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Quote of the Day

“Oh, he is a gem! Here, boy, would you like these cookies Martin made for me?” – Mrs. Krabappel
“My raisin roundies!” – Martin Prince

Marcia Wallace would’ve been 77 today. Happy birthday, Mrs. K. 


Quote of the Day

“What are you looking at, Bart? Are those naughty dogs back again?” – Mrs. Krabappel

Marcia Wallace would’ve been 75 today. Happy birthday! 


Quote of the Day


“You’re so lucky. When are you going to meet him?” – Miss Hoover
“First, I ask him to send a photo. If he’s got everything where it should be, I’m reeling him in!” – Mrs. Krabappel

Marcia Wallace would’ve been 74 today. Happy birthday!


Quote of the Day

Flaming Moe's17

“Hiya, scrumptious, do you want to ignite my drink?” – Mrs. Krabappel
“You’re my kid’s teacher.” – Homer Simpson
“Single parent, are we?” – Mrs. Krabappel
“No!” – Homer Simpson
“Well, let’s pretend you are.” – Mrs. Krabappel

Marcia Wallace would’ve been 73 today. Happy birthday.


Quote of the Day

The Secret War of Lisa Simpson8

“Hooray!” – Principal Skinner
“Yaaaay!  You dream about this day for so long, then when it comes, you don’t know what to say.” – Mrs. Krabappel
“Edna, your tears say more than words ever could.” – Principal Skinner
“Military school?” – Bart Simpson

Marcia Wallace would’ve been 72 today.  Happy birthday.


Sunday Preview: Bart The Lover


After Ms. Krabappel gives Bart a month of detention, Bart gets his revenge on her by responding to her newspaper singles ad. Homer begins a “swear jar” to keep him cursing.

As by now I am sure you have all heard, Marcia Wallace died recently.  So, in an action I consider highly respectful, FOX will air a Mrs. Krabappel centered episode from the actual Simpsons. This episode aired almost 22 years ago, and is one of my favorites.  It ranks amongst those that cannot be separated by rankings, and I, for the first time in many, many years, will be watching The Simpsons as it is broadcast, while not under the threat of violence.

Although it is under terrible circumstances that this is happening, please enjoy the episode as I am sure Mrs. Wallace would want it that way.


Reading Digest: Marcia Wallace Appreciation Edition

Flaming Moe's12

“Hiya, scrumptious, do you want to ignite my drink?” – Mrs. Krabappel
“You’re my kid’s teacher.” – Homer Simpson
“Single parent, are we?” – Mrs. Krabappel
“No!” – Homer Simpson
“Well, let’s pretend you are.” – Mrs. Krabappel 

Last week Marcia Wallace went to that great teacher’s lounge in the sky, where it’s always happy hour and no one has to grade any papers.  Back here, countless people reminisced, praised her and her talent, and repeated some of her best lines and jokes, and we have a ton of those links this week.  There’s all the usual stuff too, including a great Zombie Homer made by a French artist, but this week was all about Marcia, Marcia Marcia.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


Diary of a Nerdy Kid: Marcia W and Edna K in Memoriam – A tribute and recalling of both Wallace and Krabappel:

I would also like to note that she wrote a book entitled Don’t Look Back, We’re Not Going That Way. The subtitle for the book was “How I overcame a rocky childhood, a nervous breakdown, breast cancer, widowhood, fat, fire and menopausal motherhood and still manage to count my lucky chickens.” I’ll admit I haven’t read it but now intend to. It was praised by readers for its ability to address dark issues with a sense of humor and optimism.

RIP Marcia Wallace – Amen to this:

As a longtime fan of the Simpsons, I think that she as an actress will be greatly missed by fans. Edna always had the most amusing storylines (who can forget the on/off affair Edna and Seymour enjoyed, or when Edna wrote to a handsome man not realizing it was Bart?) and had a wry, exhausted humour. The character also gave a generation of kids the chance to understand their teachers, possibly for the first time ever.

A Tribute to ‘The Simpsons” Marcia Wallace – Lots of posts about Wallace included this YouTube video:

It was posted back in July and had been bumping along at basically no views until the new broke.  Now it’s at 471,000 and climbing.  People really liked Marcia Wallace.

Marcia Wallace (1942 -2013) – Another tribute, this one with pictures of a guest spot she did on Taxi in an episode written by Sam Simon.

