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Quote of the Day

“Sir, that’s by Homer Simpson. I don’t think you want to buy it.” – Mr. Smithers
“Smithers, years ago I blew the chance to buy Picasso’s Guernica for a song. Luckily that song was ‘White Christmas’ and by hanging onto it I made billions.” – C.M. Burns


Quote of the Day

“Look, Pop, I’m planning some expert home repairs and I need a pair of bolt cutters, or wire cutters, or something to get the lock off my toolbox.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

“Alright, just go ahead and sue me! Everybody else does! The average settlement is sixty-eight thousand dollars.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

Mom and Pop Art10

“How ’bout it, Bart, would you like a new backyard barbecue pit?” – Homer Simpson
“Can I burn evidence in it?” – Bart Simpson
“We can all burn evidence in it.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

Mom and Pop Art10

“I just can’t believe some people are paying hundreds of dollars for something a hillbilly pulled out of the trash.” – Marge Simpson
“Hey, I done studied for years on how to get over that junk yard fence. Then I learnt the gate was open.” – Cletus


Quote of the Day

Mom and Pop Art8

“I’m serious!  You never finished painting the garage.” – Marge Simpson


Quote of the Day

Mom and Pop Art9

“Hey, Moe, can I pay with a drawing?” – Barney
“Yeah, nice try there, twelve-step.” – Moe


Quote of the Day

Mom and Pop Art7

“Shaving my shoulders!  I’m getting it all shaved off!” – Homer Simpson


Reading Digest: Full Spectrum Fan Art Edition


Both images taken from respective Wikipedia articles.

“The point is, great artists are always trying new things, like Michelangelo or Shaquille O’Neal.” – Marge Simpson 

Digging out from all the stuff I didn’t get to last week has produced a Reading Digest that may have set a record for most awesome fan made stuff.  We’ve got everything from computer models to claymation, crossover drawings to t-shirts, and a hand crafted skateboard that opens beer!  In addition to that we’ve got some excellent usage, a great list of quotes, several people trashing Season 24, and a full bodied Simpsons reference on the floor of a sovereign parliament!  That last one may be a first.


“Jebediah’s Lemon RootMarm Ale” with bear head bottle opener – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week is this awesome fan made, wood burned skateboard.  The artist, Eric Swesey, did that Captain McAllister one last year, and this is, if anything, even more epic.  It’s the little touches, like Jebediah standing on the bear, having “Hans Was Here” carved into the lemon tree, and, of course, the severed head of George Washington.  Click through to see all its glory for yourself. 

29.11.12 – Question 6: Phil Twyford to the Minister of Transport – Gerry Brownlee is a member of New Zealand’s Parliament.  He is also the author of, what I can only assume, is the greatest Simpsons related smackdown in this history of that honorable body:


In case you can’t see the video:

To make that assertion without all of the information yet compiled on what would be the most effective way to ease Auckland’s projected congestion in the future is rather silly. What I will say to the member is that I would consider hiring Lyle Lanley and associates to do a scoping study for us on the city rail link. I know that they have done some very good work on similar projects in Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and if they think this stacks up we will give it some consideration further.

Point, game, match Brownlee.  (Parliamentary thanks to reader K Prideaux for sending this in.)

The Last Peanut Claymation – I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before, it’s a rather well done claymtion version of Homer finding the twenty from “Boy Scoutz ‘N the Hood” and it’s been on YouTube for four years.  Awesome.

The maddest Doom conversions (Game mods of the week) – Excellent:

He killed the non-zombie Flanders!  (Marge’s hair as the torches is a nice touch.)

YOU tell ME what I should re-name the Transformations posts. – I am not entirely sure what this is, but the cool looking fan made Simpsons image is second from the bottom.

The Choking – Simpsons Tee at RIPT – Homer and Bart a la Mufasa and Simba.  That’s great.

