good – Thanks to the five or so people who sent me this misleadingly headlined Vox article.  Why misleading?  Well, try this:

Yes, the show repeats itself a fair amount, but it would be hard for it not to. And, yes, the show has sort of lost a point-of-view character, as its writers have aged past first the Simpson kids and then even the Simpson parents. Many stories in its later years tend to be along the lines of “Can you believe things are this way?!” and have the tone of a particularly perturbed anecdote in the “Life in These United States” feature in Reader’s Digest.

There’s more tepid praise and “to be sure” type statements at the link, so “Sorry haters” isn’t exactly justified by the actual text.

It’s also worth pointing out that the two videos he embeds are about as far from your run of the mill Zombie Simpsons episode as it’s possible to get.  One was the Guillermo del Toro opening, which they had basically nothing to do with.  The other was from the Lego episode, which was their most lovingly produced and hyped episode in a very long time, and still sucked worse than Season 11.

The Simpson’s Maude Flanders Isn’t as Good as She Seems – And finally, we come to our old friend MovieBob, last seen around these parts making wild assumptions without any evidence to back them up.  Well, matters haven’t changed much.  He spends half his post coming to the realization that Maude was kind of an authoritarian and praising her character for being better than he remembers, then noting that she dies in Season 11 . . . you know, when Zombie Simpsons finally took over.  More amusing, is this:

It also helps put to lie the “Zombie Simpsons” fallacy — the notion of a seismic downward-shift in quality. There are good episodes as recently as last season, and entries from the infallible “classic” era that don’t really hold up. (Mr. Burns sexually-harassing Marge in Marge Gets a Job, Season 4 Episode 7? Not really that funny outside of the let’s-kidnap-Tom-Jones business at the end.)

First of all, this word “fallacy”, it requires some evidence to back it up.  MovieBob doesn’t cite a single episode that he thinks is good.  He’s welcome to think what he likes, of course, but not even naming a single one doesn’t do his argument any favors.  Instead, he takes a quick dump on “Marge Gets a Job”, an episode I cannot recall anyone else ever calling bad.  Who doesn’t like Troy McClure’s Half-Assed Guide to Foundation Repair, The Spruce Caboose, and, of course, the Angel of Death on funny hat day, to name but a few?  Just as importantly, it ranks dead in the middle of the stellar Season 4 on IMDb’s episode guide.  That’s called “evidence”, and if you’re going to use the word “fallacy” it helps to have some.  (Thanks for the link, though.)

TV Legends Revealed | Did No ‘Simpsons’ Fan Correctly Guess Who Shot Mr. Burns? – Interesting backstory and a reminder that 1-800-Collect was a strange, strange thing.

Bart Club street art on a San Diego corner. – Some great pictures of various Bart versions on things.  The four-eyed banana Bart is particularly memorable.

The 20 Greatest Musical Moments On The Simpsons – These are songs the show created not band guest appearances, so there’s no Zombie Simpsons.

Cropping The Simpsons and The Wire – The genius of the standard #Slatepitch article has always been its ability to generate responses.  (Also, too, please don’t fuck up The Wire.)

Why We Love The Simpsons’ Music So Much – The marketing for next weekend’s show at the Hollywood Bowl is ramping up, and this L.A. Weekly article has a nice little story about when Elfman met Groening and how Elfman wrote the theme:

“As soon as I saw the sequence, I heard the ‘bah-bah-bah-BUM-bah-bah-bah…’ ” he says. “I drove home really fast because I didn’t want to lose it. I ran down the steps of my studio and I made a cassette, and sent it out the same day. That demo was, essentially, The Simpsons theme. There is some great cosmic irony that it’s the quickest and most easily conceived job of my life, and it became probably the most famous thing I ever wrote.”

Growing Up with Bart Simpson – Yet another appreciation of the show, this one at Newsweek Jr., that walks right up to the line of saying the show sucks now before backing off.  Of course, all examples cited are from early seasons.