Sometimes Laughing Involves Something That Ain’t So Funny #RIPMarciaWallace – Speaking of YouTube videos that have spiked in views lately, after another heartfelt tribute there’s video of what has to be one of her first appearances on Match Game (she gets a standing ovation) and an interview from a few years ago when she was promoting her book.  In the interview, talking about her time on Match Game, she notes how she got bleeped and crossed off a few times, once just for saying “genitalia”.  Ha!  In that same video she talks about how Simon called her nine years after that Taxi appearance and asked if she wanted to play a teacher.

GSN Honors Comedienne and Game-Show Panelist Marcia Wallace – This was nice of them:

GSN announced today that the network will pay tribute to the brilliant comedienne, actress, and game-show panelist Marcia Wallace with a special morning marathon on Friday, November 1st. A mainstay of TV game shows, Wallace appeared on numerous shows throughout the 1970s and ’80s. GSN will broadcast iconic moments from Wallace’s game show appearances throughout the years. The Marcia Wallace marathon will air on Friday, November 1st, from 8 am ET until 12 pm ET.

The entire marathon includes four episodes of MATCH GAME; two episodes of PASSWORD PLUS; and two episodes of THE $100,000 PYRAMID.

WALLACE DIES: Hometown Creston Remembers Her – Heh:

But her hometown of Creston, Iowa says they’ll remember her best for the woman she was.

Wallace was a woman who spoke her mind, and found humor in her hardships.

Her talent was never questioned. But her good friends Linda Hartsock and Dean Stults didn’t expect her to make it in New York. Hartsock says, “The phone rang and it was Merv Griffin calling her to be on his show. And we were all kind of laughing because nobody really thought it was.”

Edna Krabappel – Simpsons Tribute – Ah, for the days when episodes and character development actually kinda built on one another:

Another classic episode is ‘The PTA Disbands’ (Season 6).
That episode showcased Edna and Seymour’s working relationship. I always believed that Seymour and Edna had a special bond. Do all of you remember the saying ‘If they fight, they must really like each other’? I think that this was a prime example of that. Of course who could forget when those two actually did become involved with one another. ‘Grade School Confidential’ (Season 8)

Marsha Wallace Dead at 70 – Worth noting:

Marcia’s son Mikey say the actress passed away due to pneumonia complications and other reports saying breast cancer played a role are completely false.

Pretty much every report said breast cancer was the cause, and in the short attention span world of the internet that’s going to a mistaken impression lots of people hold onto, but it isn’t true.

Nancy Cartwright Remembers Marcia Wallace – Some kind words for Wallace from Cartwright.

Springfield Mourns the Loss of Beloved Ms. Krabappel – An excellent usage send off:

Without a doubt Springfield will be a different place with the loss of Edna Krabappel, she really is a veteran character who will always be remembered as a scoffing schoolteacher, a man-eater, albeit a lonely one, and above all a hilariously sarcastic character. I’ll leave you with this…
“No, children, no! Your education is important. Roman numerals, etcetera. Whatever. I tried!”

Media Monday #34: RIP Marcia Wallace – Sniffle:

I saw this series of screenshots on Tumblr and it made me teary.

RIP Marcia Wallace – 5 of the Best Mrs. Krabappel Episodes – There’s Zombie Simpsons at #5, but everything else is great.

OK SNL, That’s Quite Enough Of Miley Now. – Here’s a nice thought:

Hartman’s characters simply never appeared on the show again, so perhaps we can imagine that Mrs. Krabappel ran off with Lionel Hutz.

He’ll move in right away and stay until the money is gone.

Coleção de cartazes com frases do Homer Simpson – Check out these amazing fan made Spanish(?) posters of Homer quotes.

Gli aggettivi con i Simpsons – And while we’re on foreign languages, here’s some sketches of Homer and Lisa to illustrate emotions in Italian.

PEZ – Distroy – Awesome fan made image of Zombie Homer with a Duff can for a brain.  Really well done.

The Simpsons – Cool fan made fingernail Simpsons.

Fox Lawyers Doorstep Alleged Simpsons Pirate With $10.5m Lawsuit – The guy behind WTSO has been totally shut down and probably bankrupted by the fun police.  FOX, we get it, you don’t like people showing your copyrighted stuff, but since it’s impossible to watch the show legally on-line, you’re still the bad guys here.  Take a page from South Park‘s playbook and just put the fucking episodes on the internet already.

ENTHUSI-GHAST: Treehouse of Horror – A top ten list of favorite segments, with nothing past Season 12, and that’s “Night of Dolphin”, which is great:

Best joke

Chief Wiggum: Bottlenose bruises? Blowhole burns? Flipper marks? This looks like the work of rowdy teens! Lou, cancel the prom.