He Speaks Jive – Another father preparing to indoctrinate the youth:

He hasn’t actually seen The Simpsons yet, but he will, and likely before he’s even able to understand most of the best jokes. Until then I’m teaching him the safer quotes, like the immortal “d’oh!” or the Ned Flanders equivalent, because there’s just about nothing more adorable than hearing my son say, “Whoopsiedoodle!” after he drops something. I’m pretty sure I’d be okay with him knocking over my flat-screen HDTV so long as he punctuated it with a well-placed “whoopsiedoodle!” It’s that cute.

There’s also Flanders YouTube.  Lousy beatniks.

Day 147: World TV Day – Another great Simpsons costume, this time a very meta one as their trademark television.  Please keep this up.

Day Thirteen « The Non-Smoking Diaries – The title of the blog should provide all the context you need for this:

You know that episode of The Simpsons where Homer has been put on a diet and he’s shouting “Hello?! Taste?!” at a rice-cake? Right now all food is a bit like that. This seems like a feasible side effect to me – if Champix is thwarting the reward receptors in your brain then food is likely to become less tasty. A couple of times I’ve not even realised I’m hungry until my stomach hurt.

Ha.  Good luck.

Animation Domination Review – 18/11/2012 – A less than positive review:

This was an okay episode, and I mean okay for a Simpsons episode made in 2012. I mentioned earlier there were a few jokes that seemed like family gags to me. There was one part where Homer and Dan were fighting over a gun that last like 30 seconds in a family guy drawn out joke type way.

Gotta fill that twenty minutes somehow.

Talent – Excellent reference:

As far as artistic practices go, certain individuals might have certain corporeal advantages over others in a specific field (any Simpsons fanatics out there might remember the episode about how Lisa’s stubby fingers will make it impossible for her to be a great saxophonist because she can’t finger the keys accurately).

La Sirena Clandestina and Carriage House – A review of two Chicago restaurants contains this for Carriage House:

The drink menu was playful and eclectic… they scored major points by having a cocktail called the “Lionel Hutz”

Sadly, no word on what’s in it.  Please let there be a “belt” of scotch.

Simpsons – Would you like to see a rather intricate fan made drawing of Ned Flanders in front of an erupting volcano?  I would.

The Top 13 horror movie parodies by The Simpsons – There’s way too much Zombie Simpsons here, but restricting things to just the title cards means it’s actually a pretty okay list.

Twinkies…In 10 Words – They’ll withstand a ten megaton blast, no more, no less.

Lincoln…In 10 Words – He also sold poisoned milk to school children.  Where was that scene, Steven?

The Red Dawn Remake…In 10 Words – The only thing Bart is teaching is guerilla combat in China . . . er, North Korea.

Liz and Dick…In 10 Words – Daddy?

Cranberry Sauce a la Bart – A Thanksgiving wish complete with YouTube for Bart’s patented cranberry sauce.

Ron English | ‘Crucial Fiction’ Solo Exhibition – Pictures of some enjoyably insane artwork.  Homer as a semi-mutated Barney the Dinosaur is excellent.

Philosophy with: “Why Homer Simpson is our great philosopher” by Julian Baggini – A brief comparison of Homer and company to famous thinkers.  I do like this part:

It promotes a kind of cynical, realistic update of hippy ideals.

As far as pithy, single sentence summations of the show go, that’s pretty good.

ELROY TALKS – TV SHOWS (Part 3) – A list of best shows.  Sadly The Simpsons lost the top spot to Seinfeld.  As always, I blame Zombie Simpsons.

This episode NEEDS to happen – A fan made drawing of the Simpsons in Family Guy style, and the Griffins in The Simpsons style.  I can’t believe no one’s ever done this before.  Well done.

Wikipedia data extraction and The Simpsons – If you’re going to teach yourself database queries, there are far worse ways to go about it than retrieving Simpsons chalkboard gags from Wikipedia.

Just some superheroes – Frink as Doctor Octopus.  That is all.