Homer Simpson’s 10 Most Memorable Non-Power Plant Jobs On ‘The Simpsons’ – Our old friend John Hugar cites no examples from past Season 10.  Bravo.

Favorite “Simpsons” episodes – One from Season 12 makes the cut, but nothing after.  It’s almost like nobody likes Zombie Simpsons.

Repost: In honor of the Every Simpsons Ever Marathon my list of the Best.Episodes.Ever – There are 126 episodes on here, and almost no Zombie Simpsons.

Infographic: A Statistical Break-d’oh-n Of The 25 Types of “Simpsons” Episodes – That’s a pretty cool graphic, but since it basically shows that there never were any “Bart” years, you’d think the intro wouldn’t repeat that fallacy.  (See what I did there?)

The Glue – There’s only a small bit in this Phil Hartman article about the show, but it is a great read.  I didn’t know he was the oldest rookie cast member of SNL ever.

D’oh! It’s Throwback Thursday. – There’s a lot of stuff this week, I know, but this picture of a girl with her precious Maggie doll in 1990 and of her still with it in 2014 is pretty damned cool.  Excellent.

10 Facts About The Best ‘Simpsons’ Writer Ever, John Swartzwelder – Mostly culled from Twitter, but are pretty good.

(b)Art Critic – The Simpsons Class it up With Art Show – There is some great stuff here, especially the Itchy & Scratchy Land movie poster.

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times: Celebrating ‘The Simpsons’ at 25 – Yet another retrospective with plenty of reasons why the show was great.

#EverySimpsonsEver: Steve Sax remembers his appearance on ‘Homer At The Bat’ – Heh:

[I thought], “We’ve arrived.” You get to do The Simpsons, man. Let me tell you what. I get to do speaking, right. I speak at different places all over the country. When the question-and-answer period comes up, it’s not about, “Hey, what was it like hitting against Clemens?,” or, “What was it like in the World Series?” It’s like, “Hey, man, was it fun on The Simpsons?” That’s what everybody asks me still. I get more acclaim for The Simpsons than anything.

The Simpsons… – Simpson family heads done in Lego.  Maggie and Homer are great.

WWLSR: Seasons 10-12 – Lisa’s books from the last good years.

A Bomb in the Lasagna: How Will We Remember “The Simpsons?” – An interesting question:

Will The Simpsons be a show defined by specific eras, or will it be taken as a whole; as one massive, culture satirizing and culture defining megalith?

My guess would be that as long as Zombie Simpsons is still on the air, it will be thought of as a contemporary show, for the simple reason that they can always plug in the latest pop culture fad/star/whatever.  Once the show finally ends, however, much of that will fade as the references become stale and all we’ll be left with are the ones that don’t lean on contemporary pop culture (you know, The Simpsons).

11 ‘Simpsons’ marathon episodes you should watch this week – These episodes are atrocious and not worth watching, but the existence of a list like this in Entertainment Weekly is yet another piece of evidence that they are two vastly different shows.

I Caught Yellow Fever: My 12 Days Through FXX’s Simpson’s Marathon – I suppose burnout is one reason to stop paying attention as the marathon got into double digit seasons.  Of course, that there really weren’t any old favorites left to view might have had something to do with it as well.

DJ and His Every Simpsons Ever Marathon – Good point:

And one of my biggest fears was watching those older episodes, but FXX’s promo for this, and accompanying commercial extensions catering to the series and their supporting cast of characters (like this amazing piece of work) drew me towards breaking my old episode trepidations. One of the underrated, yet important occurrences found during this was the how much I laughed. I wasn’t expecting to get as many laughs as I did, perhaps given I’m watching at the age of 24 compared to watching a lot of these episodes (seen before or not) at 12, 13 or 14. There are a plethora of moments I literally laugh out loud at by myself when I’m either walking around at work or at the the grocery store, like this absolute gem.

A few characters from The Simpsons – Cool fan made CGI renderings of some characters, with great tented fingers on Burns.

The Simpsons: The 10 Simpsons episodes worth tuning in for – And no Zombie Simpsons, because why would there be?