The All-Star Treehouse of Horror Episode – Trying to assemble the best possible Treehouse of Horror episode.  The only Zombie Simpsons inclusion is the Del Toro opening, which even I can’t complain too much about.

Eeeeeeeeeeexcellent! – Pretty sure I’ve linked this Burns pumpkin before, but it’s still awesome.

Classic Simpson’s Halloween Moment – YouTube:

What do you think of the clip guys? All I need is a title, I was thinking No beer and no TV make Homer go something, something…


Just a Little Hint – A new blog planning to feature maniacal laughter every morning.  Naturally things start with Sideshow Bob.

The Walking Dead gets Simpsonized – These days it’s basically impossible to have a hit show without someone Simpsonizing the characters.

Something neat for Show & Tell: Potatoes – I did not know this:

October 27 is National Potato Day. (So is August 19.)
Marge Simpson thinks potatoes are neat. And so do I, apparently, because this is my seventh post about potatoes.

YouTube at the link.

Your Gratuitous Simpsons Moment of the Day – Someone in Illinois has the Bort license plate.

Dag 265 – T-shirt of Homer’s great “don’t care” quote from “Lisa’s Substitute”.

Dag 267 – And one of him drunk with Barney.

Sanrio Announces Partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products The Simpsons – This hip, edgy Web 2.0 marketing firm would like you to know that they’re doing good work spreading the hip, edgy Web 2.0 word about Hello Kitty/Simpsons merchandise:

Although products will not be available to the consumer until back-to-school 2014, Orsi Public Relations has announced to trade and business press and will start its consumer press outreach in April.  It’s a long process with a great deal of PR opportunities and we know this is just the beginning.

Placements include: USA Today’s popcandy blog, WWD, Entertainment Weekly,,, &

We have been warned.

Tapped Out revenue exceeds $100 million dollars – A boatload, indeed:

We knew that this game was making Electronic Arts money, but now we have an idea of just how much! Yes, a game that is completely free-to-play and has no upfront costs has made the company $100 million dollars since its launch a little over a year ago.

Kang and Kodos – Some great YouTube from “Citizen Kang”.

Best Episode Ever # 21: ‘The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror’ – Crave On-Line selects “Treehouse of Horror III” as the best ever, with lots of nods to other, non-Zombie Simpson episodes.

Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game – Simpsons Treehouse of Horror – I’m a borderline alcoholic and this strikes me as excessive:

Take a shot every time Willie takes an axe
Take a shot any time there is a Marge hair gag
Take a drink every time you think “they should just listen to Lisa!”
Take a drink every time someone dies
Take a drink if the episode ends on a heartwarming note
Take a drink any time Homer says D’oh
Take a drink any time Homer eats a doughnut
Finish your drink if Maggie speaks
Finish your drink if James Earl Jones makes a voice appearance

If I’d been doing that while watching Halloween episodes yesterday I’d be a wreck today, that’s for sure.

Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 74) – Season 4 vs. Season 5.

Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 75) – Season 1 upsets Season 6.

Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 76) – Season 6 vs. Season 2.

Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 77) – Season 17 destroyed by Season 2.

Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 78) – Season 6 easily trumps even one of the best episodes from Season 10.

Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 79) – Got a lot of these this week, and this one was particularly wrenching between Season 6 and 9.

Tales from the Northside – Halloween specials rated from 15-11.

Tales from the Northside – Here’s 10-6.

Tales from the Northside – And here’s 5-1, with Zombie Simpsons being nowhere to be seen near the top.

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror – Here you go:

Just for fun, someone has uploaded all of the Halloween versions of The Simpsons theme up on You Tube.

Marge Simpson on Parenting – Heh.

Selma Bovier on Fashion – Heh (x2).

Welcome to the Unpossible – Great title:

“Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

Like Ralph Wiggum, I was not a good English student. Most assigned books went unread, and I never learned the difference between dramatic and verbal irony. I hated Dickens, Hemingway, and the entire subject of English literature.

Ironically (or at least I believe this is irony), I never wanted to write in high school, but now I want to do so all the time, hence the creation of this blog.

Good luck.

The Simpsons – One last heh.