My mind during a four day weekend – Animated .gif of Homer thinking about the ballet.

“Sisters are doing it for themselves!” – Animated .gif of Bart and Milhouse dressed up and jumping on the bed.

Whenever I find money on the ground – Animated .gif of giant, bejeweled Homer laughing.

Moe. – Animated .gif of Moe’s horrifying walk across the bachelor auction stage.

Homer Simpson’s new favorite movie – NFL fans out there have probably already seen Mark Sanchez’s epic ass fumble last weekend.  Here it is in Simpsons animated .gif format.  Ha!

When visiting friends who have somehow saved up for a house… – Heh.

Canyonero! – Heh (x2).

GroundSuper Willie – 3D computer model of a shirtless Groundskeeper Willie in full kilt.  Rather awesome.

Sunday Musing: There’s a :Skinners: for Every Occasion – Scroll down for Simpsons image retorts for every message board occasion.

The Simpsons do their research 2 – I may have posted this before, but it’s a side by side comparison of the Grinch and Burns from “Last Exit to Springfield”.

The copycat copywriter – Senor Ding Dong from “Maximum Homerdrive” comes alive in a British commercial, complete with dueling YouTube videos.

Abraham Lincoln: In Fine Voice – I thought Day-Lewis was easily the best part of Lincoln, but this makes a good point:

Daniel Day-Lewis’s Lincoln voice sounds just like… Grandpa Simpson.  ABRAHAM Simpson, that is.  You know, from The Simpsons?  I kid you not; His name is Abe.  (Is he honest? Wikipedia doesn’t say.) And just like President Lincoln, Grandpa Simpson tells stories and anecdotes that others sometimes find tedious and/or pointless.  Coincidence?

There is a certain desire to be the center of attention, even if movie Abe is a lot better at it than TV Abe.

Cattle-like kids – An undergraduate look at media education (or lack thereof) in American schools:

However, I took from Consuming Kids an interesting Catch-22 situation. Perhaps it’s even more dangerous to completely remove children from these hyper-commercialisms as it prevents them from developing the skills they need to defend themselves against being actively consumed. Kids themselves need to build up the defence mechanism.

Subsequently, this situation has meant that censorship issues have caused much national debate. This debate is satirized in The Simpsons episode “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge.” Bart, Lisa, and other kids across Springfield reject the Marge influenced cleaned-up show. However, in the emergence of Michelangelo’s David, Marge admits that it is wrong to censor one form of art but not another; posing the wider question that children are going to see indecencies and violence in one form or other sooner or later in life, so it is futile in removing them at a younger age as you’re just delaying the inevitable…

The Wisdom of Homer Simpson – Some great quotes, with context, from someone who agrees with us.

Animation Domination Review – 25/11/2012 – I haven’t watched last Sunday’s episode yet, but this seems about right:

It seemed like such a downer episode and I don’t have much more to say about it. It seems that maybe the writers have lost hope in continuing the show much longer.

We should be so lucky.

The Simpsons Review: In the Red – And finally, I get to end not only with someone who agrees with us, but someone who reviews Season 24 for us:

About the only thing I enjoyed about “Penny-Wiseguys” were the not-so-subtle references to far superior episodes in the past.


Carell’s scenes as the slightly unhinged accountant were fair enough, but not especially hilarious. Being attacked by Lisa’s swarms of grasshoppers while Homer watched AFI’s greatest movie screams was probably the most amusing of the night’s gags, which isn’t saying much.


While there was a fair share of funny The Simpsons‘ quotes, nothing in tonight’s episode was as amusing as remembering those past episodes.

Nothing in Zombie Simpsons ever is.