Couch Potato: My Favorite “The Simpsons” Episodes! – Also contains no Zombie Simpsons, and puts “Homer Badman” as the all time favorite.

20 Mr. Burns-Centric ‘Simpsons’ Episodes Everyone Should Know – No Zombie Simpsons?  Why?  Because Zombie Burns is an incompetent softie.

A Blind Spot the size of “The Simpsons” – Of all the Simpsons reminisces I’ve read the last couple of weeks, this one might be the most dense in terms of references.  Well done.  Also, co-sign:

About ten years ago I stopped watching The Simpsons. I think it was the episode where they went to Africa and a giraffe was hiding in a prairie dog hole where I realized that they’d gone way off the rails.

Correlation Does Not Imply Causation – Excellent usage, tiger repelling rock and all.

How I am watching #EverySimpsonsEver without cable – God bless DVDs (or DVD rips, whatever).

Will “The Simpsons” ever be good again? – No.  This has been simple answers to simple questions.

Thoughts on Barkira – High praise from someone who loves the original Akira.

Springfield, USA: A Part of us All – Some thoughts on what makes Springfield so relatable.

The Simpsons 1987 Styley – A fan made wheel of Simpsons family members, done in the old way.

6 Things I Learned From The Simpsons Marathon | The Further Adventures of Douchebag Batman – And finally, I not only get to end with one of the many people who agrees with us, but who points out what is often overlooked, it happened quick:

The Downfall in Quality Was Fast
So what I’ve been doing is picking and choosing which episodes to DVR and watch later. I’m sure plenty people are using the same method of watching the show. What’s I find interesting is how quickly I lost interest in the series. By season 10 I’ve only been recording the Treehouse of Horrors and the occasional episode. This is a sharp contrast compared to Saturday when I would record hours of the show and still miss some I wanted to see. Given I knew that by season 11 I had lost interest in the show; I’m hardly the only person to feel this way. I thought it was because I was heading into high school but no, it’s just kind of boring.

It is.


Quote of the Day

Obsession for Men

“At seven tonight the game begins.  Bart vs. Lisa, who will win?  Their father’s fat and their mother’s thin and Grampa Simpson reeks of gin.” – Sherri & Terri
“Hey!  That’s Obsession for Men!” – Abe “Grampa” Simpson


Quote of the Day

Lisa on Ice14

“You really think I did okay out there, Mom?” – Lisa Simpson
“Absolutely, honey.  By blocking the net, I really think you helped your team.” – Marge Simpson

Happy birthday Mike Scully!


Quote of the Day

Lisa on Ice13

“Tell you what, Simpson, I won’t fail you if you join one of those pee-wee teams outside the school.” – Gym Teacher
“You mean those leagues where parents push their kids into vicious competition to compensate for their own failed dreams of glory?” – Lisa Simpson
“Look, I don’t need this.  I inhaled my favorite whistle this morning.” – Gym Teacher


Quote of the Day

Lisa on Ice12

“Muntz, Nelson, you’re failing history, geography and math, but you’re doing quite well in home ec.” – Principal Skinner
“Hey, keep it down, man.” – Nelson Muntz


Quote of the Day

Lisa on Ice11

“Nice PJs, Simpson!  Did your mommy buy ’em for you?” – Jimbo Jones
“Of course she did.  Who else would have?” – Bart Simpson
“Alright, Simpson, you win this round.” – Jimbo Jones

Happy birthday, Tracey Ullman!