The Tournament To Find The Best Episode Thingy There Ever Was – Another entrant in the “find the best episode” crusade category that not only agrees with us, but uses an excellent number of references:

Once upon a time The Simpsons was the greatest television show on the air. In many ways, it still is. But in a more accurate way, it isn’t. But there was a time, between 1989 and 1997 where it truly was. But to find out which episode is the greatest of them all, I’ve set up this tournament thingy which is a completely 100% original idea that I am sure no one has ever attempted in the last 10 years or so. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

First off, much like a sports tournament or any awards show, not every episode needs to qualify for the playoffs or be nominated for best picture. That would take too long. So now comes the hardest part of all. The cuts.

Season 9 you’re cut. Season 10 you’re cut. Seasons 11 and 12, you’re also cut. Seasons 13-19 you’re cut. Anything in the 20′s you’re cut too. Okay, so that wasn’t so hard after all.

Basically we’ll take the first 8 seasons because I’m pretty sure there is an absolute zero percent chance that the best episode of all time will come anywhere past season 8.

He’s got everything divided up into divisions and the blog is rather awesomely called “TRAMAMPOLINE! TRABOPOLINE!”.  (Though I could do without the multiple .gifs of Homer discovering said trabopoline.)  Good luck!


Quote of the Day

Bart the Lover13

“Chef Lonelyheart’s Soup for One.” – Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
“One scratch and win, Apu.” – Mrs. Krabappel
“Mrs. Krabappel, I haven’t seen you since we doubled our prices.  Still teaching?” – Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
“Let’s see . . . one more day at least.” – Mrs. Krabappel

Marcia Wallace would’ve been 71 today.  Happy birthday!


RIP: Marcia Wallace and Mrs. Krabappel

Bart the Lover12

“Bart, it’s such a nice day today, let’s have detention outside.” – Mrs. Krabappel

Sad news, Marcia Wallace, Mrs. Krabappel herself, died yesterday.  The cause was “complications from breast cancer”:

She would also build a second career as a voice-over actress, giving life to Edna Krabappel, Bart Simpson’s cynical and chain-smoking fourth grade teacher on “The Simpsons.” The role, a sublime parody of disaffected instruction, earned her an Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance in 1992. The show’s executive producer Al Jean said Saturday that the character would  be retired out of deference to Wallace’s death.

Good on Jean.  So long, Marcia.  We’ll miss you. 

RIP Marcia Wallace

Left image shamelessly yoinked from The Wrap link above.  Right image, one final “Ha”.


Quote of the Day

Grade School Confidential6

“The only way to survive a deadly blaze is . . . oh heck, life’s too short for fire safety!  Let’s go outside and pick wildflowers.” – Mrs. Krabappel

Happy birthday Marcia Wallace!


Ned Flanders: Party Guy

“That was Edna Krabappel.  You only get one chance with Edna Krabappel.” – Sideshow Bob

Via comes an interview with Marcia Wallace.  She talks about her career, how she got started and, naturally, Mrs. Krabappel.  It’s a neat little read, but there’s also this nauseating bit about an upcoming episode of Zombie Simpsons:

Carol had better luck than poor Edna, she is looking for love in all the wrong places. I just did an episode last week where I have a romance with Ned Flanders. And there is going to be an online poll to ask America whether they should get together.

The only question I have is whether or not this is going to be more teeth grindingly painful to watch than the time they awkwardly shoved Marge and Ned together.  Since Zombie Simpsons is nothing if not adept at disappointing its audience, I’ll withhold judgment until I’ve seen it.  The online poll is a nice touch, albeit one that reeks of desperation to still be relevant. 

As much as we loathe Zombie Simpsons around here, we do love Marcia Wallace.  The interview is to promote an appearance by her and some other actors in Chicago this weekend (today and tomorrow).  It’s mostly people like her, recognizable actors who never become big stars.  The guy who played Phil Leotardo on The Sopranos and told Joe Pesci to get his shine box in Goodfellas will be there, as will Cindy Morgan of Caddyshack and TRON fame.  So if you’re in Chicago and don’t have plans for the weekend, you could do worse. 


Quote of the Day

Bart's Friend Falls in Love1

“How do we know when we fall in love?” – Samantha Stanky
“Oh, don’t you worry.  Most of you will never fall in love and marry out of fear of dying alone.” – Mrs. Krabappel

Happy birthday Marcia Wallace!


Quote of the Day

Separate Vocations1 “Some of you may discover a wonderful vocation you never even imagined.  Others may find out life isn’t fair.  In spite of your masters from Bryn Mawr you might end up a glorified babysitter to a bunch of dead eyed fourth graders while your husband runs naked on a beach with your marriage counselor!” – Mrs. Krabappel

Happy Birthday Marcia Wallace!


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