Compare & Contrast: Fake Stores and Artists of Varying Fame

Mom and Pop Art6

“Dad, chew with your mouth closed.  You’re losing your mystique.” – Lisa Simpson
“Lisa, all great artists love free food.  Check out Jasper Johns.” – Homer Simpson
“You squeal on me, I’ll kill you.” – Jasper Johns

Zombie Simpsons’ remarkable inability to parody things beyond changing around a few letters has been brought up around here before.  Ditto their lame celebrity guest policy of having people voice themselves in what usually amount to barely concealed brag statements about how awesome they are in real life.  With “Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart”, Zombie Simpsons managed to pull both of those tired old rabbits out of their threadbare bag of tricks.

“Swapper Jack’s”, the latest in the long line of renamed brands that Zombie Simpsons mistook for satire, is so unbelievably lazy that I feel like a bit of a rube for even giving it this much consideration.  I’ll give them credit for some decent sign gags on the outside of the store, though.  “Grass-Fed Lettuce” is kinda funny, as is the idea of meat so pampered that’s its sung to sleep.  But those are generalities, there’s nothing about them that’s inherently linked to Trader Joe’s/Swapper Jack’s.  There are, after all, a lot of stores that cater to foodies with disposable income.

Foodie Signs

Not bad, Zombie Simpsons.  Too bad you had to go inside the store.

Once they walk through the doors though, any attempt at broad satire is instantly dropped in favor of bland, semi-complimentary one liners for this particular store.  Like “Cinnabun” a couple of months ago, “Swapper Jack’s” isn’t so much a parody as it is an advertisement.  Little tweaks to the decor and having jelly that even Lisa hasn’t heard of are the kind of half-clever, self-congratulatory ideas you’d normally expect to find in a company newsletter.

Contrast that gentle fluffing with the unlimited contempt poured into the Monstromart in “Homer and Apu”.  The establishing shot lets us know that this place, partly Costco, partly Wal-Mart, partly the rest of those giant warehouse stores, is not going to come out of this well.

Homer and Apu7

It looks like the headquarters of some Eastern European secret police agency.

The entire time Marge and Apu are at the store, hilarious and terrible things are happening.  The place only sells nutmeg in sizes that would last for years, and their mania for bulk allows Barney to accidentally trigger a cranberry juice tidal wave by asking a giant syrup container where the lampshades are.  Then there’s the wonderfully disingenuous (and successful) declaration of corporate love via loudspeaker, the kind of cheap, commercial chicanery The Simpsons lived to mock.  Nothing about the place, from the “1000 Items or Less” express aisle to the parade of “pathetic, single men”, would ever make you want to shop there or any place like it.  Monstromart wasn’t born out of a love of big box stores the way “Swapper Jack’s” was born out of someone wandering into their favorite Trader Joe’s and taking notes.  Monstromart is mean.

But their love of Trader Joe’s wasn’t the only thing Zombie Simpsons wanted to promote this week, there was also Shepard Fairey and his lesser known comrades in paint.  The real tipoff that this is more about “these guys seem cool, let’s put them on TV” than it is “hey, let’s make fun of street art” is the fact that there are four of them, and three of them don’t do anything but be themselves.  Kenny Scharf, Robbie Conal, and Ron English are all artists of at least some renown, but none of them are famous the same way Shepard Fairey is famous.  (To take the simplest measure of modern influence, Fairey’s Wikipedia page is more than three times bigger than all of theirs combined.)  To have them do nothing but recite their names and mumble a few lines about street art is a complete waste.  Consider:

Milhouse: Who are you guys?
Kenny Scharf: Kenny Scharf, Robbie Conal.
Shepard Fairey: I’m Shepard Fairey.

That’s followed shortly by this:

Shepard Fairey: We’re not bullies.  We’re artists, and so are you.  Urban vandalism is now the hottest art form there is.

When you have your most famous guest star say who he is, what he does, and why its popular, something has gone terribly wrong.  It’s not funny, or even trying to be funny.  Instead, it’s like what you’d hear at a museum if you spend the ten bucks to rent the headphones.


When I call your name, you say ‘present’ or ‘here’.  No, say ‘present’.