Quote of the Day

Lisa on Ice10

“And how are the little kids doing?  I mean, really how are they doing?  Any disabling injuries, something, say, that the gambling community might not yet know about?  C’mere, let me see those knees.” – Moe
“Moe, I think you should leave.” – Marge Simpson
“But Blanche, you gotta help me out here, please!  I’m sixty-four grand in the hole!  They’re gonna take my thumbs!” – Moe


Moderate Usage

Lisa on Ice9

“I know.  How about we play the basketball.  I’m no Harvey Globetrotter, but-” – Marge Simpson
“Ahh. . .” – Bart Simpson

Yesterday afternoon, venerably contradictory web magazine Slate published an article called “Has Liz Lemon Become “Dumbass Homer”?”.  (As you can probably guess, it’s about whether or not 30 Rock is going downhill the way The Simpsons did.)  Set aside the question mark in the headline for a second and look at that term, “Dumbass Homer”.  I’ve probably called Homer a dumbass before, but it’s not a capitalized term I’ve ever seen people use.  The term commonly in use, here, at No Homers, and on other sites where Simpsons discussions happen (going all the way back to 1998), is “Jerkass Homer”.  Here’s the section in question:

Some put the show’s point of no return at the ninth season episode “The Principal and the Pauper,” where it’s revealed that Springfield Elementary principal Seymour Skinner is, and always has been, an impostor, real name Armin Tamzarian, who pulled a Don Draper-like switcheroo with a presumed-dead comrade from the Vietnam War—the idea being that in the process the show turned up its nose at eight seasons of established continuity. But one of the most persistent early criticisms had to do with the character some fans called “Homer the idiot,” or simply “dumbass Homer.”

He’s got two terms in quotes that I’ve never seen anyone use with any frequency.  Now, if this was just some random person off the street, or an article about gardening, or even a professional writer whose beat rarely included television or pop culture, this would be no big deal.  But this is on a self described “Culture Blog” and the author of the piece, Sam Adams, has written for:

the Los Angeles Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Time Out New York, the Onion A.V. Club, and the Philadelphia City Paper.

But if you google “homer the idiot” you get basically nothing.  “Dumbass Homer” also gives bupkis, except for this Slate article at #1.  “Jerkass Homer”, on the other hand, has three times as many results and has the Wikipedia page for Homer Simpson as its first result.  In that Wikipedia article, under a section called “Character Development” you will find:

Chris Suellentrop of Slate wrote, "under Scully’s tenure, The Simpsons became, well, a cartoon. […] Episodes that once would have ended with Homer and Marge bicycling into the sunset […] now end with Homer blowing a tranquilizer dart into Marge’s neck."[52] Fans have dubbed this incarnation of the character "Jerkass Homer".[53][54][55]

They’re referencing your magazine!  And it’s on the first Wikipedia page you should’ve checked. 

Obviously this isn’t a world stopping mistake, and it doesn’t materially affect the main idea of the article.  But it does indicate a disturbing incuriosity.  No one, not the author, not the editor, not whoever wrote the headline, checked Wikipedia or Google before sounding authoritative about “one of the most persistent early criticisms” of The Simpsons.  (Or, if they did, they did a piss poor job of it.)  If you’re going to make generalizations like that, it’s best to know what you’re talking about. 

Doing a little research, literally just a couple of minutes, will make a better case and keep nitpicky jerks on the internet from making fun of you.  I’d also suggest hiring a few more editors, because the ones you have seem to be overworked.

Thanks for the link and the title to reader Patrick R.


Quote of the Day

Lisa on Ice8

“Attention, this is Principal Skinner, your principal, with a message from the principal’s office.  All students please proceed immediately to an assembly in the Butthead Memorial Auditorium.  Damn it, I wish we hadn’t let the students name that one.” – Principal Skinner


Quote of the Day

Lisa on Ice7

“Hey, hey ya there Midge.  Oh gee, I like what you done to your hair.” – Moe
“You caught me at a real bad time, Moe.  I hope you understand I’m too tense to pretend I like you.” – Marge Simpson


Reading Digest: Pro Sports Edition

Lisa on Ice6

“Mom, this is really scary.  I’m going to get my first F ever.” – Lisa Simpson
“Cheer up, so you’re not good at sports.  It’s a very small part of life.” – Marge Simpson
“Sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports.” – Homer Simpson

Sometimes The Simpsons helps explain sports, and sometimes sports takes after The Simpsons.  This week there’s a bit of both as we’ve got a sideburns related NBA trade theory, an NHL goalie whose keen on Flanders, some excellent NFL lockout related usage, and an explanation for Bart’s birthday that involves soccer.  In addition to those, there’s some regular usage, a couple of cool fan made things, a couple of bizarre links I can hardly describe, and a person who has seen the light thanks to our incessant bitching about Zombie Simpsons.  Praise Jebus!  Oh, and anyone reading this who is or was a teenage girl, prepare to clutch your Trapper Keeper: it’s the real Cory Hotline! 