That’s weak sauce by any measure, but especially when you compare it to Jasper Johns appearance in “Mom and Pop Art”.  Johns isn’t a household name either (I’d never heard of him before I saw that episode), but he is a serious professional artist whose work has sold for millions of dollars.  Which is why having him pilfer light bulbs and generally act like a jerk is so great.  He was pushing seventy when that episode was written, but it has him scrambling up ladders and stealing motorboats.  In just a few moments of screen time, it’s patently clear – even to people who don’t know who he is – that while he’s voicing himself, he isn’t playing himself.

The Jasper Johns in “Mom and Pop Art” is no more representative of the real guy than the Hugh Hefner who has a bunny staffed research facility or the Mickey Rooney who flies in by helicopter to play child roles.  Those guys were voicing themselves, but they weren’t just being themselves.  If they were, there’d be no point.  The Simpsons understood that, Zombie Simpsons doesn’t.  It thinks the guest stars are the point.

That’s why they drag in four different street artists despite having barely enough lines for one of them.  For Zombie Simpsons, the cachet of having the guys on is more important than giving them something funny to say or do.  It’s the same thinking that leads them to make thinly veiled advertisements for Trader Joe’s and Cinnabon and then pat themselves on the back for being clever.  The Simpsons didn’t bring on Jasper Johns as a way of saying, “This guy’s awesome”, they brought him on to make fun of art and pretend to be a kleptomaniac dickcheese.  And they certainly didn’t create Monstromart to gently tweak the foibles of understaffed stores that make shopping a baffling ordeal.

Zombie Simpsons shops at trendy stores and hangs out with cool people.  The Simpsons laughs at things like that.


Quote of the Day

Mom and Pop Art5

“Oh, I hate these flood pants . . . hey, they’re working.  My feet are soaked, but my cuffs are bone dry.  Everything’s coming up Milhouse!” – Milhouse van Houten

Happy birthday to Pamela Hayden!


Crazy Noises: Mom and Pop Art

Mom and Pop Art4

“You’ve gone from hip to boring.  Why don’t you call us when you get to kitsch?” – Gunter

For the third summer in a row, we at the Dead Homer Society are looking to satisfy your off-season longing for substandard commentary on substandard Simpsons.  This summer we’ll be looking at Season 10.  Why Season 10?  Because we’ve already done Seasons 8 and 9 and we can’t put it off any longer.  Prior to Season 10, we watched as the show started falling over, this is when it fell over.  And while the dust wouldn’t settle completely for another season or so, there is no bigger gap in quality than the one between Season 9 and Season 10.  Since we prefer things to remain just as they were in 1995, we’re sticking with this chatroom thing instead of some newer means of communication that we all know just isn’t as good.  This text has been edited for clarity and spelling (especially on “snorkels”).

Today’s episode is 1019, “Mom and Pop Art”.  Tomorrow will be 1020, “The Old Man and the C Student”.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Shall we begin?

Mad Jon:  Sounds good.

Mom & Pop Art?

Charlie Sweatpants:  Yes.

Which strikes me as one of the more peculiar episodes in Season 10.

Mad Jon:  How do you mean?

Charlie Sweatpants:  It’s dumb pretty much all the way through, has premises and twists that even by the standards of Season 10 are lazy and poorly conceived, and yet it also has more really excellent lines than almost any other episode in the entire season.

Mad Jon:  Well put.

The insanity is quite thick, but I don’t really dislike it at all.

Charlie Sweatpants:  I should hate this episode a lot more than I do.  I mean, it’s brimming with Jerkass Homer, the entire town floods for no reason, and Homer gets a new job.

Yet, whenever I’m skimming the list of Season 10 episodes, this one always seems like one of the better ones despite all of that.

Mad Jon:  I really don’t mind it, but there are many terrible problems.

I specifically hate the Homer the artist vs. Marge the artist wannabe crap.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Right?  It’s cheap, just cramming Homer into a situation where they can make him be wacky.  Castellaneta screams so much I hope he had lozenges in his contract.

And yet . . . I know what I hate, and I don’t hate this.

Mad Jon:  Quite apt.

I have "Homer crying…" several times in my notes.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Burns’ line about "White Christmas", Moe offering to buy the bird, the video at Not Home Depot, the Eurotrash, and, of course, "Everything’s coming up Milhouse!"

Mad Jon:  I especially hate when he cries and demands people should fear his wrath.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Homer is in total ass mode here, and not in a good way.

Mad Jon:  Milhouse and the Eurotrash are worth the watch alone.

Charlie Sweatpants:  I can’t stand him when he’s this stupid and enthusiastically self centered.

And the rest of the cast just aids and abets him, like they know their job is to set him up and get out of the way.

Mad Jon:  He took a hell of a couple beatings as well.

Charlie Sweatpants:  He did.

I could definitely do without the dream sequence, which they staged in the fucking museum for some reason.

Mad Jon:  And put a shotgun in Maggie’s crib.  That was about the time I was fully onto the Homer the Jerk phase.

Charlie Sweatpants:  There’s a lot of that here.  When he tells Isabella Rossellini about the average out of court settlement you know he’s no longer a regular guy but an elastic cartoon figment.  Ditto his screaming, "Not the Reichstag!", which always bothers me because a) yelling is usually what they do when they know shit ain’t funny and b) it’s such a weak contrast to his questioning of Lisa in "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" where he doesn’t even know Germany is a country in Europe and thinks we send them money.

Mad Jon:  Being that this episode is more than a decade old, I am not surprised by this, but did it seem relatively homophobic by today’s standards?

Charlie Sweatpants:  The Bart joke didn’t, "I’m flunking math and the other day I was a little attracted to Milhouse" just makes me laugh.  But that sketching Lenny and Carl in the shower scene, yeah.

Homer was sketching them . . . why?

Mad Jon:  I was going to exclude the Milhouse comment due to its hilarity, but still, he freaks out pretty hard.

Charlie Sweatpants:  He does, but I chalk that up to general Homer freakout in this episode.

Mad Jon:  Fair enough.

Charlie Sweatpants:  The sketching Lenny and Carl thing, on the other hand, doesn’t really have a joke.  It’s just Homer acting like a calm, slightly predatory closet case, and that’s a) not anything he’d do and b) not that funny regardless.

Bart trying to get a rise out of him is a very Bart thing, the shower scene not so much.

Mad Jon:  True true.

That reminds me of how Homer decides to flood the town, but first he snorkels the animals.

Which, I think is a pretty good representation of the entire plot. We are going to do ‘A’ but first something else!

Charlie Sweatpants:  Well, this was another one of those out of left field endings that really marked the end of the show giving half a shit about plot or story.

Jasper Johns "so long suckers" (a classic line the show liked using) gets me, but other than that the ending is just too bizarre to work.

Mad Jon:  The ending is basically a non-ending. With one swift move, everything is back to good and nobody gets hurt.

And it takes less then a few minutes to do.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Case in point, the "Heaven’s easier to get into than Arizona State" line.  I’ve been to Tempe, I get the joke, but it’s the kind of thing that’s so cheap you expect it to be followed by canned laughter.

Mad Jon:  Very Teeveeish.

Charlie Sweatpants:  You’re right, though, it’s not an ending.  It’s doesn’t resolve anything, it doesn’t have any consequences, it just happens and then it’s over.

Mad Jon:  And then Homer and Marge go from a one-sided argument to kissing on the roof with freshwater dolphins and lions existing peacefully.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Like I said, this was around the time they just stopped caring.

I haven’t listened to the commentary for this one, but on so many of the commentaries from this era they get to whatever shambling excuse they have for the third act and are just like "whatever".  This feels exactly like those.

Mad Jon:  I’d buy that.