I Chew-Chew-Choose You – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week is this fan made rendition of everyone’s favorite valentine:

This is a semi original concept I drew up based off of a Valentines day card Ralph gave Lisa on the Simpsons. It’s a little late for VD, but it’s infectious non-the-less. *snicker/snort* a little zombie humor for ya…


Gory, Story, Allegory – It’s too horrible, you cannot look away:

In the category of things I saw on The Simpsons without realizing they were real, here’s a commercial that I somehow missed seeing when Corey Haim died.

I knew there was a hotline, I didn’t know how awful the commercial was. 

The Day Twitter Gave Birth to Bart Simpson – Our friend Denise Du Vernay, of that Simpsons in the classroom book, took the time to figure out why Twitter mysteriously decided it was Bart’s birthday a couple of weeks ago.  The answer involves soccer, an ambiguous tweet, and herd mentality. 

Project 365 – day 28 – An incredible and creepy fan made photograph of a Mr. Burns doll titled “Nosferatu”.  Highly recommended. 

30 Burgers in 30 Days: Mom’s Burgers in Compton (Day 20) – Excellent usage:

"If the paper turns clear," says Dr. Nick Riviera, holding up a fast-food wrapper, translucent with grease, "It’s your window to weight gain!"

The cheerfully incompetent doctor on The Simpsons would approve of Mom’s Burgers.

Now I’m hungry.

Life Decisions, As Explained By The Simpsons – YouTube of the dystopian nightmare of Lionel Hutz. 

Ay Carumba! – A fan made Bart . . . pinata?  The Flickr caption says it was to be burned at midnight, and it appears to be wishing everyone a happy 2011, so I don’t think “pinata” is the right word, but it’s pretty close (via rubbrcatsimp on Twitter).

The Case of Klipspringer’s Shoes–Part 2 of 3 – I’m not entirely sure what to make of this, but it does contain excellent usage from the focus group scene in “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show” in regards to the end of “Huckleberry Finn”. 

0510 – This one I am entirely not sure what to make of.  There are animated .gifs with exposed boobs, pictures of girls in various states of undress, a sailing ship, and an animated .gif of someone in a Bart costume who appears to be selling pizza, chicken, used cars, drugs, or all of the above.  The internet wins again. 

Fuck Yeah Lisa Simpson – Another Lisa Tumblr, and though there is more Zombie Simpsons than I would like, it’s very cool nevertheless because, altogether now, “Fuck yeah, Lisa Simpson!” (via). 

Quotes on the NFL Labor Extension – Excellent usage in regards to the greed head owners and their lust for another hundred million dollars:

“Then it’s agreed: during the bargaining session, we each get two candy apples…all right, one candy and one caramel.” -Evan Conover, Undersecretary for International Protocol: Brat and Punk Division.

There’s a nice reference in the blog’s sub-head as well. 

LEAKED! Two And A Half Men FINALE! – My apathy about celebrity news means I don’t care about that guy with my name and initials, but this is damn clever. 

Late Night Movie House of Crap: March Madness Edition – There’s some interesting YouTube here, but none more so than the Russian knockoff of MST3K that comes complete with obligatory YouTube of Worker & Parasite.  Why does the Russian Doctor Forrester have a Hitler mustache? 

The Issue Between Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan: Sideburns – This involves exactly the comparison you think it does, and includes side by side photographic evidence and YouTube. 

the nostalgia factor — pt. 1 – Our friends at Everything Simpsons look at nostalgia as seen through commercials (though one got pulled from YouTube).  And . . .

the nostalgia factor — pt. 2 – . . . crappy 90s merchandise. 