All told though, the plethora of one-liners and whatnot actually cover for enough of the crap to keep this high on my Season 10 list.

Charlie Sweatpants:  I, too, remain strangely fond of this episode.  I like Picasso’s cranky letter to the editor, I like the snorkel on the bear at the feet of the Jebediah Springfield statue, I like the haplessly incomplete paint job on the garage door at the beginning.

Mad Jon:  The Picasso letter to the editor is very very funny,

Charlie Sweatpants:  It’s enough to make me overlook things like Homer shaving his shoulders and singing a song when his instant five o’clock shadow in Season 1 was so much better.

Mad Jon:  Instant and silent.

Charlie Sweatpants:  It’s even enough that I can overlook the drawn out Ray J. Johnson joke, if for no other reason than they actually had him on in Season 13, so I know that things still have a ways to fall from here.

Mad Jon:  Quite a ways.

But that’s a later problem.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Yeah, though the next one is pretty bad.  Ready to move on to springs and weak jokes at old people?

Mad Jon:  Yeah, I guess so.

Charlie Sweatpants:  Alright, time to angry up the blood.


Reading Digest: Unusual Fan Art Edition

Mom and Pop Art2

“You mean this hunk of junk?  This isn’t art, it’s just a barbeque that pushed me over the edge.” – Homer Simpson

We’ve got lots of fan made stuff this week, including two links to things drawn by kids, one copy of the family drawn into the banks of the Thames, a graffiti Lisa, and even a Bart made out of an extension cord.  Plus there’s a wearable coat that plays whole episodes.  On a sadder note, there was a piece of art involving Homer that got stolen.  In addition to all that, there are a couple of excellent references, a couple of Rupert Murdoch scandal links, some news about Zombie Simpsons, a tour of Hank Azaria’s home, and links to merchandise, licensed and otherwise.


Science has Created the Raddest Thing to Wear to Burning Man…EVER. – This was linked all over the place this week, and justifiably so:

Couldn’t he have found a better episode to wear than “This Little Wiggy?”?  Oh well, it’s still awesome, especially because he describes The Simpsons as “The pinnacle of modern television entertainment”.  There are a couple more videos at the guy’s YouTube Channel, including an earlier version playing the Simpsons opening.

Bart (2010) – An artist named Timothy Harding created a wall portrait of Bart using only staples and an orange extension cord.  This would be the technical opposite of the coat, but it’s still very nice (via).

Animation Domination Will Dominate Again in Fall – Zombie Simpsons returns on September 25th.  Two more months of freedom.

The growing cult of Classic Simpsons Trivia in Toronto – A writeup of the “no Zombie Simpsons” trivia thing we’ve mentioned before.  Man, I’d love to go to that sometime.

Beaches Jazz Festival – Speaking of Toronto, here’s a nice and quick reference:

As Lisa Simpson and Bleeding Gums Murphy will attest, sax in the city on a summer night has a certain allure. Combine that with Toronto’s vibrant Beach neighbourhood and you have one of the season’s best festivals.

Sand drawings of Lisa, Homer, Bart and Maggie Simpson – Rather good drawings of four Simpsons (Maggie’s scrunched up at the top) done in a narrow strip of sand along the river in London.

Orlando artist ‘baffled’ that first sold piece defaced – Some asshole took a piece of Homer-related art:

Orlando artist Stephen AG Carey is working to replace the missing pieces taken from one of his works at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art.

The 27-year-old can’t understand why anyone would want to steal a newspaper-ball Earth with Homer Simpson on the front of his piece, called "My First Crib on Mars."

Sadly, the article doesn’t have a picture of what it looked like before it was pilfered.

Fuck Yeah Lisa Simpson – From the excellent Lisa Tumblr comes this piece of fan made, anti-homophobia graffiti.  Whoever did this nailed the proud, hands-on-hips stance.

The Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Plush Toys – Krusty Brand Seal of Approval on these little things, which are at least kinda cute in a low quality sweatshop kind of way.

"Bart Simpson Tells It Like It Is" pin pack – I’d say, judging by the fact that two of them have to do with marijuana, that these do not have the Krusty Brand Seal of Approval.  Still, pretty neat if you’re into buttons.

Virginia’s giant catfish are spreading – Excellent reference:

In Japanese sci-fi movies, the monster created by pollution is Godzilla. On "The Simpsons," it’s a three-eyed fish named Blinky.

In Virginia, it’s a gape-mouthed predator called the blue catfish — and there are too many to name.

Fox and Kinnerton celebrate 15 years of The Simpsons success – This is the company that apparently makes Simpsons candy in the UK.  I find this particularly nauseating:

"We don’t foresee a time when The Simpsons won’t be a part of our portfolio," said Rachel Wyatt, marketing director at Kinnerton. "Fox is unique in the way it manages the brand. We are able to work very closely with the creative team on new product development and the licensing team is very open to ideas.

"Fox does a great job keeping brand exposure high. It’s a relationship that has endured for over 15 years and produces innovative products season after season."

Shit like this is why Flanders and Krabappel got together.

Homer Simpson Balloon Art – Pretty cool, and just what it says.

“I don’t like being outdoors, Smithers. For one thing, there’s too many fat children.” -Mr. Burns (The Simpsons) – Hello, I pick nits: Burns says “there are” not “there’s”.  As usual though, Freakoutville remains recommended if for no other reason than this week’s Casablanca quote.

The Simpsons DVD news: Release Date for The Simpsons – Season 14 is not being released until December 6th?  That’d be later than usual, but I don’t actually care that much.

The Final Space Shuttle Launch…In 10 Words – You fool, now we may never know if ants can be trained to sort tiny screws in space!

Simpsons Video of the Week: L’incudine – The steel mill scene from “Homer’s Phobia” in Italian.  Just go watch.

Q&A with Singer/Songwriter Emily Grove – New Jersey local on getting her singing career going:

S.R.: So you were in 6th grade when you first picked up an instrument?

E.G.: Well…I went to catholic grammar school and I used to think, ‘I wanna be like Lisa Simpson…I want to play the saxophone’ but it was the worst decision of my life so when my mom suggested I try something else I decided on guitar and singing and that was just my thing to do

Damn you, Lisa Simpson!

The Lisa Simpson Book Club | Submitted by Sujei – A sweet little figurine of Lisa demanding that you read banned books.  Un-damn you, Lisa Simpson!

Hank Azaria’s Bel Air Home – Hank Azaria’s house in the latest issue of Better Homes Than Yours, with slideshow (via).

Twitter hilarity as Simpsons poke fun at Rupert Murdoch – I guess Zombie Simpsons isn’t completely worthless.

The Simpsons – Sweet fan made drawing of the family and Krusty done by a seven-year-old.

‪Bart Simpson Drawing‬‏ – Short YouTube video of another youngster free hand drawing Bart mooning the camera.  Bravo.

The Latest: The Simpsons – Fan made image of the family standing in the dark.

Lemonade? Please! – Someone found a clever way to get an Itchy & Scratchy image across what looks like two iPhones.

Rupert Murdoch: a real-life Mr Burns? – I’ve seen lots of articles and blog posts comparing Murdoch to Burns lately, but this one contains this:

Some would say the radicalism really only belonged to the show’s classic early years. In the 1990s, nothing in contemporary pop culture was so brilliant and hilarious.

Amen to that.  These days it’s an aging cash cow trading on reputation, it’s a similar business model to buying reputable newspapers and then running them into the ground.


Quote of the Day

Mom and Pop Art1

“So, uh, you guys are Eurotrash, huh?  How’s that, uh, working out for you?” – Moe
“Enh, to be honest, we are adrift in a sea of decadent luxury and meaningless sex.” – Gunter
“Uh-huh, so, uh, where might this sea be located?” – Moe


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