Picture Of The Day: Stupid Sexy Flanders – Colorado Avalanche goalie Peter Budaj has a shirt rippingly muscular Flanders on the back of his helmet. 

CJR Column Mentions The Simpsons – SEO is a modern evil, and only Harry Shearer can save us:

As the closest thing to a SEO peacemaker I found, Shearer gets the final, crossing-the-aisle word, contributing two more of his résumé entries in the hope of increasing readership: “Wait. Don’t call me a humorist. Mention The Simpsons and Spinal Tap,” he said, as he does multiple voices for the television show and was the bassist Derek Smalls in the classic mockumentary. “It’s better for SEO.”

Is there anything Shearer can’t do?  He’s giving Batman a run for his money at this point. 

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be – Comparing Mrs. Krabappel and Ida Blankenship from Mad Men as people who live well without being the center of attention. 

Goodbye, beer: On wife’s diet, I’m feeling ‘eliminated’ – This little piece of excellent usage goes so far as to include a link to YouTube:

What do I like to eat? Oh, I don’t know, how about steak, salmon, pasta, nachos, Reuben sandwiches, omelets, beer, scotch, coffee and basically anything that comes from what Homer Simpson would call that “wonderful, magical animal.”

Rupert Murdoch BSkyB takeover gets government go-ahead – BBC caught Kim Il-Murdoch with fingers tented in a very Mr. Burns kind of way.  Here the comparison is made explicit. 

The Simpsons – I don’t even know what language this is, but it’s got two shaky-cam YouTube videos from “Brother from the Same Planet”, demonstrating, once again, that The Simpsons is universal. 

Breaking Bald: TV’s 10 Best Bald Guys – Homer checks in at #2. 

Thursday recap and turning over a new leaf. – You can file this under solipsistic self congratulation if you want to, but there’s no way I’m not ending with it:

In other news, I am happy to announce that I have changed my outlook on The Simpsons. As followers of this blog (hi, mom and dad) will recall, the last time I mentioned The Simpsons it was to apologize for being too tough on the show and admit that the latest episode was fine. Oh, Lenny of four days ago, what a fool you were. Today I discovered Dead Homer Society, a fantastic blog dedicated to celebrating the amazing episodes of The Simpsons while harshly chastising seasons 12 and after, which Dead Homer Society calls “Zombie Simpsons.” I thank them for the term “Zombie Simpsons.” I’ve been complaining about “recent Simpsons” since around 2000 and the term has been getting increasingly inaccurate. Anyway, while I’ve generally leaned towards the Simpsons-hasn’t-been-good-since-season-eight side of things, I’ve always felt extremely guilty whenever I encounter someone who still gives it a chance. They make me feel as though I am a Scrooge who is trying to rob people of joy and as though I must love The Simpsons less because I haven’t stuck with it. And this guilt has made me feel I need to overcompensate and essentially go easy on Zombie Simpsons– fighting my urge to hate everything that doesn’t live up to past seasons by leaning too far in the other direction. But, this lenient policy stops today. Dead Homer Society perfectly explains why Zombie Simpsons can’t be tolerated here. Point being: This blog will no longer be congratulating The Simpsons writers every time they come up with something that’s about as good as an average Cleveland Show episode.

Single tear.


deadhomersociety (at) gmail

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Even though it’s obvious to anyone with a functional frontal lobe and a shred of morality, we feel the need to include this disclaimer. This website (which openly advocates for the cancellation of a beloved television series) is in no way, shape or form affiliated with the FOX Network, the News Corporation, subsidiaries thereof, or any of Rupert Murdoch’s wives or children. “The Simpsons” is (unfortunately) the intellectual property of FOX. We and our crack team of one (1) lawyer believe that everything on this site falls under the definition of Fair Use and is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. No revenue is generated from this endeavor; we’re here because we love “The Simpsons”. And besides, you can’t like, own a potato, man, it’s one of Mother Earth’s creatures.

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